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VII. Writings and Scripts By Others (Box 31, f.4 - Box 32, f.12)

Arranged alphabetically by author. Contains theses items written about Odets, and writings and scripts not apparently connected to Odets.
Box 31
folder 4: Atkinson, Brooks. Art also Serves. Mimeographed article from The New York Times, Sept. 30, 1956.
folders 5: Billetdoux, Francois. Tchin-Tchin. Translated by Jack Palmer White. Play script. n.d.
folder 6-12: Brenman-Gibson, Margaret. Clifford Odets: American Playwright. Research material and notes
folder 13: Brenman-Gibson, Margaret. The Story of Golden Boy. Notes, draft. n.d.
folder 14: Clurman, Harold. Columns from The Nation, Aug. 15, 1953-Feb. 1, 1958
folder 15: Dace, Wallace. Flight, based on the novel by Evelyn Eaton. Play script. n.d.
folder 16: Daves, Delmer. Run Silent, Run Deep. Based on the novel by Edward L. Beach. Notes, treatment and filmscript. 1957
folder 17: Deval, Jacques. Romancero. Translated by Howard L. Katzander. Notes and play script. n.d.
folder 18: Frank, Waldo David. Excerpts from In the American Jungle...1925-1936
folder 19: Frings, Ketti. Return Fare. Notes and filmscript. Mar. 21, 1961
folder 20: Gibson, William Walker. Staff Drama Round Table Discussion on No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre and Rocket to the Moon by Odets
folder 21: Gross, Gene. A Study Based on the Plays of Clifford Odets. First draft of thesis, Smith College. n.d.
folder 22: Kantor, Robert E. Information Theory, the Primary Process, and Modern Art. Mimeographed article. n.d.
folder 23: Mendelsohn, Michael John. Clifford Odets: A Critical Study. Ph.D. thesis, University of Colorado, 1962
folder 24: Nichols, Dudley and Alexander Knox. Sister Kenny. Estimating filmscript, Feb. 10, 1944


Box 32
folder 1: Rabe, Peter. The System (incomplete novel)
folder 2: Ravetch, Irving and Harriet Frank. The Long, Hot Summer. Adapted from a group of stories by William Faulkner. Filmscript (first draft continuity, July 15, 1957)
folder 3: Robin, Harry. Program Notes for the First International Los Angeles Music Festival, June 1-11, 1961. Includes stills from Aniara
folder 4: Schmidt, Mark, translator. [Articles concerning V.S. Meyerhold and his "The Inspector General"] 1935
folder 5: Shale, Harry. Yes, Is the Answer. Synopsis of play
folder 6: Shuman, Robert Baird. Social Concepts in the Stage Plays of Clifford Odets. Ph.D thesis, University of Pennsylvania, 1961
folder 7: Stigdon, Clement. A Critical Evaluation of the Contribution of Clifford Odets to the American Theatre. M.A. thesis, Indiana University, January, 1948.
folder 8: Van Hettinga, William L. The Theme of Nonfulfillment in Three Plays of Clifford Odets. M.A. thesis, Duke University, 1960
folder 9: Viertel, Peter. The Brothers Rico. Filmscript (second estimating draft), June 29, 1955
folder 10: Wagner, Arthur. Technique in the Revolutionary Plays of Clifford Odets. Ph.D thesis, Stanford University, August 1962
folder 11: Weiner, Leslie. In the Counting House. Play script. [1961]
folder 12: Unknown author. Submitted by Ray Stark. Don't Pick Your Money Up Till You've Finished Singing. Mimeograph of novel? about Fanny Brice. n.d.



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