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The Gutenberg Bible is the first major European printed book, and was produced in Mainz, Germany in the mid-1450s, by Johannes Gutenberg. It was the first printed edition of the Vulgate Bible, and although scholars have disagreed as to the number of copies printed, some estimates have ranged between one hundred eighty and two hundred. A recent census of surviving copies, by Paul Needham, which…

This broadside is the first printing of the Declaration of Independence, printed by John Dunlap of Philadelphia on the night of July 4, 1776, and delivered to Congress the next morning. The Declaration was drafted by the Committee of Five: Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Robert Livingston, and Roger Sherman. Congress voted for independence on July 2 and the entire Congressional…

The New England Primer, first printed in the 1680s or 1690s, became the most popular children's book in early America, in use throughout the 18th century and beyond. It taught basic literacy and Puritan theology, and is perhaps best known for its illusrated alphabet which begins, "In Adam's fall, We sinned all."