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Berenson, Bernard

Box 15
folder 19 Cipher (for bookplate?)
folder 20 Printed material about Berenson
folders 21-22 Clippings, 1951-1984
folder 23 Clippings - obituaries

Berenson, Mary (Smith)

folders 24-25 Juvenalia
folder 26 "Confessions of M.W.C., 1890"
folders 27-28 Life of B.B., chap. I-IX
folder 29 "Reminiscences of Walt Whitman"
folder 30 Misc. poetry
folder 31 Misc. prose
folder 32 Lecture invitations and handbills
folder 33 Lock of hair
Box 16
folders 1-3 Miscellaneous
folder 4 Clippings, 1885-1950

Costelloe, Frank

Election posters; "A wife shd"; photocopy of will
Clippings, 1885-1886


Halpern, Barbara (Strachey). Contains research materials on:

Bernard Berenson
Mary (Smith) Berenson
Frank Costelloe
Alys Whitall Pearsall (Smith) Russell
Hannah (Whitall) Smith
Box 17
Logan Pearsall Smith
Robert Pearsall Smith
Karin (Costelloe) Stephen
M. Carey Thomas
Horace Traubel and Walt Whitman

Heithersay, Margaret L.

folder 7 Memoirs


Russell, Alys Whitall Pearsall (Smith)

folder 8 Broadcast scripts: 1) In my experiences... Sunday, Nov. 7, 1948; 2) A visit to Tennyson... Thursday, Nov. 3, 1949
folder 9 Loose material from scrapbook, 1892-1896
folder 10 Loose material from scrapbook, 1898-1900
folder 11 Reminiscences about Bertrand Russell, notebook (Alys' hand?)
folder 12 Miscellaneous
folder 13 Printed: clippings, handbills

Smith, Hannah (Whitall)

folder 14 Contracts and copyright agreements
folder 15 Oxford meetings, 1874
folder 16 Woman's Christian Temperance Union Writings
folder 17 Autobiography
folder 18 Memoirs
folder 19 "On authority of a husband"
folder 20 Misc. writings
folder 21 Printed: Yellowstone Park articles
folder 22 Printed: Misc.
folder 23 writings by others on the Holiness Movement
folder 24-25 Miscellaneous
folder 26 Scrapbook, clippings and printed material, 1873-1884
folder 27-29 Clippings, 1876-1951


Smith, Logan Pearsall

folder 30 Miscellaneous writings and photocopy of will

Smith, Robert Pearsall

folder 31 Handbill, biographical information

Stephen, Adrian

folder 32 Printed writings, photocopy of portion of diary

Stephen, Karin(Costelloe)

folder 33 Juvenalia
folder 34 Human misery, 1952 Typescript [237]p.
folder 35 Lecture
folder 36 Speeches
folder 37 Miscellaneous
folder 38 Printed articles by Stephen
folder 39 Clippings, 1907-1976


Strachey, Oliver

folder 40 Misc. writings

Strackey, RayCostelloe)

folder 41 Juvenalia
folder 42 Transcript of letters, July 2-Nov. 24, 1908
Box 18
folder 1 "Ray's journal," 1905
folder 2 1918 election: handbills, clippings
folder 3 Women's suffrage, 1909
folder 4 Miscellaneous

Strachey family

folder 5 Miscellaneous clippings, handbills, school reports: James, Alix, Julia, Philippa Strachey

Thomas, M. Carey

folder 6 Miscellaneous
folder 7 Printed by Thomas
folder 6 Clippings, 1885-1904

Whitall, John and Mary

folder 9 Misc. writings, printed material


folder 10 Printed material relating to Smith family and unidentified items



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