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Double fore-edge paintings are rare, but an artist who almost exclusively does double paintings is far rarer. This artist is such a one. Nearly every example of this artistís work is of a double painting, usually of American city views.

Great Britain War Office Fore-Edge Painting
Great Britain War Office. A List of the Officers of the Militia and of the Yeoman Cavalry and Volunteer Infantry of the United Kingdom. London: Printed by C. Roworth, Bell-yard, Temple-bar. 1820.

The first view is of Buckingham Palace, the second of Hampton Court from the Thames.

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Constitution of England Fore-Edge Painting
Jean Louis de Lolme. The Constitution of England; or, An Account of the English Government; in which it is Compared Both with the Republican Form of Government, and the Other Monarchies in Europe. By J.L. de Lolme. A New Edition, with Supplemental Notes, and a Preface Biographical and Critical. London: Printed for G. Wilkie; J. Cuthell; J. Stockdale; Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown; Cadell and Davies; Lackington, Allen, and Co; R. Pheney; R. Scholey; J. Booker; Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy; R. Saunders; J. Black; Walker and Edwards; and B. Reynolds. 1816.

Both fore-edge paintings are river scenes with a bridge and boats.

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