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Erario mineral, utilissimo, naõ so' para os professores de cirurgia, que residem na America portugueza ... mas universalmente para todos

Luís Gomes Ferreira. Erario mineral, utilissimo, naõ so' para os professores de Cirurgia, que residem na America Portugueza ... mas universalmente para todos. Tom. II. Lisbon: Manoel da Silva, 1755. [Mineral Treasure, highly useful not only for professors of surgery who reside in Portuguese America. . . but universally for everyone.]

This is volume two of the book’s second edition. The Lilly Library also owns volume one as well as the single-volume first edition that appeared in 1735. Charles R. Boxer wrote of the second edition: “This book about Brazilian medicine during the colonial period is extremely rare.” Published in Lisbon, the 1755 edition was revised and enlarged; with the exception of this one and perhaps one or two others, all second editions were destroyed shortly after printing by the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. The work is a compilation of medical practices described by the barber-surgeon Ferreira based on his twenty-year residence and practice of medicine in Minas Gerais. Apart from its value as a source for the history of tropical medicine and, more particularly, the state of surgery and medicine in eighteenth-century Brazil, the book is a fascinating source for the social history of Minas Gerais. The pages displayed describe the author’s own throat sores.