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VI. Television (Box 29, f.17-Box 31, f.3)

Includes scripts, treatments and other materials mostly related to The Richard Boone Show with Odets as editor-in-chief. Arranged alphabetically by title. See also: XII. Additions
Box 29 cont'd
folders 17-19: The Affair (adapted from the play: The Nursery), by Odets. 1963. Five scripts, synopses, notes


Box 30
folders 1-5: Big Mitch, by Odets. Performed Dec. 10, 1963. Four scripts, draft, notes, revisions, research materials
folder 6: A Boat Ride to Bear Mountain, by Irv Pearlberg. Script, notes
folder 7: Cougar, Bear and Calvin Play, by Stanford Whitmore. Treatments, notes
folder 8: The Descent, by Halsted Welles. Treatment, notes
folder 9: The Dolphin's Nose, by Robert Towne. Treatment
folder 10: A Few Marriage Proposals, by Leslie Weiner. Script, outline, notes
folder 11: Five Cold Lakes, by Whitfield Cook. Notes, synopsis, script
folder 12: A Game of Absurdities, by George Zuckerman. Notes, script, clipping
folders 13-16: Goodbye Is for the Birds (episode of television series: The Hollywood Story). Four scripts, revisions, notes
folder 17: If You're Born Square, You Can't Die Round, by Joseph Petracca. Outline, script
folder 18: A Little Love, a Little Hate, by Louis Pollock (alias Joe Madison). Two treatments, notes
folder 19: The Mafia Man, by Odets. Performed Jan. 7, 1964. Three scripts, research, cast list
folder 20: A Need of Valor, by Reuben Bercovitch. Two scripts, notes, clippings
folder 21: Nuts and Bolts, by [?]. Notes
folder 22: One in a Million, by Nicholas Ray. Script
folder 23: The Proud and Angry Dust, by Richard Landau. Script, notes, synopsis
folder 24: Separate Maintenance, by Robert Dozier. Notes, story outline
folder 25: Sing a Song of Success, by Roland Wolpert. Notes, script
folder 26: Sorofino's Treasure, by Louis Pollock (alias Joe Madison). Treatment
folder 27: The Sparrows of Summer, by Man Rubin. Script
folder 28: Those Jackson Boys, by Clyde Ware. Outline
folder 29-31: Ideas


Box 31
folder 1-3: Miscellaneous. "Sales Presentation on Boone-Odets Show," biographies, notes, clippings



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