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FILMS, 1939-1947 (Box 14, f. 15-Box 22, f. 24)

Arranged chronologically by approximate beginning work date. Includes projects on which work was begun but never completed. Correspondence regarding films is interfiled chronologically in the CORRESPONDENCE section.

Chronological list of films

Box 15 | Box 16 | Box 17 | Box 18 | Box 19 | Box 20 | Box 21 | Box 22

Box 14:

  • folders 15-17: Heart of Darkness [1939]. Scripts
  • folders 18-19: Heart of Darkness. Production, financial, and publicity materials. See also Smiler with a Knife, B. 14, f. 27; Photographs
  • folders 20-26: Smiler with a Knife [1939-1940]. Scripts
  • folder 27: Smiler with a Knife. Production and financial materials
  • folders 28-29: Citizen Kane, 1940-1941. Scripts

Box 15:

  • folders 1-6: Citizen Kane. Scripts
  • folder 7: Citizen Kane. Photographs of story board
  • folders 8-11: Citizen Kane. Production, financial and publicity materials. See also Tapes; Photographs; Oversize 14; Appendix A
  • folders 12-15: Unnamed Mexican Story (Jan? 1941). Drafts of scripts, by Paul Trivers
  • folders 16-22: Orson Welles No. 4 ("The Way to Santiago"?) (Feb., 1941-Mar., 1942). Scripts, production and financial materials

Box 16:

  • folder 1: It's All True; Love Story (Aug. 8, 1941). Scripts
  • folders 2-5: The Magnificent Ambersons, Aug. 15, 1941-June 13, 1942. Scripts
  • folder 6: The Magnificent Ambersons. Story board
  • folders 7-12: The Magnificent Ambersons. Production, financial, and publicity materials. See also Photographs
  • folders 13-26: It's All True (Aug. 20, 1941-Jan. 17, 1945) Scripts, story treatments, etc. Includes materials for My Friend Bonito by Norman Foster and John Fante, draft of It's All True by Elliot Paul, treatment for Jump for Joy dictated by Duke Ellington, scripts for Praça Onze sequences, and scripts for Samba.

Box 17:

  • folders 1-7: It's All True. Scripts, story treatments, etc. Includes drafts for Charlie's American Bar, Michael Gard, and the Jangadeiros story.
  • folders 8-11: It's All True. Scores and music. Includes holograph scores of "Pan america & Folgo Nego" and "Carnaval" arranged by Paul Misraki.
  • folders 12-13: It's All True. Production materials. Includes contract materials for Jesús Solórzano and Jesús Vázquez.
  • folders 14-16: It's All True. Financial materials
  • folders 17-18: It's All True. Scripts and story synopses submitted but not used.
  • folder 19: It's All True. Miscellaneous
  • folders 20-21: It's All True. News stories, many by Tom Pettey.
  • folders 22-34: It's All True. Clippings

Box 18:

  • folders 1-10: It's All True. Clippings
  • folder 11: It's All True. Translations of newspaper articles folders 12-14: It's All True. Jangadeiros publicity. Includes news stories, clippings and translations of articles
  • folders 15-33: It's All True. Background materials. Topics include Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Alberto Santos-Dumont, Oswaldo Gonçalves Cruz, Bertita Harding's Amazon Throne, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica,Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru and Salvador

Box 19:

  • folders 1-2: It's All True. Background materials. Topics include Uruguay and Venezuela
  • folders 3-40: It's All True. Research materials. Materials include pamphlets, clippings and typescripts on the topics Amazon; Art; Baia, Sergipe, Alagoas, Pernambuco & Paraiba; Simón Bolívar; Brazil History; Brazilian Alphabet; Brazilian Curiosities; Brazilian Independence and Jefferson; Brazilian Indians; Brazilian Kings; Carnaval in Rio; Catedral de Lima; Ceará; Coffee; Crime of Dońa Carlota; Drought; Fawcett Expedition; Folk Music; Gaucho; God and Diamonds; Guatemala Heroes of Brazil; Holy Week in Ouro Preto; Imperatriz Teresa Cristina; Iron and Steel; Jangadeiros; Latin American Music; Legends and Fables; Matto Grosso; Minas Geraes; Palmares War; Piaui; Praça Onze; and Revolution of 1835

Box 20:

  • folders 1-9: It's All True. Research materials. Topics include Rio de Janeiro; Rio Grande do Norte; Rio Grande do Sul; Romantic Adventurers; Rubber; Salvador (cidade); Samba; Săo Paulo, Paraná Y Goyáz; and Sugar and Brazilian Northeast. See also Photographs; Oversize 15
  • folders 10-13: Journey Into Fear (Aug., 1942-1943). Scripts
  • folder 14: Journey Into Fear. Storyboard
  • folders 15-19: Journey Into Fear. Production, financial, and publicity materials See also Photographs
  • folder 20: V & W (Aug., 1942). Scripts and production materials
  • folder 21: Jane Eyre (Dec., 1942). Partial scripts and production materials See also Photographs
  • folder 22: The Outer Gate (Aug., 1943). Script, by John Tucker Battle
  • folders 23-27: The Little Prince (1943). Scripts
  • folders 28-35: Don't Catch Me (July, 1944). Scripts. Writers include Les White, Bud Pearson, Rose Krebs, and Orson Welles

Box 21:

  • folders 1-8: Don't Catch Me. Scripts and publicity materials
  • folder 9: Tomorrow Is Forever (Mar., 1945). Script See also Photographs
  • folders 10-15: The Stranger (ca. Aug., 1945). Scripts and miscellaneous pages of scripts
  • folders 16-18: The Stranger. Production, legal, and financial materials See also Photographs; Oversize 16
  • folder 19: Roosevelt Memorial Short (Welles & Colbert) (1945). Drafts of scripts
  • folder 20: Lady from Shanghai (Aug., 1946-1947). Annotated book, If I Die Before I Wake by Sherwood King
  • folders 21-23: Lady from Shanghai. Scripts

Box 22:

  • folders 1-4: Lady from Shanghai. Scripts
  • folders 5-6: Lady from Shanghai. Production and financial materials, and clippings See also Photographs; Oversize 17
  • folders 7-13: Macbeth (Mar., 1947). Scripts
  • folders 14-18: Macbeth. Production materials, and publicity See also Photographs; Oversize 18
  • folder 19: Black Magic (July, 1947). Script and production materials
  • folder 20: Bolivar's Idea (no date). Scripts, by John Tucker Battle
  • folder 21: Carmen (n.d.). Script
  • folder 22: Fully Dressed and In His Right Mind (n.d.). Partial scripts
  • folder 23: Salome (n.d.). Partial scripts. Introduction by Fletcher Markle
  • folder 24: [Untitled script about jazz] (n.d.).


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