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VIII. Writings by Kinnell - Prose: lectures & speeches

Box 16 cont'd
f.17: American Academy of Arts and Letters acceptance speech, May 21, 1975
f.18: Music of poetry (lecture - 6 drafts)
f.19: Poetry and modern consciousness: Walt Whitman (lecture)
f.20: Six lectures on poetry and consciousness
f.21: The suicide of poets (lecture)
f.22: What is "nude" in poetry? (lecture)
f.23-25: untitled (9 lectures)
Box 17
f.3: Be - C
The beautiful cave (typescript and carbon) 12p. each
Between summer and desire (typescript) 10p.
A bunting watch (typescript) 3p
. The counting house (holograph) 2p.
Courage (10/6/47) (typescript) 9p.
f.4: D - N
Daybreak (8/46) (typescript) 3p.
Don't fence me in (typescript) 1p.
Early morning (Pawtucket, 6/45) (2 typescripts) 1p. each
Un e,crivain (typescript) 3p.
Ferry boats and other strange things (holograph) 10p.
Friend, don't throw my dirt away (typescript) 4p.
Have a drink and sober up (holograph) 2p.
Hello she said (typescript and carbon) 1p. each
King of t[he trade] (carbon) 13p.
The multiplying strings (typescript and carbon) 9p. each
My name is in her skin (holograph and typescript) 6p. & 3p.
f.5: O - Z
O yellow hair (typescript) 17p.
Of all things (holograph) 2p.
On the shore of the wide world (typescript) 7p.
The permanence of love (typescript) 10p.
The place for tigers (carbon) 1p.
Reunion (holograph) 4p.
The sidewalk (typescript) 2p.
A star in the valley (typescript and carbon) 12p. each


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