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(Box 9-15)

Box 9

folder 1: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voting procedures, 1967-1968

folder 2: Addresses

folder 3: Bel Air Association

folders 4-32: Field Photo Home materials
Includes correspondence, minutes of meetings, financial statements and audits, addresses, newsletters, insurance policies, tax materials, etc.

folders 33-46: Financial materials
Includes tax forms, expense receipts and records, audits, etc., both corporate and personal
See also: Bound volumes 5-15

Box 10

folders 1-25: Financial materials (cont'd)

folders 26-27: Membership cards and awards
See also: Oversize 5

folder 28: Motion Picture Academy Controllers Christmas Party, 1964

folders 29-30: Navy materials
Includes personnel materials, orders, equipment lists, etc.

folder 31: Office equipment

folder 32: Passport information

folders 33-39: Printed--Clippings
See also: Oversize 6

Box 11

folders 1-3: Printed--Clippings (cont'd)

folders 4-11: Printed--Articles

folder 12: Sheet music

folder 13: Studio materials
Rate book, telephone numbers
See also: Oversize 8

folders 14-37: Tape transcripts and summaries of interviews conducted by Dan Ford.
Includes Elizabeth Allen, Mark Armistead, James Warner Bellah, Bea Benjamin, Katherine Cliffton Bryant; Harry Carey, Jr., Olive Carey, William Clothier, Ken Curtis, Cecil de Prita, Joanne Dru, Philip Dunne, Allan Dwan, Josephine Feeney, Henry Fonda, John Ford, Mary Ford, Phil Ford, and Ben Goetz

Box 12

folders 1-19: Tape transcripts (cont'd) Includes Chuck Hayward, Katharine Hepburn, Winton Hoch, Frank Hotaling, Ace Holmes, Lefty Hough, Ben Johnson, Nunnally Johnson, Anna Lee, John Lee Mahin, Roddy McDowall, Lee Marvin, George O'Brien, Robert Parrish, Wingate Smith, James Stewart, John Wayne, Albert Wedemeyer, Terry Wilson

folder 20: Writings--by other people
Simms, Jay. Either End of the Gun
Welch, Patrick. The Gombeen Man; A play by Patrick Welch

folder 21: YMPTASPA and Emerald Bay Yacht Club correspondence, 1936-1957

folders 22-32: Index and notebook pages.
Index of collection prepared by Dan Ford; notebook pages from which manuscripts were removed

Boxes 13 - 15:

Index and notebook pages (cont'd)


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