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An exhibition catalogue featuring items from the Elisabeth Ball collection of historical children’s materials. In addition to a wide range of books and manuscripts covering topics such as science, technology, history, geography, travel, and religion, the exhibition includes storybooks, poetry, fairy tales, cries, chapbooks, nursery rhymes, games, and toys. Long recognized as one of the finest…

Justin G. Schiller’s account of his week at the former home of Elisabeth Ball, in Muncie, Indiana, where he and Dennis David organized the appraisal of Elisabeth Ball’s collection of children’s literature shortly before its arrival at the Lilly Library. The account includes details of the discovery of the Jane Johnson papers.

A rare Newbery edition of the rhymes of Mother Goose.

Unique among the many treasures in the Elisabeth Ball collection is the group of materials prepared by Jane Johnson for her son George William Johnson, who later became the High Sheriff of Lincolnshire. There are a total of 438 pieces arranged into twenty-three subgroups. In addition to two bound volumes of manuscript text, there are sets of alphabet cards, lesson cards, and story cards. Most of…