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The Sign of Four

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The Sign of Four. London: Spencer Blackett, 1890.

The second Sherlock Holmes novel was originally issued as The Sign of the Four in Lippincott's Magazine for February 1890. Several early editions varied the title, with and without the second "the." The first book edition features a frontispiece by Charles Kerr.

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The Sign of the Four. London: New York, etc.: Gregg Publishing Co. [1918?]

Shorthand was extensively used in the business world during Conan Doyle's career. The two leading (and competing) systems, that of Sir Isaac Pitman, and Gregg Shorthand, both issued The Sign of Four as written utilizing their system, among other popular novels presented in shorthand.

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The Sign of Four. London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons [1910?]

Due to the number of variants, precise dating of shorthand editions is difficult.


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