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An Act for Granting and Applying Certain Stamps Duties, and Other Duties in the British Colonies and Plantations in America ... [Woodbridge] New Jersey, reprinted by James Parker, [1765].

Lilly Library E215.2 .G68 1765

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Word of the passage of the bill arrived in the colonies by the end of May, and the colonists immediately took appropriate measures to demonstrate their displeasure. A Stamp Act Congress was established; and the Sons of Liberty went into action, forcing all Stamp agents to resign.

The unpopular act was quickly reprinted in Philadelphia, Boston, Annapolis, New London, New York, and New Jersey. This printing is generally assigned to James Parker's press at Woodbridge, New Jersey, and is one of the scarcest. It bears the signature of Edward Shippen, Jr., Chief Justice of Pennsylvania, on the title page.

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