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Portuguese-Speaking Diaspora

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Ho livro primeiro dos dez da historia do descobrimento & conquista da India pelos Portugueses

Fernão Lopes Castanheda. [História do livro primeiro do descobrimento & conquista da India pelos Portugueses]. Coimbra: por João da Barreira, 1554. [History of the first book on the discovery and conquest of India by the Portuguese].

Fernão Lopes de Castanheda spent over ten years in India, where his father was a judge in Goa. Upon returning to Portugal, he worked as an administrative assistant at the Universidade de Coimbra, where he began writing his multi-volume history of the Portuguese in India. The book on display is the second edition of the first volume published in 1551. Castanheda dedicates the work to Dom João III of Portugal. This volume describes the navigation, conquest and commerce associated with the Portuguese in Ethiopia, Persia, Arabia and India.