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(Boxes 16, folder 8 - Box 21)
Papers acquired in 2002.
Box 16: The Burger's Daughter - The House Gun
folders 8-9: The Burger's Daughter [novel]. Viking, 1979.

Page proofs

folders 10-21: The House Gun[novel]. Bloomsbury, 1998.

First part of original, pp. 1-97, with notes and corrections; draft; revised copy; printout before corrections; discarded pages; notes and corrections; version with additional pages; typescript with corrections, pp. 36-170.

Box 17: The House Gun (cont.) - Living in Hope and History
folders 1-13: The House Gun (cont.)

Photocopies of draft pages; typed copy (version 2?); final typescript; final proof; notebook; sources; correspondence and trial translation into French; miscellaneous related materials.

folder 14: July's People [screenplay]. Viking, 1981.

Adapted from novel for Roland Joffé, "never filmed"

folders 15-20: Living in Hope and History: Notes From Our Century[collection of essays]. Bloomsbury, 1999.


Box 18: Living in Hope and History(cont.) — None to Accompany Me
folders 1-13: Living in Hope and History:...(contd)

Drafts; hand-corrected typed version; corrections faxed to FSG [Farrar, Straus and Giroux]; notes and corrections; Master proof, 5/4/99; Master proof 6/14/99; jacket proof

folders 14-16: My Son's Story [novel]. Bloomsbury, 1990; Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1990.

Final proofs; jacket proof

folders 17-20: None to Accompany Me [novel]. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1994.

Original; hand-corrected typed version.

Box 19: None to Accompany Me (cont.) - The Pickup
folders 1-9: None to Accompany Me(cont.)

Corrected revised draft; incomplete corrected typescript; discarded versions of various pages; final version from which proofs were corrected; notebook; notes; clippings.

folders 10-20: The Pickup[novel]. Bloomsbury, 2001.

Original; second draft; typed version for word processing; typed part version with handwritten corrections; copy-edited version from FSG; drafts; rewrites.

Box 20: The Pickup (cont.)
folders 1-19: The Pickup (cont.)

Rewrite copy; typescript with corrections; penultimate version; final printout 7/12/2000; final copy for publishing and proof reading; first pass pages master 3/30/01; proofs; second proofs (final) from FSG, June 2001; master pages 5/15/01; author galleys (incomplete); jacket; notebook.

Box 21: The Pickup (cont.) - Writing and Being
folders 1-2: The Pickup (cont.).

Notes, sources, correspondence; clippings.

folders 3-4: Selected Stories [short story collection]. Viking Press, 1976

Page proofs

folder 5: Something Out There [story collection]. Viking, 1983.

Final copy

folder 6: A Sport of Nature [novel]. J. Cape, 1987; Knopf, 1987.

Incomplete draft?

folders 7-16: Writing and Being [series: Charles Eliot Norton Lectures, 1994]. Harvard University Press, 1995

Notebook (sources); drafts; corrected typescripts; reading copies, Oct.-Dec. 1994; penultimate version; final version; final copy; proof; jacket design and correspondence.


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