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Zombie Post Apocalypse Deck Playing Cards
ID#: 166
Box#: 3
Brand: Aquarius
Country: China
Date of Issue: 2010
Number of Cards: 54
Deck Type: Original_Design
Suit System: French
Standard: Non-Standard
Card Size: 88 x 68
Subject: Zombies
Notes: Two jokers. Court cards and aces feature different weapons in stylized outline format. Card faces are red and grey with nuclear waste symbols in the background. Card backs are a yellow caution tape design with zombies in the middle. Housed in pictorial paper box. Box notes the cards were designed in Canada but printed in China. 52-186. $7.00 X-12 of Box 33.

Zombie Deck Playing Cards
ID#: 505
Box#: 11
Manufacturer: U. S. Playing Card Co.
Brand: BICYCLE Playing Cards
Country: United States of America
City: Erlanger
State: KY
Date of Issue: 2012
Number of Cards: 56
Deck Type: Entertainment
Suit System: French
Standard: Non-Standard
Card Size: 88 x 63
Subject: Zombies
Notes: Erlanger, KY, U.S. Playing Card Co., 2012. Zombie figures on court cards and aces, with fun tips on surviving a zombie attack on each card. 1 Joker 1 GUARANTEE card (warranty) 2 cards advertising BICYCLE Playing Cards $4.96 HH-25 of Box 43

Zoch mit der Lok; Starlight Express Playing Cards Deck
ID#: 2088
Box#: 54
Manufacturer: ASS Spielkarten Verlag
Country: Germany
City: Steinnenbronn
Date of Issue: 1999
Number of Cards: 32
Deck Type: Advertising
Suit System: French
Standard: Non-Standard
Card Size: 32
Notes: Title translated: Gamble with the loco. Courts are color photographs of leading roles in the musical by Andres Lloyd Webber. Advertising for the musical Starlight Express in the Theater Bochum. LLL-48 of Box 72.

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