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The Bernardo Mendel Collection: An Exhibit (1964)

Material relating primarily to the discovery of the New World, the Spanish conquest, and the independence movements in Latin America.

Beyond Illustration: The Livre D'Artiste in the Twentieth Century: An Exhibition (1967)

This exhibit showcases the Lilly's holdings in the genre of livre d'artiste, the visual intersection of art and book.

Brasiliana in the Lilly Library

The exhibition catalogue Brazil from discovery to independence : An exhibition commemorating the 150th anniversary of the declaration of Brazilian independence on September 7, 1822 (1972) with a new introduction and supplement by Professor Darlene Sadlier. Chronicles 322 years of Brazil's history prior to its independence, stressing the achievement of Brazilians during the colonial period.

A Catalogue of Pre-1840 Nahuatl Works Held by The Lilly Library (1973)

Books and manuscripts in Nahuatl, the Aztec language spoken throughout central Mexico before the Spanish conquest.

Children's books published by William Darton and his sons: a catalogue of an exhibition at the Lilly Library (1992)

Influential English publishers William Darton and his sons are the focus of the exhibition which documents selected publications from 1787 to the late 1830's.

Discovery: An Exhibition of Books Relating to the Age of Geographical Discovery and Exploration (1965)

Printed works relating to geographical discovery and exploration, from Marco Polo in Asia to Captain James Cook in the Pacific Ocean.

The First Hundred Years of Detective Fiction. 1841-1941(1973)

Books and manuscripts from the first 100 years of detective fiction, from Edgar Allan Poe to Raymond Chandler.

The First Twenty-five Years of Printing, 1455-1480: An Exhibition (1967)

A description, bibliographical and physical, of those books and important fragments at The Lilly Library known or believed to be printed before 1481.

Grolier or 'Tis Sixty Years Since: A Reconstruction of the Exhibit of 100 Books Famous in English Literature Originally held in New York, 1903 (1963)

First editions of 99 of the 100 important and rare books of English literature exhibited in 1903 by the Grolier Club.

The Ian Fleming Collection of 19th-20th Century Source Material Concerning Western Civilization together with the Originals of the James Bond-007 Tales (1971)

Selected works from the collection of author Ian Fleming, principally important books in science and technology.

Indians of Latin America: An Exhibition of Materials in the Lilly Library (1976)

Books and manuscripts on Indian languages, descriptions of Indians, theories of the origins of the Indians, the Las Casas controversy, and the Catholic Church and the Indians.

Medicine: An Exhibition of Books Relating to Medicine and Surgery From the Collection Formed by J. K. Lilly (1966)

One hundred and ninety-five important works described.

The Lilly Library Exhibition of Original Printings of Some Milestones of Science from Pliny (1469) to Banting (1922) (1963)

A selection from the Lilly Library's holdings related to science, including works on anatomy, medicine, natural history, and astronomy.

Rethinking the World: Discovery and Science in the Renaissance (1992)

Books and manuscripts related to the era of European voyages of discovery and the colonies established by the Spanish, the Dutch, and the Portuguese. This exhibit commemorates the five hundredth anniversary of Christopher Columbus's first voyage to the Americas.

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