Christopher Columbus Letter, second Latin edition


Christopher Columbus Letter, second Latin edition


The modern age begins with European 'discovery' of America, which enormously expanded the known world and encouraged exploration, colonization, navigation, the knowledge of a new flora and fauna, and of meteorology, quite apart from its political and economic consequences. The voyage was prepared with great scientific method, and during it the variation of the compass needle was first observed. Columbus's dispatch to his patrons, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, was first written in Spanish and printed in Barcelona in April 1493, but only one copy of that edition survives. Five other editions of his report, one in Spanish and four in Latin, were published in the same year. This is the later of the two editions printed by Plannck at Rome in 1493. In addition to this second Latin edition, the Lilly Library possesses several other early editions of the Columbus Letter.


Columbus, Christopher.


[Rome : Stephan Plannck, after 29 Apr. 1493]


Lilly, Josiah Kirby, 1893-1966, former owner.


[8] p. ; 20 cm. (4to)


Lilly Library E116.1 1493a vault