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4000 Years of Miniature Books

June 18 to September 15, 2001
Lilly Library Main Gallery

Exhibition Checklist

Case 1: Early Manuscripts

Babylonian seal, cuneiform clay tablet, ca. 2150 B.C.

Babylonian cuneiform tablet, ca. 2047-2039 B.C

Book of Hours, 15th century.

Book of Hours, Bruges?, Belgium, ca. 1440.

Book of Hours, Florence, 15th century.

Book of Hours, France, ca. 1525.

Regula Sororum Ordinis Fontis-Ebraldi, Regula Fratrum Ordinis Fontis-Ebraldi. Dec. 1550.

Book of Hours, n.d.

Book of Hours, n.d.

Statua Angliae, including the Magna Charta, 14th century English charter hand.

Miniature ivory discs depicting the eighteen Arhants or elders of Buddhism.

Hindu ms. Roll representing the deities in twelve colored miniatures in the text, 17th century.

Mahabharata. Bhagavadgita.

Ethiopian manuscripts showing the scroll form, and the Coptic style of codex binding. The two-part case traditionally accompanies this type of book.

Koran, ca. 1800.

Persian banner Koran, 958 [1551]

"Octagonal Korans," Ruth E. Adomeit, in My Favorite Miniature Books: Nine Essays by Collectors of Miniature Books. Newton [Iowa]: Tamazunchale Press, 1984.

Koran, Persian.

Case 2: Early Printed Books Through the 18th Century

To Tou Epiktetou Encheiridion, ex Editione Joannis Upton Accurante Expressum. Glasguae: Excudebant Robertus et Andreas Foulis, 1751.

Ta Tou Pindarou Sesosmena: Olympia, Pythia, Nemia, Isthmia. Ex editione Oxoniensi. Glasguae: Excudebat R. & A. Foulis, 1754.

Tes Kaines Diathekes Hapanta, Novvm Iesv Christi Domini Nostri Testamentum. Ex Regiis Aliisque Optimis Editionibus cum Cura Expressum. Sedani: Ex typographia & typis nouissimis Ioannis Iannoni, 1628 [i.e. 1629]

Vom Christlichen Hausstand, Johannis Matthesii. Nürnberg: zu finden bey Johann Kramern, Buchh., 1666. Bound With: Catechismus-Handlung. Nürnberg: J. Kramern, 1666.

Anicii Manlii Torquati Seuerini Boethii De Consolatione Philosophiae Libri V. Parisiis: Apud Claudium Gourault, sub ponte ligni, 1640.

Epicteti Enchiridion. Et Cebetis Tabvla, Graece & Latine. [Antwerp]: Ex officina Plantiniana Raphelengii, 1616.

Qvincti Horatii Flacci Opera Omnia: cum Nouis Argumentis. Sedani: Ex typographia & typis nouissimis Ioannis Iannoni, 1627.

Geistliche Lieder vnd Psalmen, D. M. Lut[her] und Ander Frommen Christen. Zu Braunschw[eig]: Gedruckt durch Balthasar Grubern, 1640. Bound with: Andachtig[e]s Gebetbuchlein, Colligirt durch Johann Jerx. Braunschw[eig]: [B. Grubern], 1640.

Heures de Cour, Dédiées a la Noblesse. A Paris: [s.n., 17--].

Heures de Cour: Contenant les Sept Offices de la Semaine: les 7-Pseaumes, Vespres, Hymnes & les Litan.: avec les Prieres du Matin & du Soir, & Autres. A Paris: Chez J. Collombat, 1706.

Thomae a Kempis Canonici Regvlaris Ord. S. Avgustini De Imitatione Christi: Libri Qvatuor, Recensiti ad Fidem Autographi Anni M. CCCC. XLI. cum Vita Eiusdem Thomae, per Heribertvm Ros-vveydvm Societatis Iesv. Antverpiae: Ex Officina Plantiniana, Balthasaris Moreti, 1634.

Il Pastor Fido: Tragicomedia Pastorale, del Sig. Cavalier Battista Gvarini. Ora in Questa Nuoua Impressione di Bellissime figure in Rame Ornato. In Amsterdamo: Appresso Lodovico Elzevier, 1640.

Orden de las Oraciones Quotidianas. En la Corte de Haya: a Costa de Selomon de Mercado, y Jahacob Castello. 5494 [1732].

The Whole Booke of Psalmes, Collected into English Meeter, by Thomas Sternhold, Ioh. Hopkins, and others. London: Imprinted for the Company of Stationers, 1629.

The Psalms of David: Fitted to the Tunes Used in Churches, by N. Brady ... and N. Tate ...; Compared with Different Editions, and Carefully Corrected. Edinburgh: Printed by P. Williamson, 1779.

[The New Testament in Short-hand, by] Ieremiah Rich. Twentieth impression. London: Printed for Wm. Marshall ... & Jno. Marshall ..., [1700?]

[Printing samples, two fragments from a book of devotions]. Nuremberg: Caspar Hochfeder, [not after 1495]

Kern der Kerkelyke Historie: enz. Eerste [-tweede] Deeltje. Met Figuurtjes. Te Dordregt: by A. Blussé, 1755.

Kern der Nederlandsche Historie, met Figuurtjes. t'Amsterdam: by T. Crajenschot, 1753.

Abregé de l'Histoire des Provinces Unies, avec Figures ... A Amsterdam: Chez T. Crajenschot, 1756.

't Oranje Geslagt. Te Groning: H. Spoormaker, 1749.

Boreman's Gigantick Histories

The History and Description of the Famous Cathedral of St. Paul's, London. London: Printed for Tho. Boreman ..., 1741.

The History of St. Paul's, Volume the Second... London: Printed for Tho. Boreman..., 1741.

Curiosities of the Tower of London, Vol. I. London: Printed for Tho. Boreman, 1741.

Curiosities of the Tower of London, Volume the Second. The Second Edition. London: Printed for Tho. Boreman, 1741.

The Young Sportsman's Instructor in Angling, Fowling, Hawking, Hunting, Ordering Singing Birds, Hawks, Poultry, Coneys, Hares and Dogs, and How to Cure Them, by G.M. [Gervase Markham]. [London]: Sold at the Gold Ring in Little Britain, [1705?].

The Book of Nouns, or Things Which May Be Seen. London: Printed by Darton and Harvey, Gracechurch Street, 1800.

People of all Nations: a Useful Toy for Girl or Boy. London: Printed and sold by Darton and Harvey, Gracechurch-street, 1800.

The Surprising History of a Late Long Administration: Shewing the Wonderful Transactions, the Wise Negociations, the Prudent Measures, and the Great Events of that Most Astonishing period, by Titus Livius, Jun. London: Printed at the sign of the Mushroom in Pop-in Alley, just popping out of King's Court, 1746.

A Father's Legacy to His Daughters, by the Late Doctor Gregory, of Edinburgh. A new edition. Edinburgh: Printed by J. Robertson..., 1793.

Morning & Evening Amusements at Merlin's Mechanical Museum, Princes Street, Hannover Square... [London?: s.n., between 1787 and 1803?]

A Short Account of the First Rise and Progress of Printing: with a Compleat List of the First Books That Were Printed. London: Printed for T. Parker, Junr. in Jewin-Street, [ ca. 1763]

Case 3: Thumb Bibles of Western Europe and America

Verbum Sempiternum, [John Taylor]. London: Printed by J.B., 1631. (Adomeit B9)

Verbum Sempiternum. Aberden[e]: Printed by J[ohn] Forbes, 16[70] (Adomeit B11)

Verbum Sempiternum. London: Printed by F. Collins for T. Ilive, 1693. (Adomeit B12)

Verbum Sempiternum. The Third Edition, [sic] With Amendments. London: Printed for Tho. James..., 1701. (Adomeit B13)

Biblia, or, A Practical Summary of ye Old & New Testaments. Lond.: Printed for R. Wilkin, 1728. (Adomeit B16)

Biblia, or, A Practical Summary of ye Old & New Testaments. Dublin: Printed for W. Sleater, 1764. (Adomeit B17)

The Bible in Miniature, or A Concise History of the Old & New Testaments. Lond.: Printed for W. Harris, 1771. (Adomeit B18)

The Bible in Miniature, or, A Concise History of the Old & New Testaments. London: Printed for W. Harris, 1771. (Adomeit B19)

The Bible in Miniature, or A Concise History of the Old & New Testaments. London: Printed for W. Harris, 1774. (Adomeit B22)

The Bible in Miniature, or, A Concise History of the Old & New Testaments. Lond.: Printed for W. Harris, 1775. (Adomeit B23)

A Concise History of the Holy Bible: to Which is Added an Appendix Containing Several Curious Calculations, Never Before Printed. Liverpool: Printed by T. Schofield, 1789. (Adomeit B31)

The Bible in Miniature, or, A Concise History of the Old & New Testaments. Lond.: Printed for E. Newbery, 1780. (Adomeit B26)

An Original Leaf from the Newbery Bible 1780, with an Essay by Ruth E. Adomeit. Los Angeles: Dawson's Book Shop, 1980.

The Bible in Miniature, or A Concise History of the Old & New Testaments. Gainsbrough: printed by T. Mozley & Co., 1795. (Adomeit B32)

A Short History of the Bible and Testament: with 48 Neat Engravings designed by Alfred Mills. London: Published by W. Darton & J. Harvey... and by J. Harris, late Newbery..., October 10, 1807. (Adomeit B41)

The Bible in Miniature, or A Concise History of Both Testaments. Edinburgh: T. & W. McDowall, [ca. 1845] (Adomeit B68.5)

The Bible in Miniature, or A Concise History of Both Testaments. London: Printed for J. Harris, late Newbery, & for Darton & Harvey, [ca. 1802-1807] (Adomeit B69)

Verbum Sempiternum, [John Taylor]. The Third Edition, with Amendments. Boston: Printed for, and sold by N. Procter, [1765] (Adomeit A1)

A Concise History of the Holy Bible. Philadelphia: [s.n.], 1789. (Adomeit A4)

The Bible in Miniature, or A Concise History of the Old & New Testaments. New York: Printed by A. Brower, Junr., [1791] (Adomeit A5)

The Bible in Miniature, or A Concise History of the Old & New Testaments. Philada.: Printed by I. Babcock, [1792] (Adomeit A6)

The Bible in Miniature, or A Concise History of the Old & New Testaments. New York: Printed by N. Birdsall, [1796] (Adomeit A7)

A Concise History of the Holy Bible. Lansingburgh [N.Y.]: Printed by Luther Pratt, & Co., 1796. (Adomeit A8)

An History of the Bible and Apocraphy: Versified and Adorned with Cuts. [United States: s.n.], 1805. (Adomeit A13)

The Bible in Miniature, or, A Concise History of the Old and New Testaments. Boston: Printed by Hosea Sprague, 1807. (Adomeit A14)

A Short History of the Bible and Testament: with 48 Neat Engravings, designed by Alfred Mills. [Philadelphia]: Published by Johnson & Warner, 1809. (Adomeit A15)

Verbum Sempiternum. A New Edition. [United States]: Wm. Powers, 1810. (Adomeit A16)

Bible History. Philadelphia: Published and sold by D. Hogan, 1810. (Adomeit A16.5)

Bible History. New York: Printed and sold by S. Wood, 1811. (Adomeit A17)

Biblia, oder, Innhalt und Kern Gantzer H. Schrifft, Verfertiget und Vermehrt von G.C. Ganshorn. Altdorff: Jobst Wilh. Kohles, 1705. (Adomeit C2)

Sommaire de la Bible. A La Haye: Chez A. de Groot & fils, 1750. (Adomeit C18)

Kern des Bybels. In 's Hague: by A. De Groot en Zoonen, 1750. (Adomeit C14 printed in black) (Adomeit C15 printed in black and red) (Adomeit C16 printed in black, red and gold) (Adomeit C17 printed in gold)

Dess Alten Testaments Mittler, Christiana et Magdalena Küslin, f. [Augsburg?: s.n., ca. 1690] (Adomeit C48)

La Sainte Bible, Mise en Vers par J.P.J. du Bois. A la Haye, se vend ŕ Genčve: Chés H. Schmidt, 1759. (Adomeit C30)

Kleine Print Bybel ofte 170 Geschiedenissen des O. en N. Testaments Konstig Afgebeeld... In 's Gravenhage: b˙ D. Langeweg, [ ca. 1750] (Adomeit C51)

An Original Leaf from the Kleine Print Bybel c. 1750, with an essay by Ruth E. Adomeit. Los Angeles: Dawson's Book Shop, 1991.

Bible du Petit Poucet, Ornée de 30 Jolies Figures. Paris: Saintin, [ ca. 1800?] (Adomeit C49)

Case 4: Near and Far East

Kappa, Akutagawa Ryunosuke cho. Tokyo: Konno Shobo, Showa 41 [1966]

Bussetsu Amidakyo. Kyoto: Ishida Keizo, Showa 2 [1927]

Edo Meisho Juni Ka-Getsu. [Tokyo: s.n., after Showa 33 (1958)]

Hyakunin Isshu. Tokyo: Hattori Tamajiro, Taisho 9 [1920]

Myohro Rengekyo. Kyoto: Kaiseido zo-ban, Bunsei 11 [1828]

Hinaehon Oferiya, Ikeda Masuo cho. Kawasaki-shi: Shinjusha, Showa 35 [1960]

Otogi-banashi: Yoro Koshi, Kintaro, Urashima Taro. Tokyo: Ise-Tatsu, 1969.

Shin Kokinshu. Kyoto: Uemura Kinzando, Kansei 6 [1794]

Si Shu Quan Zhu.

Yanagi No Nenrin, Uchiyama Kensho. Aomori-shi: Aomori Mame Hon no Kai, Showa 45 [1970]

Obake no Yomeiri. [S.l.: s.n., s.d.]

Ikebana, Umoshu, Momo Matsunosuke ga. Hikone-shi: [s.n.], Showa 42 [1967]

Shokei Moji, Momo Matsunosuke ga. Hikone-shi: [s.n.], Showa 43 [1968]

Hinehon Hana Kanzashi, Okamoto Bun'ya. Kawasaki-shi: Shinjusha, Showa 40 [1965]

Ukiyo-e [Paintings by Various Artists]

Genji Monogatari. Tokyo: Addo-Rie Studio, 1979.

Kokoro No Kagami. [Japan: s.n., s.d.]

The Teles of Oan. [Tokyo] Japan: A. Hoshino, 1986.

982 Haiku Poems by Basho. [Tokyo]: Bijou Book Hoshino, 1985.

A Man Who Was Revenged, by Sanjugo Naoki. [Tokyo]: Bijou Book Hoshino, 1987.

Dreams Ten Nights, by Soseki Natsume. [Tokyo]: Bijou Book Hoshino, 1987.

Kirishitohoro Shounin-den (St. Kirishitohoro), by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. [Tokyo]: Bijou Book Hoshino, 1983.

Ichiaku-No-Suna, by Takuboku Ishikawa. Tokyo: Bijou Book Hoshino, [198-?]

[Dharani from the Muku Jo-ko Sutra]. Printed in Japan by order of the Empress Shotoku, ca. 770.

Koran. Arabic, without imprint.

Koran. Arabic, without imprint, probably published in Istanbul.

Koran. Arabic, without imprint, published in Iran, India, or Afghanistan.

Avesta. Gujarati script, without imprint, probably published in Bombay.

Koran. Arabic, with some Persian and Ottoman?, without imprint, probably published in Istanbul.

Bhagavad Gita and other texts. Sanskrit, without imprint.

Stories in Hindi. Without imprint, published in India.

Koran. [Afghanistan?]

Koran. Arabic, with some Persian and Ottoman?, without imprint, probably published in Istanbul.

Religious text, Gurmukhi script, without imprint, printed in India.

Moral Precepts, Translated from the English into Hindoostany Verse. Cawnpore [Kanpur]: Published under the Patronage of His Majesty the King of Oude, 1834.

David Bryce's copy of a printer's dummy for a text in Punjabi printed in Gurmurkhi script.

Sefer Torah, Ne vi'im U-Khetuvim: Meduyak Hetev 'al pi Ha-mesorah. Warsaw: Menahem M. Sholts, [ca. 1910]

Seder Tefilot Le-Hodashim Ule-Mo'adim Ke-Minhag K.K. Sefaradim. Amsterdam: N.H. Levi, 1851.

Case 5: Almanacs and Calendars

The London Almanack for the year ...[London]: Printed for the company of Stationers, [ ca. 1690-1912]
Almanacs for 1748, 1752, 1768, 1770, 1778, 1782, 1783, 1785, 1791, 1792, 1799, 1800, and 1802.

The Bijou Almanack for 1845. London: D. Bogue, 1845.

The Bijou Almanack for 1848.

The Bijou Almanack for 1851.

Miniature Almanack for 1844. London: T. Goode, 1844.

The Pictorial Miniature Almanack for 1849. [London]: T. Goode, 1849.

The Royal Miniature Almanack for 1855. London: T. Goode, 1855.

The Victoria Miniature Almanack and Fashionable Remembrancer for 1847. London: W. Strange, 1847.

The Victoria Miniature Almanack for 1849. London: W. Strange, 1849.

The Victoria Miniature Almanack for 1850. London: W. Strange, 1850.

The English Bijou Almanac. London: Schloss, 1836-1838.

Schloss's English Bijou Almanac. London: Schloss, 1839-1843.

Tilt's Miniature Almanack for 1850. London: D. Bogue, 1850.

Tilt's Miniature Almanack for 1871. [London: s.n., 1871.

The Princess Royal's Almanack for the year 1870. London [etc.]: Kent & Co., 1870.

Le Simple Almanach Journalier, pour l'Anné 1806, an XIV, supputé par M. Mat. Laensberg. A Liege: Chez Guillaume Barnabé, 1806.

Petit Almanach pour 1827. Strasbourg: Lithographie de F.G. Levrault, 1827.

Calendrier Portatif pour l'Année 1822. A Paris: Chez Le Fuel, 1822.

Mignon Almanach auf das Jahr 1857. Wien: bei Ign. Lienhart, 1857.

Mignon Almanach auf das Schaltjahr 1820. Wien: bey Jos. Riedl, 1820.

Mignon Almanach auf das Jahr 1815. Wien: bey Jos. Riedl, 1815.

Giornaletto Dedicata al Gentil Sesso, per l'Anno 1858. Milano: Presso Carlo Canadelli, 1858.

Le Mignon, ou le Petit Devin, Almanach amusant pour la Présente Année. A Paris: Chez Hérou, [1800

Almanach auf da Jahr... Carlsruhe: Aus dem Lithographischen Institut von das C.F. Müller, [ca. 1817-1840]

Almanacs for the years 1822, 1823, 1831 1833, 1834, 1835, 1837, 1838, 1840.

Almanach auf das Jahr 1825. München: Lithographiert von Clem. Senefelder, 1825.

Taschen Kalender für das Jahr 1805. Leipzig: bey Schreibers Erben, 1805.

Per l'Anno 1802 Giornaletto ad uso del Bel Sesso. Venezia: Nelle Stamperia Zatta, 1802.

Sackkalender für das Schaltjahr 1820. Augsburg: bei Blossfeld, 1820.

Taschen-Kalender aüf das Jahr 1825. Augsburg: bey Johann Blossfeld, 1825.

Verbesserter Brem- und Verdischer Schreib-Calender auss 1768. Jahr. Hamburg: G. Dalençon, 1768.

Kleines Sack- und Futeral- Calenderlein samt einer Poetischen Blumenlese auf das Jahr Christi 1809, mit feinen und artigen Küpfergen. Basel: bey H. Georg Bolli, 1809.

Almanach voor Dames. Amsterdam: bij Holtrop, 1801.

Case 6: Continental Europe in the Nineteenth Century

Calendrier de Tous les Saints. [France: s.n., ca. 1815]

Zedelijke Bedenkingen en Spreuken. Te Middelburg: bij H.A. Abrahams, 1806.

Chansons Joyeuses, de Piron, Collé, Galet, etc. A Paris: De l'imp. de Mme. Ve. Perronneau, [18--]

Alphabet-Images, ou, Premičres Etudes de l'Enfance. Paris: Chez Marcilly Libraire, [1835?]

La Valeur et la Victoire, Napoleon Ier Emper. d'France et Roi d'Italie. [France: s.n., ca. 1807]

Histoire Naturelle en Miniature de 48 Quadrupedes: avec des Descriptions, [Alfred Mills]. A Paris: Chez F. Denn, 1823.

Souvenirs d'un Petit Voyageur. Paris: Marcilly, [1836]

Ufizio della B.V. Maria: dei Morti, della S. Croce, dello Spirito Santo, i Salmi Penitenziali e Graduali, ed Altre Orazioni. Firenze: Presso Gaspero Ricci, 1821.

Les Psaumes de David, suivis de Cantiques et de Prieres. Ed. nouvelle. Paris: Marc Aurel frčres..., 1840.

Bijou de l'Enfance, ou, Contes et Fables, par M J***. Paris: A la Librairie d'Education d'Alexis Eymery ..., 1816.

Costumes de Differentes Nations, en Miniature: avec des Descriptions, Alfred Mills. A Paris: Chez F. Denn ..., 1823.

Histoire de France en Miniature, par Nougaret, Orné de 48 Figures. A Paris: Chez F. Denn, 1827.

Le Petit Paroissien de l'Enfance. A Paris: Chez Marcilly, [ ca. 1806]

Pain Quotidien pour les Chretiens. Paris: Imprimerie de Firmin Didot Freres, 1833.

De Vijf Boeken van Mozes: Staten-Oversetting. Haarlem: J.J. van Brederode, [between 1850 and 1880?]

Fabuliste du Jeune Age. Paris: A. Marcilly, libraire, [ ca. 1840]

Le Petit La Fontaine. A Paris: Chez Marcilly, [ ca. 1835]

Paroissien des Petites Demoiselle. [Paris: s.n., ca. 1860?] (Firmin Didot fr.)

Petit Fabuliste. Paris: [s.n. ca. 1840] (Paris: Firmin Didot)

Petit Fabuliste de la Jeunesse. Paris: Presteau, [184-?]

Fabuliste du Jeune Age. Paris: A. Marcilly, libraire, [ ca. 1840]

Paul et Virginie, [Bernardin de Saint-Pierre]. Paris: chez Marcilly, [1835].

Le Trilby des Dames, ou Le Lutin des Salons. Paris: Charles Sedille ..., 1830.

Le Petit Conteur. Paris: Marcilly, [1836]

Estelle par Florian ... Paris: Marcilly aine..., [ca. 1840]

Ver-vert: suivi de La Chartreuse, L'Abbaye et Autre Pieces, Gresset. Paris: Chez Laurent et Deberny, Editions Mignardise, 1855.

Maximes et Réflexions Morales, du Duc de La Rochefoucauld. Paris: De l'imprimerie de Didot le jeune, 1827.

Puppen-Bibliothek. Stuttgart: [s.n.], 1874.

Die Rauber: ein Schauspiel, [Fr. Schiller]. Munchen: Adolf Ackermann, 1880.

Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera Omnia, recensuit Filon ... Parisiis: A. Mesnier ... , 1828.

La Filleule du Seigneur; Histoire du Chien de Brisquet: contes, Charles Nodier, illustres par M. Moisand. Paris: Pairault & cie, 1897.

Jeanne d'Arc, H. Buffenoir, Illustrations de G. Marie. Paris: Pairault & Cie., Editeurs., 1895.

Boum-Boum, Jules Claretie, Conte Illustre par Ch. Jouas. Paris: Pairault & Cie., 1898.

Case 7: Great Britain in the Nineteenth Century

The Book of Nouns, or, Things Which May Be Seen. London: Printed by Darton and Harvey, 1803.

Pictures of Grecian History in Miniature, designed by Alfred Mills, with Descriptions. London: Printed for Darton, Harvey, & Darton and J. Harris, 1810.

Pictures of Roman History in Miniature, designed by Alfred Mills, with Explanatory Anecdotes. London: Printed for Darton and Harvey, and J. Harris, 1809.

Natural History 48 Quadrupeds, with Elegant Engravings, from Drawings by Alfred Mills. London: Printed for Darton, Harvey, & Darton, and J. Harris, 1812.

Aladdin, or, The Wonderful Lamp, Adorned with Cuts. London: Printed for N. Hailes, Juvenile Library, 1817.

Happy Hebe. Birmingham: C. Caswell, [ca. 1860]

The History of Greasy-Head and Lotion. [England?]: Printed by J. Corton, 1842.

Natural History: Birds. London: T. Goode, [between 1846 and 1859]

Catullus, Tibullus, et Propertius ... Londini: Impensis G. Pickering ..., 1824.

M.T. Ciceronis libri De officiis; De senectute; et De amicitia. Londini: Typis C. Corrall, Impensis Gul. Pickering ... , 1821.

The Fairy Annual edited by Robin Goodfellow, Attendant Sprite to Their Majesties Oberon and Titania. London: Joseph Robins, 1838.

Lilliputian gems, [Barnard Crecerelle]. London: G. Nodes, [1841?]

The Love Gift and Token of Regard, in Prose and Verse... Liverpool: Samuel Johnson, 1848.

Chronology of the Sovereigns of England. [London?: s.n.], 1821.

Rock & Co.'s Bijou Souvenir of the Exhibition, 1851. [London?: Rock & Co., 1851]

The Little Warbler, vol. 1 Scotch Songs [vol. 2 English Songs, vol. 3 Irish Songs, vol. 4 Comic Songs]. London: Dean & Munday, [ca. 1835]

Brewing Calculations: Gauging and Tabulation, Formulae, Tables and General Information for Brewers, and Excise Officers Surveying Breweries, by Claude H. Bater, M.A. F.C.S. Inland Revenue. London: E. & F.N. Spon; New York: Spon & Chamberlain, 1897.

The Fairy Songster: a Selection of the Most Popular Songs & Ballads. London: Joseph, Myers & Co., 1858.

The Crochet Bijou. London: Printed for the Proprietor by W.H. Collingridge, [ca. 1845]

Favorite New English Songs. Derby; London; Dublin: Richardson & Son, [between 1845 and 1855]

The Complete English Quadrille Preceptor for 1823: Containing the First Six sets (Almack's.) Lancers, Caledonians, Cuirassiers, Minuet & Gavot, Bower Quadrilles, by an amateur [Thomas Wilson]. London: Sold by Sarah Tegg..., 1823.

The Little Warbler: Containing All the New and Popular Songs for the Year 1837. London: G. Gilbert, 1837.

The Miniature Road-book of Kent: Shewing the Distances and Routes from One Town to Another, and from Each to London, on an Entirely New Plan: with a Map, a Population Table, Comprising the Census of 1841, and Various Other Topographical Information. London: Darton and Clark, [ ca. 1845]

The Nature and Design of the Lord's Supper, and the Obligations of Christians to its Observance. London: The Religious Tract Society, [1830?]

The Titles, Attributes, Work, and Claims of the Holy Spirit According to the Scriptures. [London]: Religious Tract Society, [184-?]

The English Bible: Its History and Results. London: Thomas Ward and Co., [1837]

Small Rain Upon the Tender Herb. London: Religious Tract Society, [1831?]

Children's Bread, or Daily Texts for the Young. Second Edition. London: Religious Tract Society, [ ca. 1835]

Wisdom in Miniature, or the Pleasing Instructor. [London]: Published by J. Bysh, [between 1818 and 1821]

The Dairyman's Daughter: an Authentic Narrative, Communicated by a Clergyman of the Church of England [Legh Richmond]. London: Published and sold at Christie's Bible-Warehouse, 1826.

Daily Verses. London: Religious Tract Society, [ca. 1836]

The Pilgrim's Progress From This World to That Which Is to Come, Delivered Under the similitude of a Dream... by John Bunyan. London: Henry Frowde, 1896.

The Compleat Angler, or The Contemplative Man's Recreation: Being a Discourse of Rivers, Fish-ponds, Fish and Fishing, Written by Izaak Walton. London: Henry Frowde, Oxford University Press, [1900].

Prayers for Every Day of the Week, by a Clergyman of the Church of England. Tenth Edition. London: Religious Tract Society, [ca. 1840?]

Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, in English Verse by Edward Fitzgerald. Glasgow: David Bryce and Son, [1904]

David Bryce & Son of Glasgow. Mite Series in Tartan [ca. 1900]

Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, by Robert Burns.

The Smallest English Dictionary in the World.

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Case 8: America in the Nineteenth Century

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Case 9: Twentieth Century Western Europe

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Case 10: Twentieth Century Eastern Europe

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Case 11: The Beginning of the 20th Century in United States Miniatures

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Case 12-15: Modern and Contemporary Presses

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Wall Case: Miniature Libraries

The Infant's Cabinet of Various Objects. London: Made and sold by John Marshall, no. 4 Aldermary Church Yard, [ca. 1807?]

Book-Case of Knowledge. London: Printed for J. Wallis ... 1800.

The Cabinet of Lilliput : Stored with Information and Delight. London: Printed for J. Harris ..., 1802.

The Juvenile, or Childs Library. London: Printed and Sold by John Marshall, 1800.

The Child's Latin Library. [London]: Printed and sold by John Marshall, No. 4 Aldermary Churchyard, [between 1800 and 1806]

Bibliotheek in Miniatuur. Te Amsterdam : bij M. Westerman, 1823.

The Infant's Cabinet of the Cries of London. London : Printed and sold by J. Marshall, Fleet Street, [1807?]

Die Kleine Bibliothek für Kinder. Leipzig: im Industrie-Comptoir, [180-?]

Infant's Cabinet of Insects. London: Printed and sold by John Marshall ...,[1801]

Infant's Cabinet of Fishes. London: Printed and sold by John Marshall ..., [1801]

Infant's Cabinet of Birds. London: Printed and sold by John Marshall ..., [1800]

Petite Galerie d'Histoire Naturelle. [S.l.: s.n., ca. 1830] ([Paris]: Imprimerie de Maulde et Renou)

The Infant's Library. London: Printed and sold by John Marshall ... 1821.

A Miniature Historic Library, in 8 Volumes, Illustrated by 383 Elegant Engravings from Designs by Alfred Mills. [London: Published by Darton, Harvey & Co. ..., Jno. Harris ..., [1810-1812]

Wallis's Elegant Present of Natural History. London: Published by John Wallis ... 1801.

Infant's Cabinet of Flowers. London : Printed and sold by John Marshall ..., [1801]

The Infant's Cabinet of Beast[s]. London: Printed and sold by John Marshall ..., [1800]

Pocket Library of Lilliputian Folio Books. London: Reprinted for R. Snagg, 1801

Wall Case: Ruth E. Adomeit

Lectern Bibles

The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments...Glasgow: David Bryce and Son; London: Henry Frowde, [190-?]

The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments...Edinburgh & London: Nimmo, Hay & Mitchell; London: Henry Frowde, [190-?]

[The Ellen Terry Shakespeare] Glasgow: David Bryce and Son; New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company, 1904. 40 volumes.

Barbara Raheb (Pennyweight Press) is the most prolific U.S. publisher of miniature books of the 20th century, and is noted for her artwork within these books. Among her more than five hundred miniature books is the uniformly bound Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes Series.

Mosiac Press is the imprint of Miriam Irwin of Cincinnati, Ohio. The press publishes authors recruited by Irwin, and many of the press's books are bound by her. A gathering of miniature book publishers at her family farm in Trip City, Ohio in 1983 became the first Grand Conclave, or national meeting of the Miniature Book Society. Also in this miniature bookcase are specimens from Carol Wenk's Miniature Book Studio.

The miniature almanacs and annual gift books assembled in this miniature bookcase form in themselves a small library of early 19th century French imprints, including such publishers as L. Janet, Marcilly, E. Jourdan and Le Fuel.

Borrower's Press, operated by Jane Bernier, has issued dollhouse scale miniature books under that imprint from both Maine and Ohio. These books were printed on a hand press, either from type or from photographically reduced plates.

Miniature Dictionaries. Opened is the Lilliput Series' English-Chinese Dictionary. Shanghai: The Commercial Press, Ltd., n.d.

The Plays of Shakespeare in Nine Volumes. London: William Pickering, 1825.

Louis W. Bondy was one of the most important miniature book dealers of the 20th century. His 1981 work, Miniature Books: Their History from the Beginnings to the Present Day is one of the most important reference books in the field.

Kingsport Press

Addresses of Abraham Lincoln. Kingsport, Tenn.: Training Division, Kingsport Press, 1929.

Excerpts from the Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge. Kingsport, Tenn.: Kingsport Press, 1930.

Washington, His Farewell Address. Kingsport, Tenn.: Kingsport Press, 1932.

Miniature Book News is published by Julian I. Edison.

The Miniature Book Collector. Worcester, Mass.: Achille St. Onge. Vol. 1, no. 1-v.2 no. 4 June 1960-March 1962. Edited by Ruth E. Adomeit.

Miniature Dictionaries have been popular throughout the Twentieth century, from the Lilliput-Wörter-Bucher early in this century, to those issued by Langenscheidt recently, and the many variations on miniature Webster's Dictionaries. This representative sample indicates the huge variety of language combinations available.

Clock cases which have retired from their original function have often been modified by collectors, especially collectors of miniatures and miniature books. Ruth Adomeit possessed a number of such cases, usually devoting each to a topic or period in order to organize her collection. The two shown are essentially as they were in her home, the larger containing a variety of 19th and 20th century British and American imprints, the smaller containing a portion of her collection of books from the Press of Ward Schori, and other items.

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