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VII. Writings by Kinnell - Prose: essays

Box 16
f.11: Criticism
Eden two-way, by Chad Walsh, The scarecrow Christ, by Elder Olson, Birthdays from the ocean, by Isabella Gardner (carbon) 7p.
Meditations in an emergency, by Frank O'Hara, The hawk in the rain, by Ted Hughes, The imagined country, by Audrey McGaffin, Time without number, by Daniel Berrigan (carbon) 7p.
New England harvest, by Donald C. Babcock, Songs for a new America, by Charles G. Bell (carbon) 5p. A note on Ezra Pound and what happened to modern poetry (typescript) 6p.
A poet of re-attachment (re: Songs for a new America) (printed - 2 copies) 3p.
A poet of the new avant-garde (re: Songs for a new America) (carbon) 4p.
Song(sic) for a new America, by Charles G. Bell (carbon) 6p.
Songs for a new America, by Charles G. Bell... [first line] (carbon) 4p.
f.12: Political
Ball game: World Federalists against Reinhold. Second inning: Casey at the bat (typescript) 2p.
A foreign policy toward peace. Alfred, N.Y. (one type- script, one carbon) 12p. each
Gentlemen: Having received long replies from both of you, R.S. and R.H.,... [first line] (carbon) 4p.
In an article called "Streaks of dawn in the night"... [first line] (carbon) 4p.
One world - or ? (typescript) 1Op.
Should the atom bomb be used? January 15, 1951 (typescript) 3p.
The world scene - UWF (typescript) 2p.
f.13: Miscellaneous
Carlyle on the lee shore 9/20/49 (typescript) 9p.
Essay on happiness. Princeton, l/46 (holograph) 6p.
Letter from Teheran (2 incomplete typescripts) 3p. each
Only meaning is truly interesting... (2 carbons) 11p. & 4p.
Pensees (typescripts - 2 variants) 1p. each
To find how much goodness there is in people (holograph) 1p.
Ultimate victory (typescript) 1p.
f.14: Personality, poetry and death (worksheets)
f.15: untitled (14 items)
f.16: miscellaneous notes



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