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Dover Painter

The “Dover” painter is so called by Jeff Weber due to the artist’s proclivity for painting scenes of that place. The artist was working in the 1920s and 30s for the London bookseller Marks & Company, which had close ties with both Dawson’s Bookshop and the J. W. Robinson Company in Los Angeles. Estelle Doheny (1875-1958), who began collecting books in the 1930s, often bought from these two firms. It is estimated by Weber that half of the very fine fore-edge paintings in her extensive collection were done by the “Dover” painter.

The Pleasures of Imagination Fore-Edge Painting
Mark Akenside. The Pleasures of Imagination. By Mark Akenside, M.D. A New Edition. To which is Prefixed a Critical Essay on the Poem, by Mrs. Barbauld. London: Printed for T. Cadell, and W. Davies, in the Strand, by W. Flint, Old Bailey. 1806.

The painting shows a city scene with pedestrians on a sidewalk.

Juvenal's Satires Fore-Edge Painting
D. Junii Juvenalis. Satirae, ex Editione G. Alex. Ruperti, Sedulâ Recensione Accratć. Londoni: Sumtibus Rodwell et Martin; J. Booker; Baldwin, Cradock, et Joy; G. et W. B. Whittaker; J. Walker; E. Edwards; J. Robinson; et B. Reynolds; Excudit S. Hamilton. 1819.

This is a rare example of a double fore-edge painting by the “Dover” painter, showing the Bank of England in one view and Pall Mall in the other.

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