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Exhibitions & Events: Online exhibitions

Online exhibitions highlight selected materials from the Lilly Library collections. An online exhibition may represent a selection of materials from an exhibition held in one of the Lilly Library's galleries or it may be exclusively a web product. Email questions about online exhibitions on the Ask a question page.

Young Isabel de Giberne Sieveking Isabel de Giberne Sieveking

Isabel de Giberne Sieveking’s life, as it is outlined through the written fragments and printed ephemera assembled in this exhibit, is marked by numerous complexities and contradictions. They both disrupt and further illuminate popular ideas and definitions of "womanhood" during the late Victorian and Edwardian periods.

History of North and South America and West Indies The Globalization of the United States, 1789-1861

Between the American Revolution and the American Civil War, the United States built a continental nation — and it also built a global empire. This exhibition gleans from the Lilly Library’s exquisite collection of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century books to capture this paradox of interconnection and disconnection enacted by a nation attaining continental size and an empire reaching global scale. Fully digitized books and an interactive digital map help the user trace American diplomatic, military, commercial, missionary, and other activities in the world.

Robert Preston as Count de la Mole in Star of
                                Navarre at the Pasadena Playhouse, undated Robert Preston at the Lilly Library

Although he is most famous for his portrayal of Professor Harold Hill in Meredith Willson's The Music Man, Robert Preston realized numerous other roles during his lifetime, both onstage and onscreen. This exhibition provides a brief overview of Preston's life and works.

The Creation, composed by Joseph Haydn The Bible Through Music

This exhibit follows the theme of musical settings of biblical texts. By looking at various pieces of classical music based on passages from the Bible, it explores some of the ways the Bible has been interpreted and experienced over the last few hundred years.

Galley cover of Wright's first translation of Exercises in Style. Wright-ing the Untranslatable

Best known for her work with Raymond Queneau and his novel Exercices de style, Barbara Wright's work with modernist French literature brought translated works to the forefront of English-language literature and redefined their literary value. This exhibit showcases the importance of studying and preserving translation manuscripts, using Wright's meticulously kept notes and records as a prime example of a translation process.

Drawing of Frank L. Crone, newspaper clipping Documenting Empire: Frank L. Crone's Photographs of Colonial Philippines

This exhibit focuses on a collection of photographs kept by Hoosier Frank L. Crone, the American Director of Education in the Philippines from August 1913 to June 1916. Crone's photographs demonstrate the contradictory messages of the new American imperialism based on President William McKinley's plans for "benevolent assimilation" in the new colony.

William Ashton sketch Building Jerusalem in America: William Ashton and a Trans-Atlantic Utopia

In 1834, the Manchester laborer William Ashton crossed the Atlantic with a group of fellow-thinkers to found a utopian colony in Mount Carmel, Indiana. This exhibit tells the story of that colony: from its origins in early nineteenth-century radical thought, to its establishment on the Indiana frontier, to its eventual dissolution in 1836.

An image from the exhibition Music for the Worms: Darwin at the Lilly Library

The exhibition tracks Charles Darwin's career from the publication of his first bestselling book, the Journal of Researches, popularly known as the Voyage of the Beagle, to his last popular success, a book about earthworms. Curated by Christoph Irmscher.

New Orleans, Battle of, New Orleans, La., 1815 The War of 1812 in the Collections of the Lilly Library

Developed for the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the War of 1812, this web site provides an overview of the war, outlining the major military conflicts as well as the principal causes and outcomes of the war, through fully digitized books, broadsides, prints, maps, correspondence, log books, legal documents, diaries, speeches, letter copybooks, orderly books, and receipts.

An image from the exhibition Walt Whitman at the Lilly

Compiled on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, an event that had a profound influence on Walt Whitman's life and work, this exhibit seeks to highlight the extensive Whitman-related holdings of the Lilly Library at Indiana University Bloomington. Curated by Christoph Irmscher.

An image from the exhibition Portuguese-Speaking Diaspora

The materials in this exhibition represent five centuries of the Portuguese-speaking diaspora with emphasis on history, literature, religion and the arts.

The Ferrett Cover, January 1870 Off the Pedestal: Images of Women in Victorian Broadsides, Ephemera & "Fast" Literature

This exhibition highlights illustrations from the "fast" literature of the Lilly's London Lowlife Collection. The materials span three decades of the 1800s, and feature sensational prints, comics, and engravings.

page from 16th century Qur'an From Pen to Printing Press: Ten Centuries of Islamic Book Arts in Indiana University Collections

This exhibition is an adaptation of an Indiana University Art Museum exhibit displayed in Spring 2009. Although it is not a Lilly Library exhibition, it contains many items from the Lilly Library's collection.

Anatomia Animata Anatomia Animata: Anatomy and Medicine in William Harvey's Century

An exhibition focusing on medical books in the Lilly Library from the 17th century, the time of William Harvey and the discovery of the circulation of the blood, arguably the most significant anatomical discovery of all times.

Fore-Edge Paintings in the Lilly Library Fore-Edge Paintings in the Lilly Library

An online exhibition of "vanishing" fore-edge paintings, which were first popularized in the late 18th century, often along the edges of books with find bindings.

Past Times: Children's Games and Their Literary Inspirations Past Times: Children's Games and Their Literary Inspirations

An online exhibition featuring children's games in the Lilly Library collection that were inspired by popular literature and literary figures.

Written on Water: Literature of the Sea in the Age of Sail Written on Water: Literature of the Sea in the Age of Sail

A small sampling of books and manuscripts in the Lilly Library dealing with ships and the sea during the time before steam-powered vessels.

Daniel Defoe: The Collection 
    of the Lilly Library Daniel Defoe: The Collection of the Lilly Library

An online exhibition featuring many of the pamphlets, books, and newspapers published by Daniel Defoe, the prolific English writer best known for his novel, The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.

Conquest of the skies: A history of ballooning Conquest of the Skies: A History of Ballooning

An exhibition of books on ballooning, from its beginnings in the late eighteenth century to children's books of today.

The world awheel: Early Cycling Books The World Awheel: Early Cycling Books at the Lilly Library

Explore the cultural impact of bicycles through trade catalogs, touring guides, cycling fiction, and sheet music.

Ian Fleming and James Bond Ian Fleming and the World of James Bond

Explore the James Bond novels and Ian Fleming's manuscripts for them, and learn about Ian Fleming the book collector.

James Joyce's Ulysses The Novel of the Century: James Joyce's Ulysses on the Anniversary of Bloomsday

An online exhibition based on the Lilly Library exhibition of 2004, featuring a selection of its rich collection of Joycean materials, including first editions of all his major texts.

Sherlock Holmes Bloomington by Gaslight: Sherlock Holmes in the Lilly Library

An online exhibition based on the Lilly Library exhibition of 2000, featuring books and manuscripts relating to Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary detective.

Two children with a snowman c. 1883  nc1866 Image & Sentiment: Five Publishers of Victorian Holiday Cards

A selection of nineteenth century Christmas and New Year's cards. Send an electronic postcard featuring cards from this exhibit.

Books on the Shelf 4000 Years of Miniature Books

Miniature books, most of which are less than three inches tall and some of which are smaller than a penny, have delighted readers for centuries. See a selection of the library's 16,000 miniatures, dating from 2000 B.C. to the present day.

Dancing frog and insects card With the compliments of the season

An online exhibition of Victorian holiday cards in the Lilly Library.

The Raggedy Man, with illustrations by Ethel Franklin Betts, Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, [1907] "...and touch the universal heart." The Appeal of James Whitcomb Riley

On the 150th anniversary of his birth, this exhibition seeks to explore James Whitcomb Riley's impact on American society and 19th century literary world.

Elizabeth A. Tuttle. Certificate of Honorable Discharge, Army of the Potomac, September 19, 1891. American History Documents

Images and transcriptions of documents including George Washington's letter accepting the presidency.

PROPERTY PROTECTED a la Francoise Anonymous, published Piccadilly, June 1st 1798 America in Caricature, 1765-1865

Political cartoons depicting times of turbulence in American history from the Revolutionary War to the presidential elections which brought Abraham Lincoln to the White House.

Indiana WPA Sewing Project The Works Progress Administration in Indiana

Drawing from materials donated by John K. Jennings, Indiana's WPA administrator during the late 1930's and early 1940's, this exhibition highlights some of the projects undertaken by the WPA in Indiana.

Edgar Mansfield binding for Through the Woods The Fine Art of British Bookbinding

The British bookbindings featured in this online exhibition were commissioned in 1972 from twenty-three leading artists and craftspeople in Great Britain to show the impressive range of artistry in British bookbinding.

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