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Audio tapes of interviews conducted by Dan Ford. Names of interviewees and some of the topics discussed are listed after the tape numbers.

Tapes 1-2: Mark Armistead

Tapes 3-4: James Warner Bellah (side 1 only of Tape 4)

Tapes 5-6: Katherine (Potter) Cliffton Bryant

Tapes 7-11: Harry Carey (side 1 only of Tape 11)

Tapes 11-12: Olive (Golden) Carey (side 2 only of Tape 11)

Tape 13: William Clothier (side 1 only)

Tape 14: Joanne Dru

Tape 15: Philip Dunne

Tape 16: Allan Dwan

Tapes 17-18: Henry Fonda

Tapes 19 Barbara Nugent Ford
side 1: Gossip, social
side 2: Mr. Roberts

Tape 20 Barbara Nugent Ford (side 1 only)

Tape 20 John Ford
side 2: Hurricane, Tobacco Road, Wee Willie Winkee

Tape 21 John Ford
side 1: Portland, Early years
side 2: Early years

Tape 22 John Ford
side 1: How Green Was My Valley, Merian C. Cooper
side 2: Stagecoach, Wanger

Tape 23 John Ford
side 1: Stagecoach, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
side 2: Rio Bravo, The Searchers, Last Hurrah, Maureen O'Hara

Tape 24 John Ford
side 1: Harry Cohn, Mayer, Navy, Grotsky
side 2: Navy, Europe, Midway

Tape 25 John Ford
side 1: Westerns, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
side 2: Westerns, Ft. Apache, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

Tape 26 John Ford
side 1: Monument Valley, Men without Women, Nichols, Lost Patrol
side 2: Nichols, O'Neill, The Long Voyage Home

Tape 27 John Ford
side 1: Early years, John Wayne, Lincoln, 3 Bad Men, Quiet Man
side 2: Quiet Man, Yates, How Green Was My Valley, Grapes of Wrath, Young Mr. Lincoln, Zanuck

Tape 28 John Ford
side 1: Frank Nugent, Stagecoach, Ft. Apache
side 2: Ft. Apache

Tapes 29-30: John Ford
Iron Horse

Tape 31 John Ford
side 1: Directing, Goldwyn, acting
side 2: Acting

Tape 32 John Ford
side 1: Midway, Burma, Stillwell
side 2: They Were Expendable, My Darling Clementine

Tape 33 John Ford
side 1:Early years, Portland, Planned Parenthood, The Informer, directing debut
side 2: Q & A Early years

Tape 34 John Ford
side 1: Ward Bond, The Informer
side 2: The Informer, The Rising of the Moon, The Grapes of Wrath

Tape 35 John Ford (side 2 is blank)
Iron Horse

Tape 36 John Ford (side 2 is blank)
They Were Expendable

Tape 37 John Ford
side 1: Ward Bond
side 2: Ward Bond, Cheyenne Autumn

Tape 38 John Ford (side 2 is blank)
Alamo, Horse Soldiers, Korea

Tape 39 John Ford
side 1: John Wayne
side 2: John Wayne, acting

Tape 40 John Ford (side 1 only)
Mogambo, Gable, directors, They Were Expendable, Valentino

Tape 40 Katharine Hepburn (side 2 only)

Tape 41 Mary Ford
side 1:
side 2: Tom Mix

Tape 42 Mary Ford
side 1: Araner
side 2: Araner, war years

Tape 43 Mary Ford
Wat years

Tapes 44-45: Mary Ford (side 2 of Tape 44 is blank)

Tape 46 Ben Goetz (side 1 only)

Tape 46 Philip Dunne (side 2 only)

Tapes 47-48: Chuck Hayward (side 2 of Tape 48 is blank)

Tapes 49-51: Katharine Hepburn

Tapes 52-53: Frank Hotaling (side 2 of Tape 53 is blank)

Tapes 54-58: Lefty Hough (sides 2 of Tapes 54 and 58 are blank)

Tapes 59-60: Ben Johnson (side 2 of Tape 60 is blank)

Tape 61 Nunnally Johnson

Tape 62 Anna Lee

Tape 63 John Lee Mahin

Tapes 64-65: Lee Marvin

Tapes 66-69: George O'Brien (side 1 only of Tapes 66 and 68)

Tape 66: John Ford, Robert Arthur, et al. (side 2 only)

Tape 68: John Ford (side 2 only)

Tape 70 Robert Parrish

Tapes 71-72 Wingate Smith

Tapes 73-74: James Stewart

Tape 75 John Wayne
side 1: First contact with Ford in the 1920's
side 2: Stagecoach, use of Republic Writers' Quiet Man, problem at Republic

Tape 76 John Wayne
side 1: Bringing Ford to Republic, Merian C. Cooper, Victor McLaglen, Bolton
side 2: Ford on the Araner, Emerald Bay Yacht Club, WWII's effect on Ford, war experiences, They Were Expendable, Jim McGuinness, Another Republic Deal

Tape 77 John Wayne (side 2 is blank)
Ford's post-war politics, Ward Bond

Tape 78 John Wayne
side 1: Tobacco Road, Ward Bond, Bolton Mallard, Pedro Armendariz
side 2: Ford's social circle in Mexico and on the Araner, early friendship, They Were Expendable, Ward Bond, Robert Montgomery, Gene Markey

Tape 79 John Wayne
side 1: They Were Expendable, Spig Wead, Ford with actors vs. Hawks, Hathaway, Wellman, Huston
side 2: Working relations with Ford on later films, Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Stagecoach

Tape 80 John Wayne
side 1: Later years, Merian C. Cooper, Jack Pennick, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Maureen O'Hara
side 2: The Alamo, sentiments on contemporary America

Tape 81 Albert Coady Wedemeyer

Tape 82 Terry Wilson


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