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Leaf 1:Welsh coast Sept 1, 1859
Entrance to Queenstown Ireland Sept, 2d 1859
Leaf 2:South coast of Ireland, Sept 2d
The "Kangaroo" Sept 2d [boat scene]
Leaf 3:Steerage
Deck of the "Kangaroo" Sept, 59
Leaf 4:Steerage. Waiting dinner. Sept 1859
Main deck "Kangaroo" Sept 1859
Leaf 5:On the Atlantic Sept. 1859
"Kangaroo" Sept. 1859
Leaf 6:Halifax Sept 16th 1859
Market Place Halifax NS
Leaf 7:Halifax N.S. Sept 16 1859
Halifax Sept. 16, 1859
Leaf 8:Dartmouth Nova Scotia September 16th 1859
The Kangaroo landing......New York Sept. 19th 1859
Leaf 9:McCullock's Leap Wheeling Sept. 1859
Wheeling Va. Oct. 1859
Leaf 10Tunnel Hempfield & Wheeling Line Va. Oct. 2d 1859
Near Wheeling October 2d 1859
Leaf 11Railway bridge near Wheeling Va. Oct. 2d 1859
Near Wheeling Oct. 1859
Leaf 12Virginia Farm Oct. 9th 1859
Nr Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 13Near Wheeling Va. Oct. 9 1859
Virginian Log Hut Oct. 9th 1859
Leaf 14:Methodist Church & School House Fulton, Va.
Near Wheeling Va. Oct 2 1859
Leaf 15:Near Wheeling Oct. 1859
At Fulton Virginia Oct. 1859
Leaf 16:Nr Wheeling virginia [Negro woman]
Nr Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 17:Near Wheeling Virginia
Nr. Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 18:Ohio River nr Wheeling
Nr Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 19:Near Wheeling Virginia
Nr Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 20:Near Wheeling Virginia
Ohio River near Wheeling
Leaf 21:Near Wheeling Virginia
Near Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 22:Near Wheeling Virginia
Ohio River near Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 23:The Ohio River near Wheeling Virginia
The Ohio River [with unnamed steamboat]
Leaf 24:Nr Wheeling Virginia
Near Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 25:Near Wheeling Virginia
McCulloch's Leap Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 26:Near Wheeling Virginia
Hempfield Railway nr. Wheeling Va.
Leaf 27:Nr. BridgePort Ohio
Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 28:
Leaf 29:Near Wheeling Oct. 1859
Ohio River near Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 30:Mill near Wheeling Va. Oct. 1859
Near Wheeling Va. Oct. 1859
Leaf 31:Near Wheeling Oct. 1859
Farm in Ohio November 7th 1859
Leaf 32:Nr Wheeling Oct. 1859
Near Wheeling Va.
Leaf 33:Wheeling from Ohio Nov. 1859
Poor House Wheeling Oct 1859
Leaf 34:In Ohio Nov. 1859
In Ohio November 7th 1859
Leaf 35:Ohio Novem 1859
Log Hut in Ohio Novr 1859
Leaf 36:In Ohio Novr 1859
Ohio November 1859
Leaf 37:Ohio Novr 1859
In Ohio November 1859
Leaf 38:In Ohio Novr 1859
Near Wheeling Va.
Leaf 39:Near Wheeling Virginia
Near Wheeling Hempfield Line
Leaf 40:At the Wharf Wheeling Virginia [steamboat]
Suspension Bridge Ohio River Wheeling Virginia [steamboat]
Leaf 41:Parkersburg Va. Novr 1859
Parkersburg Virginia Novr. 1859
Leaf 42:Parkersburg Virginia Nov 1859
Parkersburg Virginia Novr 1859
Leaf 43:Near Parkersburg Nov 1859
Parkersburg Novr 1859
Leaf 44:Richmond Indiana Dec 8 1859
Richmond Indiana Seventh St. Dec. 9th 1859
Leaf 45:Richmond Indiana Dec 8th 1859
Near Parkersburg Nov 1859
Leaf 46:Richmond Indiana Hicksite Meeting House Dec 2 1859
Richmond Indiana
Leaf 47:Richmond Indiana Dec 10 59
Richmond Indiana
Leaf 48:Richmond Indiana Episcopal Church
Richmond Indiana
Leaf 49:Richmond Indiana Main St Richmond Episcopal Church
Leaf 50:Richmond Indiana
Richmond Indiana Fifth Street
Leaf 51:Richmond Indiana
Richmond Indiana
Leaf 52:Richmond Indiana Spring Street
Richmond Indiana Public School
Leaf 53:Nr Richmond Indiana Jan 3d 1860
Richmond Indiana Seventh Street
Leaf 54:Richmond Indiana presbyterian Church
Near Richmond Indiana Dec 16 1859
Leaf 55:Richmond Indiana Friends Meeting House
Richmond Indiana
Leaf 56:Richmond Indiana Dec. 16 1859
Near Richmond Indiana Jan 2 1860
Leaf 57:Richmond Indiana
Richmond Indiana
Leaf 58:Richmond Indiana
Richmond Indiana
Leaf 59:Richmond Indiana
Richmond Indiana Episcopal Church
Leaf 60:Richmond Indiana
Richmond Indiana
Leaf 61:Near Richmond Indiana Dec 29 1859
Near Richmond Dec. 20 1859
Leaf 62:Cincinnati January 10 1860 [steamboat]
Covington Kentucky Jan 10th 1860
Leaf 63:Covington Kentucky Jan 10 1860
Newport Kentucky Jan. 1860
Leaf 64:Newport Kentucky Jan 1860
Cincinati Jan 1860 [steamboats Mears, Liberty, Nelle]
Leaf 65:Covington Kentucky Jan 1860
Covington Kentucky Jan 1860
Leaf 66:Near Wheeling Virginia Feb. 1860
Near Wheeling Va Feb. 1860
Leaf 67:Near Wheeling Virginia Feb 1860
Statue of Liberty in the Capitol grounds Washington
Leaf 68:The Presidents House Washington March 1860
Washington City Hall
Leaf 69:The Potomac Washington
The Potomac Washington
Leaf 70:Washington Post Office
Washington March 1860
Leaf 71:"Civilization" by Greenough at the Capitol Washington
"Columbus" by Per.... at the Capitol Washington
Leaf 72:Washington Patent Office
Railway Depot Washington
Leaf 73:Washington Treasury Department
Washington [putting the dome on the capitol building]
Leaf 74:Washington [putting the dome on the capitol]
State House Richmond Virginia
Leaf 75:Richmond Virginia
Richmond Virginia
Leaf 76:James River & Canal Richmond Virginia
Near Richmond Virginia
Leaf 77:James River Nr Richmond
James River Richmond Virginia
Leaf 78:Richmond Virginia
Near Richmond Virginia
Leaf 79:Richmond Virginia March 1860
St. John's Church Richmond Virginia
Leaf 80:Near Richmond Virginia
Near Richmond Virginia
Leaf 81:James River Richmond Virginia
Monument to Washington Richmond Virginia
Leaf 82:James River Richmond Virginia
West Point York River
Leaf 83:York River Virginia
York River Virginia
Leaf 84:Near [Bigler's Miles?] Virginia
Near [Bigler's Miles?] Virginia March 1860
Leaf 85:Virginian forest scene March 1860
Virginia Forest scene
Leaf 86:Near [Bigler's Miles?] Virginia
Court House Williamsburg Virginia March 1860
Leaf 87:Williamsburg Virginia March 1860
Insane asylum Williamsburg Virginia
Leaf 88:Episcopal Church Williamsburg Virginia
Episcopal Church Williamsburg Virginia
Leaf 89:William & Mary College Williamsburg Virginia
William & Mary College Williamsburg Virginia
Leaf 90:The Old Palace Williamsburg, Virginia
Near Williamsburg Virginia
Leaf 91:Near [Bigler's Miles?] Virginia April 1860
Near [Bigler's Miles?] Virginia
Leaf 92:Near Williamsburg Virginia
Near Williamsburg Virginia
Leaf 93:[Bigler's Miles?] Virginia
[Bigler's Miles?] Virginia
Leaf 94:Church [Bigler's Miles] Virginia
Rippon Hall Virginia
Leaf 95:Rippon hall nr Williamsburg Virginia
Rippon Hall Virginia
Leaf 96:Bigler's Mills York River Virginia
Irish Hut York River Virginia
Leaf 97:Near Williamsburg Virginia
York River Virginia
Leaf 98:Near York River Virginia [plowing with horses]
York River Virginia [plowing with horses]
Leaf 99:Swamp York River Virginia
Swamp Biglers Mills York River Virginia
Leaf 100:Nr Biglers Mills York River
Swamp York River
Leaf 101:York River Virginia [plowing with horses]
Near Williamsburg Virginia [plowing with oxen]
Leaf 102:
Leaf 103:York River Virginia
Porto Bello Virginia formerly the residence of Lord Dunmore
Leaf 104:Near Bigler Mills Virginia April 1860
Near Biglers Mills Virginia
Leaf 105:Near Biglers Mills Virginia
Near Biglers Mills Virginia
Leaf 106:Porto Bello Virginia
Porto Bello Virginia
Leaf 107:Porto Bello Virginia
Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 108:Porto Bello nr. Williamsburg, Virginia
Harpers Ferry, Virginia
Leaf 109:Harpers Ferry Virginia
Harpers Ferry Virginia
Leaf 110:Harpers Ferry Virginia
Harpers' Ferry Virginia
Leaf 111:Harper's Ferry Virginia [canal boat]
Harper's Ferry Virginia [canal boat]
Leaf 112:Harper's Ferry Virginia
Near Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 113:Nr. Wheeling Virginia [rail fence]
Nr. Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 114:Near Wheeling
Ohio River Wheeling
Leaf 115:Near Wheeling Va
Wheeling Virginia [suspension bridge]
Leaf 116:Wheeling May 1860 [suspension bridge]
Near Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 117:Near Wheeling Virginia
Near Wheeling Virginia May 1860
Leaf 118:Ohio River nr Wheeling Virginia [railroad tracks]
Ohio River Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 119:Ohio River nr. Wheeling Va. [rail fence]
Near Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 120:Near Benwood Virginia
Ohio River [steamboat]
Leaf 121:Ohio River nr Wheeling Virginia [steamboat]
St. Clairsville Road Ohio
Leaf 122:St Clairsville Road Ohio
St Clairsville Road
Leaf 123:St. Clairsville Road Ohio [telephone or telegraph wires]
[Frame house with a side second-floor porch]
Leaf 124:Wheeling Creek Virginia [in two parts]
Wheeling Creek Virginia [in two parts, railroad tracks] June 1860
Leaf 125:Indian Cave near Wheeling Virginia
Near Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 126:Wheeling Creek Virginia
Nr Wheeling Virginia
Leaf 127:Wellsville Ohio June 1860 [steamboat]
Wellsville Ohio [railroad tracks]
Leaf 128:Near Bridgeport Ohio
"Gentlemen are requested not to STEAL THE PAPERS" [sign on wall with one man reading the Democrat and two men smoking]
Leaf 129:Wellsville Ohio June 1860
Wellsville Ohio
Leaf 130:Ohio River [steamboat]
Cleveland Ohio
Leaf 131:Buffalo [canal boat and horse]
Buffalo ["Frontier Mills"] [canal boat and horse]
Leaf 132:Buffalo
Falls of Niagara From Chippewa 3 miles
Leaf 133:Niagara River Canada shore [boat] [in two parts]
Falls of Niagara. The Horse Shoe Fall
Leaf 134:Falls of Niagara Horse Shoe Fall [in two parts]
Falls of Niagara. The Rapids above the Falls [in two parts]
Leaf 135:Near the Falls of Niagara
The Falls of Niagara. The American Fall
Leaf 136:The Falls of Niagara
The Falls of Niagara June 1860
Leaf 137:Falls of Niagara
At the Falls of Niagara [with sign reading: This is the spot where Miss Martha K. Rugg lost her life by falling over THE PRECIPICE 167 ft. while plucking a flower August 24th 1844]
Leaf 138:The Falls of Niagara
Near the Falls of Niagara
Leaf 139:Suspension Bridge [Vileage?] Niagara June 1860
Suspension Bridge Niagara
Leaf 140:Falls of Niagara The Rapids [in two parts]
The Rapids, Falls of Niagara [in two parts]
Leaf 141:Falls of Niagara Canada side
The Falls of Niagara above the Rapids
Leaf 142:Near the Falls of Niagara
Niagara River
Leaf 143:Niagara [walkway along the Rapids]
Falls of Niagara The Rapids
Leaf 144:Falls of Niagara
Niagara [sign on building "The Old Curiosity Shop"]
Leaf 145:Goat Island Falls of Niagara
Niagara [building: Flour & Feed Store]
Leaf 146:The Rapids Falls of Niagara [in two parts; building with sign: Cataract House]
Goat Island Niagara [in two parts]
Leaf 147:Falls of Niagara. The Rapids [building with sign: Rock Ornaments]
Battery New York [sailing ship]
Leaf 148:Castle Garden Depot New York
Greenwood Cemetery Brooklyn Long Island
Leaf 149:On board the "Vigo" [passenger scene]
On board the "Vigo" [passenger scene]
Leaf 150:Off Queenstown Ireland [two sailing yachts] [in two parts]
Off Queenstown Ireland [fishing boat and yacht; in two parts]

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