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Between Temperance and Gorgeous Drunkards: An Exhibition on Beer, Wine and Spirits

May 24 to September 4, 2004
Lilly Library Lincoln Room

Exhibition Checklist

James Lemoine Denman. The Vine and Its Fruit, More Especially in Relation to the Production of Wine. London: Longmans, Green, 1875.

Frederick Accum. A Treatise on the Art of Brewing, Exhibiting the London Practice of Brewing Porter, Brown Stout, Ale, Table Beer, and Various Other Kinds of Malt Liquors. London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown, 1820.

Samuel Child. Every Man His Own Brewer. London: Printed by J. Almon, 1768.

Rowland Emett (illustrator). Make Your Own Scotch Whisky. Great Britain: Printed by McCaw, Stevenson & Orr Ltd., [196-?].

Hannah Glasse. The Compleat Confectioner, or, The Whole Art of Confectionary Made Plain and Easy. Dublin: Printed by John Exshaw, 1742 (i.e., 1762).

Carl Wilhelm Ernst Putsche. ОПИcahie KaptoФeЛЯ. S. Peterburgëiie: Imperatorskoći Akademaii Nauk, 1821.

John Locke. Observations Upon the Growth and Culture of Vines and Olives: The Production of Silk: The Preservation of Fruits. London: Printed for W. Sandby, 1766.

Professional Mixing Guide. New York: The Angostura-Wuppermann Corporation, 1940.

George Saintsbury. Notes on a Cellar-Book. London: MacMillan and Co., 1921.

John Wilford. Warm Beer, or, A Treatise, Wherein is Declared By Many Reasons, that Beer so Qualified, Is Far More Wholesome than that Which Is Drank Cold. London: Printed for J. Wilford, 1724.

Louis Pasteur. Études sur le vin: ses maladies, causes qui les provoquent, procédés nouveaux pour le conserver et pour le vieillir. Paris: L'Imprimerie impériale, 1866.

Beverages and Sandwiches for Your Husband's Friends, by One Who Knows. New York: Brentano's, 1893.

Evelyn Waugh. Wine in Peace and War. London: Saccone & Speed, n.d.

Robert Marks. Wines: How, When, and What to Serve. New York: Schenley Import Corporation, 1934.

Charles H. Baker, Jr. The Gentleman's Companion, Volume II: Being an Exotic Drinking Book, or, Around the World with Jigger, Beaker and Flask. New York: The Derrydale Press, 1939.

Mrs. Beeton. Mrs. Beeton's Everyday Cookery and Housekeeping Book. London; New York: Ward, Lock & Co., [1890].

Marjorie Hillis. Orchids on Your Budget, or, Live Smartly on What Have You. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1937.

Hilaire Belloc and Nicolas Bentley. Ladies and Gentlemen: For Adults Only, and Mature at That. London: Printed by Duckworth, 1932.

William Faulkner. To the Voters of Oxford. Winston-Salem, N. Carolina: Shadowy Waters Press, 1978.

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Select Committee on Inquiry into Drunkeness. Evidence of Drunkenness. London: Benjamin Bagster, 1834.

John Marsh. Hannah Hawkins, the Reformed Drunkard's Daughter. New York: American Temperance Union, 1844.

Peter Warlock. Merry-Go-Down: A Gallery of Gorgeous Drunkards in Literature from Genesis to Joyce. London: The Mandrake Press, [1929].

Robert Seager. A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Non-Alcoholic Beverages; with Sketches of My Life as a Temperance Reformer. London: Printed by Lorimer and Gillies, n.d.

J. P. McEvoy. The Sweet Dry and Dry, or, See America Thirst! Chicago: Printed by P. F. Volland Company, 1919.

Alfred Crowquill. Gruffel Swillendrinken, or, The Reproof of the Brutes. London: Printed by Griffith & Farran, late Grant & Griffith, 1856.

George Cruikshank. The House that Jack Built. London: W. Tweedie, [1853].

George Cruikshank. The Glass and the New Crystal Palace. London: J. Cassell, 1853. (top) The Gin Shop. London: S. W. Partridge & Co., [1869]. (bottom)

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