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Diaries and Notebooks

(Box 15, folders 81 - 87)
  • folder 81:
    • Diary, 1934. Records the beginning of the illness that caused Gordimer's mother to take her out of school at age 11, during which time she began to write.
  • folder 82:
    • Notebook, early 1950s. Notes for stories, including: A Bit of Young Life, A Long Walk from Rhodesia, Visit to a Bachelor, An Image of Success
  • folder 83:
    • Diary used as notebook, 1959-1964. Notes for Occasion for Loving and The Late Bourgeois World and other stories.
  • folders 84 - 85:
    • Two diaries, 1967 and 1968, containing sparse notes of when stories were finished, etc.
  • folder 86:
    • Pages from notebook, 1980 - 1984. Dates at top of each page are those when note was made; dates in margins record when story was actually written. Working notes, ideas, etc. mostly for stories included in Something Out There: Sins of the Third Age, Crimes of Conscience, A City of the Living, a City of the Dead, At the Rendezvous of Victory, Something Out There. Notes also for: Old Stock; Idea for unwritten story--One day, towards the end of my life...; White girl married to a black... first idea for what became the novel A Sport of Nature; Love 3, Blinder; Love 4, Bernie du Toit... (unwritten); Love 2, Terminal; Tourism
  • folder 87:
    • Notebook, 1986 - 1990. Contains all notes, chapter analysis, names, ideas for novel, record of quotations, etc. for My Son's Story. Also contains notes for stories included in Jump, and Other Stories that were written or noted while writing My Son's Story, including: My Father Leaves Home; Some Are Born to Sweet Delight; The Moment Before the Gun Went Off; Home; Comrades; A Journey; Keeping Fit. Miscellaneous other notes including those for an unpublished story
    • A Piece of History.


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