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The Definitive Treaty, Between Great Britain and the United States of America ... [Passy] 1783.

Lilly Library JX235 1783 vault

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This is the first printing of the peace treaty ending the war between Great Britain and the United States and, as such, is the first official publication of the United States government. Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay represented the United States, and David Hartley represented King George III. The negotiations led to Great Britain's official recognition of American independence; conceded free navigation of the entire Mississippi River; drew the U. S. boundary through Florida, the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence and St. Croix Rivers; granted New England fishing rights off Nova Scotia and Labrador; and resolved important economic questions.

Franklin had set up a private press in his house at Passy where the treaty was printed for him by Phillipe-Denis Pierres, chief printer to King Louis XVI.


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