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XI. Writings by others - Essays and theses on Kinnell and his writings

Arranged alphabetically by author
Box 17 cont'd
f.18: Barshop, Debra. Combustione alle opre d'Alberto Burri e Galway Kinnell: La poetica di materia. 3/76 (photocopy) l4p.
f.19: Boer, Byron. Toward a writhing of lights: The poetry of Galway Kinnell. Spring 1967 (photocopy) 35p.
f.20: Brooks, David G. The poetry of Galway Kinnell. Hons. thesis: 1974 (bound carbon) 65p.
f.21: Garsson, Jane. Love and death in The book of night- mares--a few things to notice in two parts. 10/25/73 (mimeograph); On Galway Kinnell, The book of nightmares 12/5/73 (mimeograph) 5lp.; untitled (mimeograph) 10p.
f.22: Geller, Maryann. A frantic look into my notes for Book of nightmares (photocopy) 18p.
f.23: Higgins, Dick. Some reflections on Galway Kinnell's "Three poems" (carbon) 18p.
f.24: Hilberry, Conrad Arthur. The structure of Galway Kinnell's Book of nightmares (carbon and photocopy of printed version pub. in Field, Spring 1975) 17p. & 19p.
f.25: Keane, Patrick Joseph. Rondure's dark-flowering road: A comparative study of informing vision and recurrent imagery in Galway Kinnell's The book of nightmares. 1973 (photocopy) 73p.
f.26: Lishan, Stuart D. The rain ringing off river: Poems and a study of mythopoeia in the poetry of Galway Kinnell and others. 5/77 (thesis: Reed College) (bound photo- copy) 148p.
f.27: Marcello, Leo Luke. Galway Kinnell: Adamic poet and deep imagist. 5/76 (diss.: LSU and Agricultural and Mechanical College) (bound photocopy) 190p.
f.28: Miller, Steven. Man and the natural spirit. 2/15/65 (typescript) 14p.
f.29: Morris, Marcia. Poetry report: Galway Kinnell. 5/11/72 (holograph) 3p.
f.30: Neely, Linda Gail. The essence of Galway Kinnell: Tenderness toward existence, abstract (typescript) 101p.
f.31: Quackenbush, Jan. The Book of nightmares: The wages of dying is love. 1972-73 (photocopy) 28p.
f.32: Rouslin, Carol. The reluctant pedestrian (mimeograph) 9p.
f.33: Taylor, Andrew McDonald. The poetry of Galway Kinnell (carbon) 21p.
f.34: Thompson, William E. Synergy in the poetry of Galway Kinnell (photocopy) 24p.
f.35: Woodward, Sandra. The poetry of Galway Kinnell, 1960- 1971 (photocopy) 11p.
f.36: unknown.
Galway Kinnell: Everything that may abide the fire was made to go through the fire (photocopy) 12p.



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