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VI. Writings by Kinnell - Prose: books

Arranged alphabetically by title, this series includes worksheets and drafts of the book, book production materials, page proofs, and galleys.

(Box 14, f.10-Box 16, f.10)

Box 14
f.10-21: Black light (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1966)
Box 15 f. 1-10
Black light (cont'd)
f.11-12: Death of yesterday (first novel - unpublished)
f.13: How the alligator missed breakfast (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1982)
f.14-15: The Poetics of the physical world (Fort Collins, Colorado: Colorado State University, 1969) Walking down the stairs: Selections from interviews (Ann Arbor, Mich.: The University of Michigan Press, 1978)
Box 15, f.16-Box 16, f. 10 Typescripts and/or photocopies of interviews by:
f.l6: Bakken, Dick (pub. in Salted Feathers, 10 Aug. 1967)
f.17: Brooks, David and Don Bredes (Dec. 1978)
f.18: Brooks, David, et al.
f.19: Chisholm, Scott (Feb. 19, 1972, New York)
f.20: Crocker, Jack (Nov. 2, l976, Lubbock, Texas)
f.21: Edwards, Margaret (Aug. 27, l976, Sheffield, Vermont)
f.22: Fortunato, Mary Jane (Spring, 1971) (pub. in New York Quarterly, Autumn, 1971)
f.23: Goldbarth, Albert and Virginia Gilbert (Nov. 1970, Iowa City) (pub. in Crazy Horse 6, 1971)
f.24: Heyen, William and Gregory Fitz Gerald (Oct., 1969, Brockport, New York) (pub. in Iowa Review, Spring 1970)
f.25: Jacobs, Lucky (pub. in Penny Dredful, Apr. 29, 1975)
f.26: McCullough, Ken (Feb. 8, 1976, Columbia, South Carolina)
f.27: ) McKenzie, James J. (1972, Grand Forks, North Dakota) (pub. in Salmagundi, Spring-Summer, 1973
f.28-29: Pariser and Achziger (Oct. 3, 1966, Portland, Oregon) (pub. in Reed College Quest)
f.30: Plumly, Stanley (May 15, 1972, Athens, Ohio) (pub. in Ohio Review, Fall, 1972)
f.31: Poulin, Alfred A. and Stan Sanvel Rubin (Nov., 1971, Brockport, New York) (recorded on videotape for Writer's Forum program of SUNY)
f.32: University of Vermont students (Jan. 22, 1974, Burlington, Vermont) (pub. in The News and the Weather, Spring 1974)
f.33-35: Interviewers and origin of interviews unknown
Box 16: Walking down the stairs... (cont'd)
f.1: worksheets for book
f.2: Preface - drafts and worksheets
f.3-10: drafts of book



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