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Bornedominokort Deck
ID#: 41
Box#: 1
Date of Issue:
Number of Cards: 20
Deck Type: Educational
Suit System: Domino
Standard: Non-Standard
Card Size: 93 x 42
Subject: Animals and toys
Notes: Domino pips on each end of black background cards, with colorful image of an animal or toy on each end. $4.38 Q-44 of Box 26

Domino Cards
ID#: 748
Box#: 16
Manufacturer: 4moreideas
Country: China
Date of Issue: 2012
Number of Cards: 28
Deck Type: Historical
Suit System: Domino
Standard: Non-Standard
Card Size: 80 x 40
Subject: Domino
Notes: Domino cards reproducing a late 1800's classic deck. Gold edges, with instruction sheet. Issued by UK. $6.00 JJ-11 of Box 44.

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