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Portuguese-Speaking Diaspora

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A Portuguese embassy to Japan (1644-1647)

A Portuguese Embassy to Japan (1644-1647). Translated from an unpublished Portuguese ms., and other contemporary sources, with commentary and appendices, by C.R. Boxer. London: K. Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co., 1928.

Charles R. Boxer was a specialist on the Portuguese presence in Asia. His monumental work on China and Japan includes this first English translation of a little-known manuscript about one of many Portuguese diplomatic missions to Japan. This particular one was led by Captain Gonçalo de Siqueira de Souza. Boxer writes in his introduction: "It is not known who the author of the original [manuscript] was, but from several indications I infer that it was written or dictated by the Secretary of the Embassy, Duarte da Costa Homem, in 1648 or '49" (p. viii).