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SPEECHES AND WRITINGS, 1938-1948 (Box 4, f. 18-Box 5, f. 13)

Includes items by Welles only, arranged alphabetically. Speeches made during the 1944 presidential campaign are grouped under the heading Presidential Campaign Speeches and are then arranged chronologically. Multiple drafts, sometimes incomplete, of a speech or article are often present.

Box 4:

folder 18: A
American Leadership in '44
[The American theatre]
[Appreciation of theatre]
[Artists' Front to Win the War]

folder 19: B

The Bolivian Dilemma; the Good Neighbor Policy Reconsidered
Brotherhood Or the New Hell

folder 20: Ca - Cok

[California Association for Adult Education]
[Citizen Kane statement]

folder 21: Col

[Collier's article]

Box 4:

folder 22: Com - E
[The Connecticut Nutmeg]
[Council for Civic Unity]
Democracy in Latin America
The Director in the Theatre Today

folder 23: F - G
[Fan mag article]
[Foreign people]
[Free World Congress]
G.I. Bill of Rights
[Glamour Magazine article]

folder 24: H - K

The Habits of Disunity
[Hero's Oak; Foreword]
[Hollywood Democratic Committee]
[Hollywood Free World Association]
In Memoriam
[International affairs]
[Jack Benny talk]
Jed Dexter Wins His Wings

folder 25: L - M

[Latin America]
[Leonard Lyons guest columns]
A Letter to Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Life with Hollywood
[Magic as a Hobby; Preface]
Moral Indebtedness

folder 26: Na - New X
The Nature of the Enemy
The New Actor
See also Correspondence April, 1940

folders 27-29: New York Post Column
Background materials, notes, sample columns
folders 30-32: New York Post Column
Drafts of columns
folders 33-34: New York Post Column
Clippings, Jan. 22 - Nov. 6, 1945

folder 35: New York Post Column
Financial accounts
See also Correspondence 1945

Box 5:

folder 1: New York U - O
[New York University]
[Nightmare Alley; Review]
Orson Welles Cut In Special Program
Orson Welles on the Death of President Roosevelt
[Overseas Press Club]

folder 2: [Poetry and miscellaneous writings] (30 items)
folders 3-8: Presidential Campaign Speeches, Sept. 1-Nov. 6, 1944
See also Tapes 43/2, 47/2

folder 9: R
Race Hate Must Be Outlawed
[Race hate statement]
[Radio Annual]

folders 10-11: San Francisco Conference, Apr. - May, 1945
Background materials, notes, sample columns

folder 12: So - Sz
[Soviet-American Congress]
The Stage as I See It
Survival of Fascism

folder 13: T - Z
[Testimonial to Robert Meltzer]
Textual Notes and Questions for Class Room Discussion
The Theatre
[Theatre Arts Monthly]
[Voice of Freedom]
See also Tapes: 37/2, 43/2
War Correspondents
[Wellesian cuffnotes]