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(Box 3, folder 37 - Box 8, folder 14)
Contains materials for films and television programs, 1915-1971. Directed by Ford, unless otherwise indicated. Arranged chronologically.

Box 3; Box 4; Box 5; Box 6; Box 7; Box 8;

Box 3

folder 37: Sunset Land, 1915 [not directed by Ford]
Continuity and subtitles; synopsis, list of locations

folder 38:

The Brain Specialist, 1916 [not produced?]
The Doctor's Advice, 1916 [not produced?]
Inspiration, 1916 [not produced?]

folder 39: #2442, 1917 [directed by Francis Ford]
Sets; notes concerning sets

folder 40: Cheyenne's Pal, 1917
Continuity and subtitles

folder 41: Bucking Broadway, 1917
Continuity and subtitles; list of locations

folders 42-43: Wild Women, 1918
Continuity and subtitles (2); list of locations

folder 44:

The Scarlet Drop, 1918
Continuity and subtitles; list of locations
The Untamed, 1918
Printed story and synopsis

folder 45:The Rustlers, 1919
Continuity and subtitles; list of locations

folder 46: A Gun Fightin' Gentleman, 1919

folder 47:

Marked Men, 1919
Continuity and subtitles; list of locations
The Sheriff of Wasco, 1919
Memo, with synopsis

folder 48:

Just Pals, 1920
The Man of God, 1921?

folder 49: The Face on the Barroom Floor, 1923

folder 50: The Iron Horse, 1924
Location newsletters

folder 51: 3 Bad Men, 1926
Titles; publicity

folder 52: Four Sons, 1928
Miscellaneous comments by W.R. Sheehan; title suggestions; notes in Ford's hand

folder 53: Strong Boy, 1929

folder 54:

Up the River, 1930
Script, pp. 48-60 only; continuity; cast list
Men Without Women, 1930
Notes in JF's hand

folder 55: Seas Beneath, 1931

folder 56: The Brat, 1931

folder 57:

The Lost Patrol, 1934
Suggestions for cast; summary of earnings
Judge Priest, 1934
Screenplays (2)

Box 4

folders 1-2: The Informer, 1935
Script; partial script; summary of earnings; accounting of earnings
folder 3:

Prisoner of Shark Island, 1936
Cast list
Mary of Scotland, 1936

folder 4: The Plough and the Stars, 1936

folder 5: Wee Willie Winkie, 1937

folder 6: The Hurricane, 1937

folder 7: Four Men and a Prayer, 1938

folder 8: Submarine Patrol, 1938
Script; cast and staff lists

folders 9-10: Stagecoach, 1939
Script; cast and staff lists; budget estimates; statements of accounting

folders 11-13: Young Mr. Lincoln, 1939
Scripts (3)

folder 14: Drums Along the Mohawk, 1939
Script; cast and staff lists

folder 15: The Grapes of Wrath, 1940
Staff and cast lists

folders 16-17: The Long Voyage Home, 1940
Script changes; foreword and epilogue; set list; crew list; musical score

folder 18: Tobacco Road, 1941
Script; script changes

folder 19: How Green Was My Valley, 1941

folder 20: The Battle of Midway, 1942
Dialogue; continuity

folder 21: Code of the Navy, ca. 1942 (presented by the U.S. Naval Radio and Signal School)
Cast list; continuity

folder 22: They Were Expendable, 1945
Notes and PT maneuvers
See also: Oversize 2

folder 23: My Darling Clementine, 1946
Story conference

folder 24: The Fugitive, 1947
Shooting schedule; cutting changes; credits; earnings; statement of production costs

folders 25-26: The Family, 1947 [unrealized project]
Synopsis; background material; scripts (6)

Box 5

folders 1-5: The Family (cont'd)

folder 6: Revenge, 1947 [unrealized project]

folder 7-9: Fort Apache, 1948
Script (lacks 2 pp.); printed story "Massacre"; notes; music lyrics; script changes; shooting schedule; wardrobe plot; staff and crew lists; continuity; budget; earnings

folders 10-14: 3 Godfathers, 1948
Scripts (4); notes; crew list; travel schedule; budget notes; publicity

folder 15: Mighty Joe Young, 1949 (directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack; co-produced by John Ford and Merian C. Cooper)
Staff sheet; summary of earnings

folders 16-20: She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, 1949
Scripts (3); printed stories (2); script notes; background materials; staff and cast list; music notes; credits; budget; film earnings

folder 21: Pinky, 1949 (directed by Elia Kazan)
Script; staff list

folder 22: When Willie Comes Marching Home, 1950
Shooting schedule; list of retakes and added scenes

folders 23-25: Wagon master, 1950
Treatment; lyrics and music notes; shooting schedule; staff and cast lists; daily production reports; publicity; budget estimates; earnings

folders 26-28: Rio Grande, 1950
Scripts; story; cast and crew lists; daily production report; background notes; shooting schedule; accounting statement; film earnings

folders 29-31: This is Korea, 1951
Scripts (4); cutting continuity; cameraman's dope sheets; notes; publicity; sales report

folders 32-33: What Price Glory, 1952 [play and film]
Script for play; filmscript story conference; cast list; itinerary for play;
daily production report; JF notes; memo re: music; publicity for play

folders 34-35: The Quiet Man, 1952
Script notes; dialogue; narration; background material; lyrics and music
notes; continuity (for the fight scene); credits; staff list; travel and
shooting schedules; casting notes; accounting statements

Box 6

folder 1: The Demi-Gods, 1952 [unrealized project]
Screenplay suggestions

folders 2-4: The Sun Shines Bright, 1953
Treatment; script; story notes; shooting schedule; script changes; cast list; budget estimate

folders 5-7: Mogambo, 1953
Partial script; shooting schedules; wardrobe plots; cast and crew lists; pre-filming survey; inoculations information

folders 8-10: The Valiant Virginians, 1954 [unrealized project]
Story notes; story continuity; story line; continuity outlines (2); script

folders 11-12: The Long Gray Line, 1955
Script changes; background material; breakdown; schedule; casting
interviews list; statement of accounting

folders 13-14: Mister Roberts, 1955
Script; script changes; treatment; script notes; daily production reports

folders 15-17: Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theatre. The Bamboo Cross, 1955 [television program]
Scripts (4)

folder 18: The Screen Directors' Playhouse. Rookie of the Year , 1955 [television program]
Cast list; production budget

folders 19-22: The Searchers, 1956
Scripts (2); synopsis; background material; story and production notes; cast list; credits; shooting schedule; daily production reports; statements of accounting

folders 23-24: The Wings of Eagles, 1957
Script; schedule; assistant director's reports; preview report; publicity

folders 25-26: The Rising of the Moon, 1957
Script (for The Rising of the Moon segment only); film treatment (for The Rising of the Moon segment only); suggested treatment of continuity; schedule; publicity; statements of accounting

folders 27-30: The Last Hurrah, 1958
Script; incomplete script (pp. 125-225 only); synopsis; script notes; cast list; budget; shooting schedule; assistant director's daily reports; statements of accounting; invoices; accounting reports.
See also: Bound volume 1

folder 31: Gideon of Scotland Yard, 1959
Cast and crew list; cost of production; statements of accounting

folders 32-33: Korea, 1959
Scripts (2 - "action outlines"); background material; press release

folders 34-35: The Horse Soldiers, 1959
Script; dialogue notes; background materials; crew lists; cast and credits; shooting schedule; budget; news releases; statements of accounting

Box 7

folder 1: Cheyenne Massacre/Last Frontier, 1959 [not produced?]
Screenplay by Ted Sherdeman; memo from Sherdeman to Sylvan Simon

folder 2: Taiwan - The Island Fortress, 1959 [unrealized project]
Script; script breakdown

folder 3: Wagon Train. The Colter Craven Story, 1960 [television program]
Script; script breakdown

folders 4-5: Sergeant Rutledge, 1960
Scripts (2); staff and cast list; daily production reports

folder 6: The Alamo, 1960 [directed by John Wayne]

folders 7-8: [The Creighton Story], ca. 1960 [unrealized project?]
Scripts (2)

folders 9-11: Two Rode Together, 1961
Scripts (2); revisions; synopsis; treatment (incomplete); call to travel to location; budget; statement of accounting audits

folders 12-14: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, 1962
Scripts (2); dialogue continuity; staff and crew list; estimated cost; shooting schedule; projection budget; cast list; billing; preview report; foreign prospects reports; statements of accounting

folders 15-16: Alcoa Premiere. Flashing Spikes, 1962 [television program]
Scripts (2); adaptation

folders 17-19: How the West Was Won, 1962 [directed by Ford, George Marshall and Henry Hathaway]
Scripts - segments 1-3, segment 3, segment 4, segment 5 (2); cast and staff lists; schedule

folder 20: The Pigeon That Took Rome, 1962 [directed by Melville Shavelson]

folders 21-23: Donovan's Reef, 1963
Script; script fragments; background material; shooting schedule; projection costs; statement of accounting; audits; publicity campaign
See also: Bound volume 2

folders 24-26: Cheyenne Autumn, 1964
Script; incomplete script; script and production notes; location information; shooting schedule; budget changes; daily production reports; statements of accounts; audits

Box 8

folder 1: Young Cassidy, 1965
Main titles; script notes; shooting schedule

folders 2-5: 7 Women, 1966
Scripts (2); script changes; story; daily progress reports; cast list; staff list; schedule; music work order; production budget; petty cash records; synopsis; preview report; statement of accounts
See also: Oversize 3

folder 6: Vietnam! Vietnam! 1968

folder 7: The Hellfighters, 1969 [directed by Andrew V. McLaglen]

folders 8-9: Chesty, 1970 [television program]
Scripts (2); shooting schedule

folder 10: The American West of John Ford, 1971 [directed by Denis Sanders; co-produced by Dan Ford]
Schedule; budget; expense receipts

folder 11: Alias Whispering White, n.d.
April Morning, n.d.
Operation Seventy-Three, n.d.

folder 12: Our Brother John, n.d.
Outline of project

folder 13: Slowsure, n.d.

folder 14: Wits and the Woman. The Demon Dragon, n.d.


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