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This leaf, which contains II Corinthians, I:1-III:18, was acquired by the Lilly Library in June 1997. It is believed to have originally been part of the Gutenberg New Testament now owned by the Library, and was one of the leaves already missing from the Lilly Library's New Testament when that volume was discovered in farmhouse in Olewig, Germany in 1828.

These two conjugate leaves, one of which is blank, contain the text, from the Gutenberg Bible, of Exodus, chapter xxxii, verse 25 to chapter xxxiv, verse 20. This sheet contains textual errors not found in other copies of the Gutenberg Bible, as well as other typographical variations. There has been some scholarly speculation as to the role of this sheet in the production of the Bible, but no…

The Gutenberg Bible is the first major European printed book, and was produced in Mainz, Germany in the mid-1450s, by Johannes Gutenberg. It was the first printed edition of the Vulgate Bible, and although scholars have disagreed as to the number of copies printed, some estimates have ranged between one hundred eighty and two hundred. A recent census of surviving copies, by Paul Needham, which…