James Joyce's Ulysses
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Ulysses. Paris: Shakespeare and Company, 1922 . First edition, one of 100 signed copies on Dutch handmade paper, in the original blue wrappers. The first edition of Ulysses was printed in Paris with the support of Sylvia Beach's Shakespeare and Company bookstore. The text was set in Dijon by Maurice Darantière, and grew by over one third in the course of correcting proofs, so that Darantière's habitual gesture became one of throwing up his hands in despair. Inevitably, the first edition was filled with small errors. Nevertheless, it remains the highlight of twentieth-century book collecting. In addition to the first 100 signed copies, there were 150 numbered copies on Arches paper, and 750 copies on handmade paper. Ulysses appeared on Joyce's 40th birthday.
Ulysses. London: Published for The Egoist Press by John Rodker. The first edition printed in England appeared eight months after the Paris edition, utilizing the French plates, and was limited to 2000 copies, 1000 of which were to be sent to America. The Lilly copy includes 7 pp. of errata loosely inserted. Ulysses was seized and banned in both America and England, and did not appear in those countries until 1934 and 1936 respectively.
Ulysse. Paris: Maison des amis des livres, 1929. First edition in French, translated by August Morel, assisted by Stuart Gilbert, and reviewed by Valery Larbaud, in collaboration with the author. Limited to 1200 numbered copies, of which this is one of 875 on alfa paper. Joyce, who was living in Paris and totally fluent in French, often intervened to solve quarrels among the translators on matters of detail. The "authorized" French version was used in turn by subsequent translators into other languages, who could consult it on occasions when the English seemed overly obscure.
Ulysses. Zurich: Rhein-Verlag, 1930. Two volumes. Translated by Georg Goyert. Second edition in German, revised in collaboration with Joyce. The first translation of Ulysses into any foreign language was this German version, which first appeared in a limited, three-volume edition in 1927. Joyce was not happy with the earlier version, and Goyert totally revised the second edition in light of his reactions. At one point during the process, Joyce wrote that he had gone over the first 88 pages of the German word for word, and pronounced them error free. Joyce, who lived in Zurich for much of the time he was writing Ulysses, was also totally fluent in German.