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A Guide to the Deborah Meier Papers at the Lilly Library

Finding aid prepared by Valerie Higgins.

Financial support for the Meier Papers Project was provided by the Peck Stacpoole Foundation of New York and the Office of the Provost, Indiana University, Bloomington.

Summary Information

Creator: Meier, Deborah

Title: Meier mss., 1927-2010

Collection No.: LMC 2653

Extent: ca. 7,650 items

Language: Materials are in English

Abstract: The Meier mss., 1927-2010, consists of the correspondence and papers of education reformer Deborah W. Meier (1931-), who is frequently credited with founding the modern small schools movement in the United States.

Access Restrictions

Some files are closed to researchers.

Biographical Note

Deborah Meier was born on April 6, 1931 in New York City and received a master's degree in history from the University of Chicago in 1955. She began her career in education in 1963 as a kindergarten teacher in Chicago. In 1966, she returned to New York City, where she taught at PS 144 and was involved in open-corridor class experiments. In 1974, Meier started Central Park East, which was later expanded into three schools: Central Park East I, Central Park East II, and River East. In 1985, Meier and the Central Park East staff again expanded the school, this time adding Central Park East Secondary School for students in 7th through 12th grade. Her work at Central Park East brought her recognition in the form of a MacArthur fellowship, which she received in 1987. From 1992 to 1996, Meier also served as co-director of the Coalition Campus Schools Project, an initiative to restructure large, failing high schools into multiple smaller schools. In 1997, Meier left New York City to found Mission Hill, a pilot elementary school in Boston, where she served as principal until 2005. Meier has written numerous articles and several books on education, including The Power of Their Ideas: Lessons for America from a Small School in Harlem . She has received much recognition for her work, including honorary degrees from Harvard, Yale, Brown, and other universities.


The collection is organized into the following series: I. Biographical; II. Education; III. Correspondence; IV. Writings and speeches; V. Writings by others; VI. Professional activities; VII. Honors and awards; VIII. Politics; IX. Recordings and multimedia; X. Additions.

Scope and Content Note

The Meier mss., 1927-2009, consists of the papers of Deborah Willen Meier (1931-), an education reformer and the founder of the modern small schools movement in the United States. Materials in the collection include schoolwork and childhood writings by Meier; personal, political, and professional correspondence; drafts and final copies of many of Meier's writings; writings by others on Meier and her projects; notes for speeches; documents on the organization of the Central Park East schools, Mission Hill school, the Coalition Campus Schools Project, and other educational initiatives; school newsletters and mailings to parents; student work and recorded performances; student assessments; conference materials; honors and awards; and video and audio recordings of Meier interviews and speeches.

Related Material

Many of Deborah Meier's writings can also be found on her web page:

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information: Acquired: 2009, 2010

Usage Restrictions: Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library; however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with the permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library

Preferred Citation: [Item], Meier mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Series: Box 1 Biographical, 1929-1995, undated

Subseries: Box 1 Professional, 1972-1994, undated

Biographical sketches and lists of writings, 1980-1994, undated

Resumes and employment records, 1972-1983, undated

Subseries: Box 1 Personal, 1929-1995, undated

Address book, 1944

Drawings, undated

Journal fragments, undated

Camp newsletter, 1947

Memorabilia from trips to Europe, 1945-1949

Clippings on Meier, family, and friends, 1941-1964, undated

See also: Oversize 3, folder 5

Willen family papers and writings, 1929-1963, undated

Goldie Larner schoolwork, undated

Fred Meier contract, business cards, 1955, undated

Becky Meier (daughter) baby schedule, art, 1956-1959

Story by Sarah Meier-Zimbler (granddaughter), 1995

Financial papers, 1987-2004, undated

60th birthday party, 1991

Party planning and family tree, 1991

RSVPs, 1991

Memory book, 1991

Birthday cards, 1991

70th birthday party invitation, 2001

Series: Box 1 Education, 1931-1999, undated

Subseries: Box 1 Ethical Culture Fieldston School and childhood, 1931-1999, undated

Schoolwork and writings, 1936-1949, undated










(2 folders)

Unidentified work and work by others, 1943, undated

School activities and newsletters, 1943-1944, undated

Lists and sign-up sheets, 1943-1949, undated

Assessments and report cards, 1931-1943

Reunion programs, 1959-1999




Subseries: Box 1 Antioch College, 1949-1951, undated

Application essays and acceptance letters, 1949

Academic and social activities, 1950-1951

Co-op program, 1949-1951

Report on Harrisburg Evening News, 1949

Journals from Indianapolis Day Nursery, 1950

United States Senate Chamber passes, 1951

Achievement exam grades, 1950

Miscellaneous writings, 1949-1950, undated

Subseries: Box 1 University of Chicago, 1950-1955, undated

Application essay, ca. 1951

Coursework, 1950-1955, undated




Diploma, 1955

Subseries: Box 1 Post-graduate, 1963-1999

Transcripts, 1967-1999

Outward Bound course, 1992

Series: Box 1 Correspondence, 1927-2009, undated

Subseries: Box 1 Personal, 1927-2006, undated

Letters to Meier, 1942-2006, undated

Arranged chronologically

This is a partial list of correspondents with approximate dates of letters from each correspondent:

  • Abel, Sonia and Paul Abel, 1995
  • Abramovic, Emil, 1947-1948
  • Abrams, Irwin, 1951
  • Abrams, Ruth (Mrs. Albert B. Abrams), 1956
  • Adams, Evelyne (Evey), 1949
  • Aher, Gertrude and Jim, 1952
  • Antioch College, 1949-1951
  • Apelman, Maja, 1991, 1995-1996, general 1990-2009
  • Asker, Betsy, 1947
  • Babis, Sally, 1949
  • Baker, Carol, 1951
  • Bayes, Ellie, 1946
  • Bentley, A. Jane, 1950
  • Berlin, Susan, 1991
  • Bernstein, Bonnie, 1946-1947
  • Berry, Jim, 1952
  • Block, Arthur S., 1968
  • B'Nai B'Rith, 1949
  • Bolitzer, Bernie, 1961
  • Brandon, Sue, 1946-1947
  • Brickner, Phil, 1947-1949
  • Brown, D. S., 1950
  • Brown, Joyce, 1992-1995, 1998, 2003
  • Calder, Nigel D. R., 1949-1950
  • Callenbach, Chick, 1954
  • Carmichael, Lucianne, 1991 1995, 2002
  • Cohen, Marshall, 1946
  • Cohen, Rita (Rita Bird), 1949-1951
  • Cohn, Goldye (Mrs. Herman Cohn), 1951
  • Corey, Lewis, 1951
  • Cruzen, Marianne (Skipper), 1950-1951
  • Dames, Lucy and Joe, 1950-1951
  • Davidon, Bill, 1964
  • Democratic Socialists of America, general 1990-2009
  • Dombrow, Ruth, Max, and Susan, 1964
  • Dreitzer, Judy, 1944
  • Dufault, Ruth, 1996
  • East River Savings Bank, 1951
  • Elgin, Mrs., 1950
  • Fabian Society, 1949
  • Fagen, David, 1951
  • Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, 1950-1951
  • Fetter, Neil, 1949
  • Fieldston School, 1949
  • Fieldston Social Committee, 1944
  • Fierman[?], Karl (Cubby), 1944
  • Fischer, G., 1944
  • Fischer, Louis, 1948
  • Fitzgerald, Mike, 1949
  • Flanders, Tamzen and Karl Kirchwey, 1992
  • Frohlich, Sue, 1950
  • Garrison, Lloyd, 1948-1950
  • Gates, Albert, 1950
  • Gethman, Margaret (Mag, Maggie), 1951-1954, 1956
  • Gibbon, Janet, 2003, 2005
  • Gold[???], Sean, 1948-1949
  • Goldsmith, Richard, 1951
  • Good, Elizabeth (Meier's daughter-in-law), 1993-1994, 2005
  • Greenberg, Rabbi Simon, 1949
  • Greenwald, Babs, 1946
  • Greenwald, Susan, 1944
  • H., Barbara, 1944
  • H., J. William (Bill), 1950-1951
  • Handorff, Joel, 1997
  • Harris, Don, 1952
  • Harrisburg Newspaper Guild, 1950
  • Herling, Alice D., 1994
  • Heymann, Frederick G., 1952
  • Higley, L. Wayne, 1951-1954, 1987-1988

    See also: Oversize 1

  • Hochheimer, Alice, 1942, 1944-1947
  • Hollander, Judy, 1954
  • Hunt, Carolyn, general 1990-2009
  • Jaffe, Natalie, 1951
  • Kabach, Anne, 1994
  • Kato, Hiroki, 1964
  • Katz, Robert D. (Bob), 1947
  • Kaufman, Faith Evelyn (Cookie), 1946
  • Kirsch, Judith D., 1993
  • Klesmer, Louise R., 1949-1951, 1956
  • Knox, Robert M. (Bob), 1950-1951
  • Kook, Patricia (Patsy, Pat, Stubbs, Stubby, Kookie, Patricia Gibbs, Mrs. Bud H. Gibbs), 1943-1951, 1953, 1956
  • Kris, Anna, 1944-1945, 1949-1954, 1956
  • Kronsky, Betty Jane, 1944
  • Kuehne, Carla T., 1943-1944
  • Lacovara, Madeline, 1994
  • Lane, Nancy (Nan), 1949-1950
  • Larner, Babe (Meier's aunt), 1951, 1956
  • Larner, Clara (Mrs. Martin L. Larner), 1950-1951
  • Larner, Donald (Don), 1995-1996
  • Larner, (Mrs.?) Irvin M., 1944
  • Larner, Judy, 1956
  • Larner, Margie, 1965
  • Larner, Martin L. (Marty), 1994, 1949-1950, 1952
  • Larner, Sarah (Mrs. Mayer Larner, grandma; Meier's grandmother), 1946, 1948-1952, 1954-1958
  • Larner, Sara, 1949, 1956
  • Larner, Victor (Meier's uncle), 1943, 1949-1950, 1953-1954
  • League for Industrial Democracy, 1952
  • Leed, Richard (Dick), 1949-1951
  • Lenrow, Elbert, 1948
  • Leuba, Richard J. (Dick), 1950
  • Levin, Adrienne, 2003
  • Lewis, Sally, 1946
  • Lieber, [???], 1994
  • Litt, Bobby, 1944, 1946-1947, 1949-1950
  • Litt, Pauline, 1949
  • Lowenstein, Florence I., 1949, 1965
  • Lowenstein, Dorothy (Dot, ., Dotty, Dottie, Mrs. Andre B. Van Hoogen), 1944-1952, 1954, 1964-1965
  • Macmahon, Gail, 1949
  • Maher, Jane (Janie, Jane Willen, Jane Mills; Meier's sister-in-law), 1950-19541956-1958, 1962, 1993, 1996
  • Martin, Marla (Marla Arkow), 1995
  • Martin, Ralph and Marge, 1949
  • Martus, Marjorie (Marge), 1992
  • McDonald, Lorraine
  • McDonald, Shirley, 1949
  • McGinnis, Cora, 1949-1950
  • McIntosh, Millicent, 1993
  • Meier, Daniel and Lilli Meier (Meier's grandchildren), general 1990-2009
  • Meier, Frederic C. (Fred, F.; Meier's husband), 1954,1956
  • Meier, Nicholas (Nick; Meier's son), 1997
  • Meier, Rebecca (Becky; Meier's daughter), 1995, 2002
  • Meier, Roger (Meier's son), 1988
  • Meier, Vivian (Meier's mother-in-law), 1952-1953, 1956
  • Meier-Zimbler, Ezra Milton (Meier's grandson), 1995-1996
  • Meier-Zimbler, Sarah Pearl (Meier's granddaughter), 1994, 1996, 2006
  • Messner, Berti (Bert, Bertie), 1949-1952, 1954
  • Mills, Andrew S. (A., A. S., Andy), 1953-1957, 1962
  • Mintz, Marjorie G.(Marge, Margie), ca. 1943-1944, 1947-1948
  • Morrison, Dr. Donald A. R., 1957
  • Mott, Anne (Annie), 1944-1949, 1951-1952, 1954
  • Mt. Neboh Congregation, 1943
  • N., Fred, 1950
  • Nachman, Louise, 1947
  • New School for Social Research, 1949
  • Oppenheimer, Adeline (Addy), 1944
  • Partridge, D., 1944
  • Pasternak, Blanche, 1944
  • Pester, Rhea, 1949-1951
  • Pioneer Youth of America, 1942
  • Poindexter, Anne(Annie), 1950
  • R., Bobby, 1946
  • R., Jeannine, 1943-1944
  • Radetsky, Charles, 1954
  • Rahn, Mary Lee
  • Riordan, Anita (Ynety), 1942, 1946
  • Rogers, Doris, 1946-1947, 1949-1950
  • Rosenblum, Bea, 1946, 1948
  • Rosenstock, Larry, 1996
  • Rosenzwhig[?], Joyce, 1944
  • Rotondi, B., 1964
  • Russel, Myra T., 1995, 1997-1998, 2000, 2003
  • Russell, Ed and Sarah Russell, 1951
  • Russell, Esther A., 1954
  • S., E. J. (Bettie), 1950
  • Sager, Norma Carol, 1944
  • Salwitz, Janet (Jan), 1947
  • Samuel, Ralph E., 1951
  • Saxton, John H., 1950
  • Schantz, Penny, 1993, general 1990-2009
  • Schaupp, M., 1954
  • Schiller, Robert H. (Bob), 1951
  • Schroeder, Marilyn, 1949
  • Schulte family, 1954
  • Schwartz, Anne, 1947
  • Sears, Jayne, 1950
  • Shortall, Nora, 1949
  • Silberman, Arlene, 1994-1996
  • Siegel, Gloria, 1944
  • Sievers, Mrs. Maurice J., 1949
  • Simon, R. (Bob), 1950
  • Sinclair, Barbara, 1954
  • Slawson, John, 1949
  • St. Clair, Barbara Abels, 1995
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1950
  • Stein, Leslie, general 1990-2009
  • Steinfels, Peggy and Peter, 1995
  • Sultan, Edith Joan, 1944
  • Sunshine, Tillie, 1947
  • Taberski, Paul (Pablo), 1950
  • Takacs, Dorothea (Takie, Tak), 1949-1952
  • Thompson, Ben (Benjie), 1994
  • Toepfer, 1949
  • Truesdell, W. E., 1954
  • United States Playing Card Company, 1943
  • Van Hoogen, Andre, 1962
  • Venezia, Nilly, 1993-1995
  • Weinstein, Leonard, M.D., 1957
  • Wells, Katherine (Mrs. Henry W. Wells), 1952
  • Wersba, Lois, 1943, 1946-1947
  • White, Cheryl Stitham (Cherie, Cher), 2003
  • Willen, Drenka (Drenka Palic; Meier's sister-in-law), 1956
  • Willen, Joseph (Joe, Dad, Pop; Meier's father), 1943-1944, 1946, 1948-1957
  • Willen, Paul L. (Meier's brother), 1943, 1945-1957, 1993, 1995
  • Willen, Pearl L. (Mom, Mama; Meier's mother), 1943-1946, 1948-1958, 1964-1965
  • Willen, Samuel, 1943
  • Wilson, Nancy, 1955-1956
  • Wohl, R. Richard, 1954
  • Wolff, Anna, 1964
  • Wolff, Viola, 1943
  • Wood, Hilary, 1944
  • The Wyverns, 1954
  • Zabin, Ann Dorothy, 1944


1943, Jan.-July

1943, Aug.-Dec., general 1943

Box 2 1944, Jan.-July

1944, Aug.

1944, Sept.-Dec., general 1944


1946, Jan.-July 15

1946, July 16-31

1946, Aug.

See also: Oversize 3, folder 7

1946, Sept.-Dec., general 1946

1947, Jan.-Sept.

1947, Oct.-Dec., general 1947

1948, Jan.-June

1948, July-Dec.

General 1948

See also: Oversize 3, folder 7

1949, Jan.-Apr.

1949, May-June

1949, July

1949, Aug.

1949, Sept.-Oct

1949, Nov.

1949, Dec. 1-11

1949, Dec. 12-31

General 1949

1950, Jan.

1950, Feb.

1950, Mar.

1950, Apr.

1950, May

1950, June

1950, July-Aug.

1950, Sept.

See also: Oversize 3, folder 7

Box 3 1950, Oct.

1950, Nov.

1950, Dec.

General 1950

1951, Jan.

1951, Feb.-Mar.

1951, Apr.

1951, May

1951, June-Aug.

1951, Sept.-Oct.

See also: Oversize 1

1951, Nov.

See also: Oversize 1

1951, Dec.

See also: Oversize 1

General 1951

1952, Jan.-Mar.

1952, Apr.-June

1952, July-Dec.

General 1952

1953, Jan.-Sept.

1953, Oct.-Dec.

General 1953

1954, Jan.-June

1954, July-Dec.

General 1954


1956, Jan.-July

1956, Aug.-Sept.

1956, Oct.-Dec.

General 1956





General 1960s




See also: Oversize 3, folder 7


Box 4 1990s and 2000s

Anna Kris, 1951-1952, undated

Letters from Meier, ca. 1931-1969

Arranged chronologically

Most of the letters are written to her parents, Joseph Willen and Pearl Willen

ca. 1931-1943

1943, ca. Jan.-June

1943, ca. July-Dec.



ca. 1931-1948

1949, Jan.-Oct.

See also: Oversize 3, folder 4

1949, Nov.-Dec.



ca. 1950-1951





ca. 1951-1955



ca. 1949-1959


ca. 1960s

ca. 1970s

Letters between others, 1927-1967, undated

Letters to Fred Meier, 1952-1963

Letters to Paul Willen, ca. 1943-1956

Letters from Paul Willen, 1939-1951, undated

Letters to Pearl and Joseph Willen, 1927-1965, undated

See also: Oversize 3, folder 3

Letters from Pearl and Joseph Willen, 1934-1963, undated

Letters, writings, and drawings from Donald Larner to Pearl Willen and Sara Larner, 1946-1967, undated

Letters between Pearl and Joseph Willen, 1945-1956, undated

Miscellaneous, 1932-1954, undated

Subseries: Box 4 Professional, 1982-2009, undated


Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent


List of correspondents:

  • Abu-Shamis, Alia, 1993
  • Academic High School, Jersey City Public Schools, 1994
  • Acosta, Louisa,
  • Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy, 1983-1987
  • Adams, Elizabeth, 1988
  • Aeer, Charlotte C., 2004 (Includes enclosure)
  • Ahuvi, Marjorie, 1994
  • Albany High School, 1997
  • Albuquerque Teachers Federation, 2004
  • Allen, David, 1997
  • Alternative Community School, 1988
  • Alternative High School Programs, 1988
  • Alvarez, Shadia, former CPESS student at Antioch College, 1993 (Includes enclosure)
  • American Association for Higher Education, 1995
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1994
  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1995
  • American Educational Research Association, 2008
  • American Federation of Teachers, 1999-2000
  • Annenberg Institute for School Reform, 1998
  • Annenberg, Lee, 1995
  • Annenberg, Walter, 1995
  • Armington, David, 1994-2000
  • ArtsConnection, 1994
  • Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, undated
  • Association for Union Democracy, 1985
  • Association of California School Administrators, 1995
  • Association of Teacher Educators, 1997
  • Association of the Bar of the City of New York, 1994
  • Avery School, 2006
  • Ayers, William, of the University of Illinois at Chicago, 1993-1994


List of correspondents:

  • Bank Street College, 1994-1996
  • Bard College, 1995
  • Barrington Alternative School, 1989
  • Bates College, 1994-2003
  • Bay, Fred, 2004
  • BBC Education, 1988
  • Becker, Jerry, 2008
  • Bell, Peter D., of the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, 1987
  • Benson, Dawn, 1998-1999, undated
  • Bentley, James, former CPESS student at Brooklyn Law School, 1998
  • Bigelow, Don, of the United States Department of Education, 1997
  • Binswanger, Robert, of Dartmouth College, 1996
  • Blumenthal, Amy, of Northeastern Illinois University's Chicago Teachers' Center, 1987
  • Board of Cooperative Educational Services, 1987
  • Bolitzer, Susan, 1991-1992
  • Bougas, Jim, 2000
  • Bracey, Gerald W., 1993-1995
  • Bradley, Maggie, undated
  • Brady, Connie, 1994-1998 (Includes enclosures.) (See also: Professional Activities; Central Park East; CPE I, II, and River East; Meeting notes, memos, and correspondence with staff ; Oversize 3, folder 8)
  • Brady, Marion, 1995 (Includes enclosures)
  • Braunstein, Sumner, 1995
  • Breving, Bob, 1995
  • Brick, Lisa, 1996
  • Brisben, Quinn, 1995
  • Britannica Educational Corporation, 1989
  • Brocato, Kay of Mississippi State University, 2005
  • Brown, Dan, 2007
  • Brion-Meisels, Steven, 1997
  • Burke, Ellyn, 1995
  • Burton, Jeanne, 1995
  • Bush Principals' Leadership Program, 1988
  • Butts, John K. of the Leadership Forum, 1995
  • Byers, Happie, 1995, undated


List of correspondents:

  • California Center for School Restructuring, 1996
  • California Federation of Teachers, 1988
  • Cambridge School, 1988
  • Capitol Region Education Council, 1996
  • CARE, 2000-2001
  • Carmel Central School District, 1988 (Includes enclosures)
  • Cartwright, Sally, 1999
  • Castro, Lillian, undated
  • Center for Educational Innovation, 1994-1995
  • Center for Leadership in School Reform, 1994
  • Center for National Policy, 1995
  • Center for the Advancement of Group Studies, 1993
  • Center for the Development of Teaching, 2000
  • Center on Organization and Restructuring of Schools, 1993-1995
  • Central Park East Secondary School, undated
  • Chancellor Search Committee, 1988-1993 (Includes letters from Meier)
  • Chappaqua Central School District, 1987
  • Charles Hayden Foundation, 1987
  • Char[?]ey, Ruth, 1997
  • Chico, Gery, 2000 (Includes letter from Meier)
  • Children's Aid Society, 1994
  • Children's Defense Fund, 1987-1995
  • City-as-School, 1988-1995
  • City Club of New York, 1995
  • City University of New York, 1989-1994
  • Clark, Jack, 1996
  • Clark University, 1987-1996
  • Clements, Phyllis Harris, 1995
  • Clinton, Bill, Governor of Arkansas and President of the United States, 1987-1993
  • Coalition of Essential Schools, 1994-1995
  • Cobblestone Publishing, 1994 (Includes letter from Meier)
  • College of the Atlantic, 1993
  • Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1996
  • Columbia University Graduate School of Business, 1995
  • Columbia University Teachers College, 1987-1995
  • Community Music Works Forum, 2004
  • Community School, 1994
  • Connie Clausen Associates, 1994
  • Coro: A Foundation for Leadership, 1995
  • Cotton, Hank, 1996
  • Council of Urban Boards of Education, 2002
  • Courtines, Etienne, former student, 1994-1996, undated (Separate folder)
  • Cruz-Acosta, Louisa, 1995
  • Cunningham, George, 2000
  • Cuomo, Mario, Governor of New York, 1988 (Letter from Meier, includes response from Thomas A. Coughlin III of the New York Department of Correctional Services)


List of correspondents:

  • D'Amore, L. Simone, of Antioch University, 1996
  • Darling-Hammond, Linda, 1994 (Letter from Meier)
  • David, Jane L. of the Bay Area Research Group, 1996
  • Davidson, Florence H., 1994 (Includes enclosure)
  • Davidson, Joan, 1993
  • Davidson, Miriam, 1991-1995 (Includes letters from Meier, enclosures)
  • Dawson, Priscilla, 2008
  • Delavan, Garrett, undated
  • Delforge, Beth, 1998
  • Democratic Socialists of America, 1994
  • Diamond, Irene of the Aaron Diamond Foundation, 1996
  • Dispenza, Mary C., 1996 (Includes enclosures)
  • Dissent, 1988-2002
  • Dowling, Maureen, 1996-1997 (Includes enclosures)
  • Downey, Thomas J., Representative of New York, Congress of the United States, 1983-1988
  • Dream Keepers, 1996
  • Duckworth, Eleanor, 1992-1997


List of correspondents:

  • Economic Policy Institute, 2008
  • Education Week, 1994
  • Education Writers Association, 1994
  • Educational Equity Concepts, 1994
  • Educational Leadership, 1993-2003
  • Educational Policy, 1991
  • Einstein High School, 1988
  • Elwood Union Free School District, 1987
  • Engaged Learner Conference, 2008
  • Engel, Angela, 2008 (Includes letters from Meier)
  • Engel, Brenda, 1996
  • Engel, Jeremy, CPESS teacher, undated
  • ERIC, 1993
  • Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound, 1994


List of correspondents:

  • Featherstone, Joseph, undated (Letter from Meier)
  • Feiman-Nemser, Sharon of Michigan State University, 1987
  • Feldman, Sandra, President of the American Federation of Teachers, 1997-2004
  • Fine, Michelle of the University of Pennsylvania, 1988
  • Fitzgerald, Stephanie, 1996
  • Ford, Terry N., 1995
  • French-American Foundation, 1994-1995
  • Fried, Robert, 1993-1995
  • Fund for New York City Public Education, undated
  • Furze, Suzanne of the Colorado Rocky Mountain School, 1988


List of correspondents:

  • Gans, Herbert J. of Columbia University, 1993
  • Gardner, Howard of Harvard University, 1995-2000
  • Gates Foundation, 2001
  • Gaving, Ayla, 2003
  • Gephardt, Richard A., House of Representatives, Congress of the United States, 1997
  • Gibboney, Richard A., of the University of Pennsylvania, 1996-2006 (Includes enclosures)
  • Ginley, Mary of the City University of New York, 1998-1999
  • Giorgi, Michael J., 1995
  • Girls Incorporated, 1994-1995
  • Gittell, Marilyn, 1994
  • Getzendanner, Joel D., 1994 (Includes letter from Meier)
  • Glickman, Carl, 2002
  • Gold, Judith, undated
  • Goldschmidt, Neil, Governor of Oregon, 1988
  • Goldsmith-Conley, Elizabeth, 1994-2002
  • Goodlad, John, 2003
  • Gould, Ruth and Nathan Gould, 1995
  • Grabelle, Sam of the Big Picture Company, 2004 (Includes foreword by Meier)
  • Graczyk, Maryann L., President of the Mississippi American Federation of Teachers, 1988
  • Graff, Gerald, 2002 (Includes enclosure)
  • Graham, Peter, parent of CPE students, 1992
  • Grant, Gerald, 1995
  • Graubard, Allen, 1987-2000 (Includes enclosures)
  • Great Neck Public Schools, 1995
  • Greeley, Kathy, undated
  • Greene, Maxine of Columbia University Teachers College, 1989-1998, undated
  • Greenleaf, Phyllis, 2006
  • Greenspan, Richard, 1988
  • Gregorich, Patricia, 1996-1997, undated (Includes enclosure)
  • Gribskov, Margaret, 1999
  • Grinnell College, 2008 (Includes letters from Meier, enclosures)
  • Guttman Foundation, 1995

Box 5 H

List of correspondents:

  • Hager, Sharp and Abramson, 1987
  • Hagstrom, David, 2003
  • Hale, Sara J., student, 1996
  • Handlan, Raymond L., 1992
  • Hargreaves, Andy of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, 1996
  • Harman, Susan, 1994-1998, undated
  • Hartman, Bruce, 2004
  • Harvard Education Letter, 2005
  • Harvard University, 1993-2000, undated (Includes enclosures) (Separate folder) (See also: Oversize 3, folder 8)
  • Harwayne, Shelley, 2003
  • Headmasters Association, 1994
  • Heartland Area Education Agency, 1989
  • Hebrew Union College, 1993-1995
  • Hein, George E., 1991-1992
  • Heinemann, 2000-2006
  • Henderson, Haven, 1985
  • Hernández, Máximo, 1993 (Includes enclosure)
  • Hertel, Rosemary J., 2006
  • Hilton Head Primary School, undated
  • Hoffman, Berenice, 1992 (Includes letter from Meier)
  • Hoffman, Marvin, 2008, undated (Includes draft by Meier)
  • The Holmes Group, 1995
  • Holmes Junior High School, 1996
  • Holt Associates, 1994-1995
  • Holtz, Arlene, 1996
  • Holy Ghost Preparatory School, 1996
  • Holzer, Matt, 1997
  • Holzman, Michael of Libraries for the Future, 2000
  • Hong, Loraine, 1995
  • Hrycyna, Andrew, of Beacon Press, 2000-2005 (See also: Books; Mission Hill News photocopies from Andy Hrycyna )
  • Hughes, Philip W., 2004-2005 (Includes enclosure)
  • Hull, Bill, undated (Includes enclosure)
  • Hull, Sara, 2001 (Includes enclosure)
  • Hunt, Neen, 1994 (Includes enclosures, letter from Meier)
  • Hutchinson, Kevin, 1996 (Includes letter from Meier)


List of correspondents:

  • Illinois State Board of Education, 1995
  • Independence School, New York, 1994 (Includes enclosure)
  • Institute for Democracy and Peace, 1994 (Includes letter from Meier)
  • Institute for Development of Educational Activities, 1995
  • Institute for Responsive Education, 1994-1995
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  • Institute for Student Achievement, 2004
  • Instructor, 1987-1988
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  • Isom, John E., undated (Includes enclosure)


List of correspondents:

  • Jewish Life Network, 1995 (Includes letter from Meier)
  • Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, 1995 (Includes letter from Meier)
  • Jones, Margot, 1994, undated
  • Jordan, Charlene, 1997
  • Josephson, William, 1985-1986 (Includes enclosure, letter from Meier)
  • Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1994


List of correspondents:

  • Kandler, Henry D., 1994
  • Kaplan, Susan Adler, 1988
  • Kassebaum, Nancy, Senator from Kansas, Congress of the United States, 1994, undated (Includes letter from Meier)
  • Katz, Michael B., 1984 (Includes letters from Meier)
  • Kaufman, Katie of Berryssa Union School District, 1995 (Includes enclosure, letter from Meier)
  • Kay, Beth, 2004
  • Kearns, David T. of the Xerox Corporation, 1997
  • Kern, Jane, 1998 (Includes enclosure)
  • Klinger, Nancy, 1996 (Includes enclosure)
  • Kohn, Alfie, 1993-2002 (Includes enclosure)
  • Kozol, Jonathan of the Phi Delta Kappan, 1992-2007 (Includes enclosures)
  • Krinsky, Robert D. of the National Dance Institute, 1995
  • Krovetz, Martin L. of San Jose State University, 1999
  • Krupnick, Catherine of Harvard University, 1994
  • Kunin, Madeleine M., Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, 1994 (Includes enclosure)


List of correspondents:

  • Lappe, Frances Moore, undated (Includes enclosures)
  • Larson, Mark of Evanston Township High School, 1995-1997
  • Lawrence High School Philips Academy, 1988
  • Lawrence, Rayn of Chappaqua Public Schools, 1987
  • Lehman College, 1995
  • Levine, Alan H. of the Advocates for Children, 1988
  • Levine, Arthur of Columbia University, 1997-1999 (Includes enclosure)
  • Levine, Eliot, 2000
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  • Levy, Harold O., chairman of the Commission on School Facilities and Maintenance Reform, 1996
  • Lieber, Mimi Levin of LAR Management Consultants, 1993 (Includes enclosure)
  • Littky, Dennis, 1996
  • Lloyd, Kent and Diane Ramsey of the Knowledge Network, 1996
  • Lloyd, Susan McIntosh, 1999-2003
  • Lynch, Roberta, 1993-1995, undated (Includes letter from Meier)
  • Lyne, Heidi of Mission Hill, 2003


List of correspondents:

  • Maine Collaborative, 1996 (Includes enclosures)
  • Maine School Administrative District, 1987
  • Mandelstamm, Ann, 1998 (Includes enclosures)
  • Manhattan High Schools Office of the Superintendent, 1988
  • The Manhattan Institute, 1994
  • Manhattanville College, 2007-2008
  • Marmur, Mildred, 1988-2000 (Includes enclosures, letter from Meier)
  • Maryland Association of Secondary School Principals, 1987
  • Massachusetts Department of Education, 1994
  • Massey, Sid, 2003
  • Mather High School in Chicago, Illinois, 1994
  • Mayher, Bill, 1996
  • Mayo-Smith, Richmond, 1999
  • McBride, Gail Covington of New Century High School and Sedona Red Rock High School, 2000 (Includes enclosure)
  • McCleary, Richard, 2008
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  • McGee, Betsey, 2002-2004
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  • McReynolds, David, 1996
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  • Meier, Deborah, 1992-1996, undated (Letters to Susan, Joe, and Shelley) (Separate folder)
  • The Merrow Report, 1994-2002 (Includes enclosure) (Separate folder)
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  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1989
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  • Midwest Principals' Center, 2005
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  • Mills College in Oakland, California, 2003
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  • Monroe, Lorraine, principal of the Frederick Douglass Academy, 1994 (Letter from Meier)
  • Mooser, Etta Kralovec, 1988
  • Mount Holyoke College, 1987
  • Muncey, Leonna, 1996


List of correspondents:

  • Nathan, Linda, 1989-2001
  • The Nation, 1991-2009 (Includes letters from Meier)
  • The National Academy of Education, 1993-1994
  • National Association of Social Workers, 1994
  • National Association of State Boards of Education, 1988
  • National Center for Restructuring Education, 1994-1995 (Includes letter from Meier)
  • National Council of Teachers of English, 1989
  • National Education Association, 1995
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  • National-Louis University, 2004
  • Nehring, James, 1994 (Letter from Meier)
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  • New Jersey Department of Education, 1988
  • New Jersey Office of the Governor, 1987
  • New School for Social Research, 1994 (Includes letter from Meier)
  • New Schools Project, 2006-2007
  • New Teacher Center at the University of California, 2001
  • New York Academy of Public Education, 1995
  • New York City Arts in Education Roundtable, 2008
  • New York City Board of Education, 1987-1995 (Includes enclosure)
  • New York State Education Department, 1987-1994
  • New York Stock Exchange, 1993 (Includes enclosure)
  • New York Times, 2002 (Letter from Meier)
  • New York University, 2005 (Includes enclosure)
  • Newell, Ron, 2007-2008, undated
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  • North Country Schools, 2001
  • North Dakota Study Group Planning Committee, 2008
  • Northeastern Illinois University Chicago Teachers' Center, 1994-1995 (Includes enclosures)
  • NYC M/S/T Assessment Pilot, 1994-1995 (Includes enclosure)


List of correspondents:

  • Oakland University, 1996


List of correspondents:

  • Page, Marilyn of Johnson State College, 1997
  • Palmer, Julia R., 1994-1996 (Includes enclosures)
  • Parents, 1995
  • Park, Clara, undated
  • Parkway South High School, 1995
  • Parrott, Maryann, 1999
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  • Philips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, ca. 1994
  • Pi Lambda Theta, 2003-2004 (Includes chapter from In Schools We Trust ) (Separate folder)
  • Pick, Grant, undated
  • Poetter, Tom S., undated
  • Pomson and Deitcher, undated
  • Primary Source, 2003
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  • Professionalization of Teaching, ca. 1988
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  • Prospect Archive and Center for Education and Research, 1988
  • Publication Services, 1994
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List of correspondents:

  • Queens College, 1988-1994


List of correspondents:

  • Rainbow Research, 1993, undated (Includes enclosures)
  • Ramirez, Antonio, 1987
  • Ramos, Joan, 1996 (Includes enclosure)
  • Ranganathan, Arvind of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1998-1999 (Includes letter from Meier)
  • Rava, Carol, undated
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  • Raywid, Mary Anne, 1987 (Includes letter from Meier)
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  • Rubenstein, Ernest, 1994
  • Ruenzel, David, 1994
  • Rural Challenge Policy Program, 1998
  • Rutgers University, 1991
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List of correspondents:

  • Sacramento City Unified School District, 2004
  • Sadowski, Michael, 2008 (Includes foreword for Sadowski's book by Meier)
  • Sage Publications, 2005
  • Saletan, Rebecca, 1991
  • San Jose Mercury News, 2004
  • San Jose State University, 1995
  • San Jose Unified School District, 1994 (Includes enclosure)
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List of correspondents:

  • Taylor, Barbara, 1996 (Includes letter from Meier)
  • Taylor, Deborah F., 1997
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  • Teachers College Record, 2008 (Includes materials on Antioch College)
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List of correspondents:

  • Ulster County Boces in New Paltz, New York, 1995
  • United Federation of Teachers, 1988-2005
  • University at Albany, 1998 (Includes enclosures) (See also: Oversize 3, folder 8)
  • University Heights High School, 1988
  • University of Delaware, 1995 (Includes letter from Meier)
  • University of Rhode Island, 1994
  • Upper Valley Teacher Institute, 2002-2008
  • Urbanski, Adam, President of the Rochester Teachers Association, 1993-1994, undated (Includes enclosure, letter from Meier)


List of correspondents:

  • Vander Ark, Tom, 2001-2002 (Letters from Meier)
  • Verner, Kathleen, 1999 (Includes enclosure)
  • Village Voice, 1996
  • Vogel, Amos, 1996


List of correspondents:

  • Waddell, Gary, 1997
  • Walace, Vivian, undated
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X, Y, Z

List of correspondents:

  • Yale University, 1988
  • Zjawin, Dorothy, 1996

Letters of Reference, 1991-1993

List of people receiving reference letters:

  • Baum, Jennifer, for Clark University, 1992
  • Branch, Edwina, 1992
  • Chen, Jie, 1992
  • Cook-Mack, Jessica, for Yale College, 1991
  • Donohue, Martin, 1991
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  • Stanley, Damian, for Honors College, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1993

Letters with no clear name, 1994-2002, undated

Fan mail, 1989-2000, undated

Series: Box 5 Writings and speeches, 1955-2009, undated

Subseries: Box 5 Copyright contracts, 1999

Subseries: Box 5 Books, 1991-2006, undated

The Power of Their Ideas, 1991-1999, undated

Solicitations from publishers, 1991-1993

Correspondence, 1993-1999

Outlines, 1993, undated

Complete draft of book, undated

(2 folders)

Miscellaneous drafts, 1994, undated

Photocopied portions of The Power of Their Ideas and Democratic Schools, undated

Book jacket design, 1996, undated

Publicity, marketing, and reviews, 1995-1996

Reviews and student responses, 1995-2000, undated

See also: Oversize 3, folder 18

Will Standards Save Public Education? 1995-2001

Correspondence, 1995-1997

Reviews, 2000-2001

See also: Oversize 3, folder 18

In Schools We Trust (Working title: The Company Kids Keep), 2000-2006, undated

Proposals and outlines, 2000-2001, undated

Correspondence, 2000-2001, undated

Revisions by Robert Stake, 2001

Drafts and notes, 2000-2001, undated

Introduction, 2001

Chapter 1, 2001

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Box 6 Chapter 3, 2001

Chapter 4, 2001

Chapter 5, 2001

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Chapter 7, 2001

Chapter 8, 2001

Chapter 9, 2001

Miscellaneous drafts, 2000-2001, undated

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Notes and fragments, 1998-2001, undated

Other writings possibly used as sources, 2000-2001, undated

Reviews, 2002-2003, undated

See also: Oversize 3, folder 18

Study group responses, 2006

Subseries: Box 6 Articles, 1959-2009, undated

After master copies of articles, arranged alphabetically by title of article

Master copies of articles, undated

Includes articles by Meier, reviews by Meier, and articles by others.

Articles about Debbie/CPE/CCE-91/92, by Debbie, undated

Writings by Deborah Meier, undated

Includes listing of articles by Deborah Meier

Items removed from pockets of the Writings by Deborah Meier binder, undated

(1999). "Adolescents and Standards." 1999, undated

1 draft, 1 speech on which article was based

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Includes letter from Michael Sadowski and bio of Meier

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See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed

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See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed

(1992). "Choices: A Strategy for Educational Reform." In Pearl Rock Kane (Ed.), Independent Schools, Independent Thinkers (pp. 369-389).

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With Allen Graubard. "Does Supporting School Reform Mean that America's Public School System is a Shameful Failure?" Undated

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See also: Oversize 3, folder 1

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See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed; Writings removed from binder pockets , 1 printed; MacArthur Fellowship; binder of recommendations, resumes, articles, etc. , 1 printed

(1999, Apr. 20). "From Deborah Meier to Ben Lummis, copied to MCAS group (3/18/99)." MTA Today (pp. 8-9).

1 printed

See: Oversize 3, folder 11

"Future School Leaders." Undated

2 proofs

See also: Articles about Debbie/CPE/CCE-91/92, by Debbie , 1 proof, 1 draft, includes letter from Leo Klagholz of the State of New Jersey Department of Education; Writings removed from binder pockets, 6 printed

(1992, Sept. 21). "Get the Story Straight: Myths, Lies and Public Schools." The Nation, volume 255, number 8 (p. 271-272). Also in (1992, Dec.). OPSTF News (pp. 21-23).

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See also: Articles about Debbie/CPE/CCE-91/92, by Debbie , 1 printed; Writings by Deborah Meier, 2 printed; Writings removed from binder pockets , 1 printed

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Includes note from Adam Urbanski

(1996, October 8). "Going Back to School... in Boston." 1996, undated

2 drafts

(1987, Fall). "Good Schools are Still Possible." Dissent (pp. 543-549).

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See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed

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Includes one letter from Barry Kogan

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See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed; Oversize 3, folder 1

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1 draft, 1 proof, 2 printed

Includes a note from Deborah Meier

See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed; Writings removed from binder pockets , 1 printed

(1989, Sept. 8). "In Education, Small is Sensible." New York Times (p. A25).

6 printed

See also: Articles about Debbie/CPE/CCE-91/92, by Debbie , 1 printed; Writings by Deborah Meier, 1 printed; Writings removed from binder pockets , 1 printed

(2003, Oct.-Nov.) "In Good Company." The Boston Review

1 draft

Includes correspondence, article by Richard D. Kahlenberg and Bernard Wasow titled "Private School Vouchers vs. Public School Choice," article by Kahlenberg titled "Remembering Al Shanker"

(2005, Aug. 28). "In Schools We Trust." Boston Globe (pp. 23, 35).

1 printed

"Incompetent Testing?" Undated

5 drafts

Box 7 (1970, Spring). "Initiating Change: P.S. 144's 'Infant School'." New York City Education (pp. 4-8).

4 printed

See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed; MacArthur Fellowship; binder of recommendations, resumes, articles, etc. , 1 printed

With Alfie Kohn. (1998, June 8). "It's Difficult and Destructive." Boston Globe.

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See: Articles about Debbie/CPE/CCE-91/92, by Debbie , 1 printed; Writings removed from binder pockets , 1 printed

(1995, Dec. 25). "Large, Impersonal Schools Bad for Learning" [response to article by Andrew C. Smith]. Ann Arbor News.

1 printed

See also: Andrew C. Smith 's article

(1968, Nov.-Dec.). "Learning Not to Learn." Dissent (pp. 540-548).

4 printed

See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed; MacArthur Fellowship; binder of recommendations, resumes, articles, etc. , 1 printed

"Less is More." Undated

1 draft

(1989, Feb. 6). "Let's Change the Schoolstructure: Teacher/Parent Management, Control and Accountability." New York City Challenge (pp. 27-29). 1989, undated

3 drafts, 2 printed

Includes 1 letter from Deborah Meier to the New York City Challenge editor

See also: Structural Change is Prerequisite for Real Education Reform

"The Little Engine that Can't: Asking Our Schools to Carry the Burden of Overcoming America's Social Inequality." Undated

2 drafts

(1991, Sept. 23). "The Little Schools that Could." The Nation, volume 253, number 9 (pp. 321, 338-340).

4 printed

See also: Articles about Debbie/CPE/CCE-91/92, by Debbie , 1 printed, 1 adapted version titled "Up Against the System: The Little Schools That Could," 1991, Oct. 14; Writings by Deborah Meier, 1 adapted version

"Making Schools Scientific: At What Price?" Undated

1 draft

"Massachusetts Education Reform and National Standards: Two Possible Sets of Policy Assumptions" (pp. 16-18). Undated

5 copies

Also titled "National Standards: Two Possible Sets of Policy Assumptions"

(2005, Fall). "MAT Program Celebrates Its First Class." Field Notes, volume 1, number 3 (pp. 6-8).

1 printed

(1989, Fall). "National Standards for American Education [reply]." Teachers College Record, volume 91, number 1 (pp. 25-27)

1 proof

(1999). "Needed: Thoughtful Research for Thoughtful Schools." In E. C. Lagemann & L. Shulman (Eds.), Issues in Education Research (pp. 63-82). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. 1998

1 draft

"A New Reading of the Class Struggle." In These Times. Undated

1 printed

(1967, Dec.). "The New York Teachers' Strike." Midstream (pp. 36-42).

1 printed

See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed

"No Excuses." Undated

2 drafts

"No Politician Left Behind." Undated

1 draft

"Notes on an Interesting Occupation." Undated

6 drafts

Includes 2 copies of a letter from Deborah Meier to Kathleen Devaney

(2007). "On Patriotism and the Yankees: Lessons Learned from Being a Fan." In J. Westheimer (Ed.), Pledging Allegiance: The Politics of Patriotism in America's Schools (pp. 49-60). 2006, undated

3 drafts

(2004, Winter). "On Unions and Education." Dissent (pp. 31-35). Also in Teachers' Voice, volume 6, number 8 (pp. 1-2). 2003-2004

1 draft, 1 proof, 1 printed

Includes letter from Dissent editor to Deborah Meier

See also: Oversize 3, folder 11

(1992, Winter). "From Oregon to New York, Preparing Students." Talk of the Nation.

3 printed

See also: Articles about Debbie/CPE/CCE-91/92, by Debbie , 1 printed; Writings by Deborah Meier

"Our Educational Crisis and Theirs." Undated

1 draft

(1996, Spring). "Partnerships Between Schools and Universities." On Common Ground, number 6 (p. 27).

2 printed

(1994, Jan.). "A Plan Equal to the Task: Creating a National Elementary Schools Network." N.E.S.N. Newsletter (pp. 7-8, 13, 15-16).

1 printed

See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 draft

(1982, May 26-June 1). "Planning to Keep Them in Their Place." In These Times (p. 11).

2 printed

(1974, Sept.-Oct.). "Poor Readers I." Today's Education, number 63 (pp. 32-36). 1974

1 draft, 3 printed

Includes a letter from Gene R. Hawes

See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed

(2003, Mar.). "The Power of Ideas." Principal Leadership, volume 3, number 7 (pp. 16-19).

3 printed

(1996, July-Aug.). "The Power of Public Education." New Ground, number 47 (pp. 1, 6-7).

2 printed

See also: Debs-Thomas-Harrington Award

(2000). "Progressive Education in the 21st Century: A Work in Progress." In R. Brandt (Ed.), Education in a New Era (pp. 211-228). Alexandria, VI: ASCD.

2 drafts, 1 printed

(1959, Winter). "The Public Buys a Ghetto." Anvil.

2 printed

(2007). "Quick Fixes and Student Potential." Profession, volume 1 (pp. 136-140). Undated

1 draft

"A Radical Proposal for a Conservative Profession" Undated

1 draft

Reactions to A Nation Prepared... The Carnegie Proposals: Problems and Possibilities. Networker (pp. 8-9). Undated

2 printed

See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed

(1973, Feb.). "Reading Failure and the Tests." (An occasional paper of the Workshop Center for Open Education).

1 draft, 1 pamphlet, 2 printed

See also: MacArthur Fellowship; binder of recommendations, resumes, articles, etc. , 1 printed

"Reading Myths and Public Policy." Undated

2 drafts

(1992, Summer). "Reinventing Teaching." Teachers College Record, volume 93, number 4 (pp. 595-609).

4 printed

See also: Articles about Debbie/CPE/CCE-91/92, by Debbie , 1 printed; Writings by Deborah Meier, 1 printed; Writings removed from binder pockets , 1 printed

(1966, Sept.-Oct.). "A Report from Philadelphia: Head Start or Dead End?" Dissent (pp. 489-505).

6 printed

See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed

(1985, May). "Retaining the Teacher's Perspective in the Principalship." Education and Urban Society, volume 17, number 3 (pp. 302-310).

4 printed

See also: Articles about Debbie/CPE/CCE-91/92, by Debbie , 1 printed; Writings by Deborah Meier, 1 printed; Writings removed from binder pockets , 5 printed; MacArthur Fellowship; binder of recommendations, resumes, articles, etc. , 2 printed

"Revitalization of Civil Society (Response to)," 1994

1 draft

Includes letter from Deborah Meier and article by Michael S. Joyce, "The Revitalization of Civil Society" in Rethinking Schools

(1995, Fall). "A Revolutionary at Work." Future Teacher (pp. 4-5). 1995, Sept. 25

1 draft

"Safe and Sane Testing: A Look at the Alternatives." 1988, undated

4 original drafts, 4 revised drafts

See also: MacArthur Fellowship; binder of recommendations, resumes, articles, etc. , 1 printed

"Safety, Violence, and the Manufactured Crisis." (Also titled "Safe Schools, Safe Streets"). 1995

7 drafts

Includes supporting documentation, related articles, and correspondence

See also: Oversize 3, folder 11

(1997, Feb. 17). "Saving Public Education." The Nation, volume 264, number 6 (pp. 23-24).

1 printed

(1992, Spring). "School Days: A Journal." Dissent (pp. 213-220). 1992

2 printed, 1 draft

See also: Articles about Debbie/CPE/CCE-91/92, by Debbie , 1 printed; Writings by Deborah Meier

(2008, Mar.). "Schooling for Democracy or for the Workplace?" Phi Delta Kappan, volume 89, number 7 (pp. 507-510).

2 printed

(2000, Fall). "Schools that Seek Solutions." Hope Magazine, volume 24 (pp. 19-21).

3 printed

"Smallness (As in Schools)." Undated

1 draft

(2004, Summer). "Smallness, Autonomy, and Choice: Scaling Up." Educational Horizons, volume 82, number 4 (pp. 290-299). Undated

1 draft

"Some Comments on the Latest Solution." Undated

5 drafts

(2003, Sept.). "So What Does it Take to Build a School for Democracy?" Phi Delta Kappan (pp. 15-21). 2003

2 drafts, 2 printed

Includes correspondence between Deborah Meier and Phi Delta Kappan's Joel Westheimer

(1992, October 25). "Some Thoughts on Governance."

1 draft

See also: Articles about Debbie/CPE/CCE-91/92, by Debbie , 1 draft

(2002, Nov.). "Standardization versus Standards." Phi Delta Kappan, volume 84, number 3 (pp. 190-198).

3 printed

(1999, June 9). "Standards Yes, Standardization No." Working Papers for A Public Conversation: Education Reform in Massachusetts (pp. 4-5). 1999

1 draft, 2 printed

"Statement on Testing." Undated

1 draft

(2008, Sept.). "Strong Schools are Essential for Democracy." Phi Delta Kappan, volume 90, number 1 (pp. 32-33).

2 printed

(1989, Feb. 6). "Structural Change is Prerequisite for Real Education Reform." New York Teacher. 1989

2 drafts, 2 printed

See also: Let's Change the Schoolstructure: Teacher/Parent Management, Control and Accountability

(1987, Fall). "Success in East Harlem." American Educator, volume 11, number 3 (pp. 34-39).

3 printed

See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed; Writings removed from binder pockets , 1 printed

(1996, Dec.). "Supposing that...." Phi Delta Kappan, volume 78, number 4 (pp. 271-276).

1 printed

(1995, Spring/Summer). "A Talk to Teachers." Raising Standards, volume 3, number 1 (pp. 3-9). Also printed in (1994). Dissent, volume 41, number 1. 1995

1 draft, 4 printed

See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed; Writings removed from binder pockets, 2 printed

(1987, Aug. 28). "Teachers and Their Rulers." Newsday (pp. 72, 74).

4 printed

See also: Articles about Debbie/CPE/CCE-91/92, by Debbie , 1 printed; Writings by Deborah Meier, 1 printed; Oversize 3, folder 11

"Testing, Why is it Still Prevalent?" Undated

2 drafts

"Thinking Small." 1989, undated

4 drafts

(1993, Spring). "Transforming Schools into Powerful Communities." Teachers College Record, volume 94, number 3 (pp. 654-658).

2 printed

See also: Articles about Debbie/CPE/CCE-91/92, by Debbie , 1 printed; Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed

"The Trouble with Teachers." 1968

1 draft

(2006, Fall). "Undermining Democracy: 'Compassionate Conservatism' and Democratic Education." Dissent (pp. 71-75). 2006-2008

1 draft, 2 proofs

Includes correspondence

(1969, Aug./Sept.). "The Urban School Crisis: Parents and Teachers at the Crossroads." Midstream (pp. 49-59).

2 printed

See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed

(2009). "What I've Learned." In J. Mintz and C. Ricci (Eds.), Turning Points: 27 Visionaries in Education Tell Their Own Stories. 2008

1 draft

(1996, Sept. 15). "What it Takes to Make Schools Matter." Newsday (p. A35).

1 printed

(2006). "What We've Learned in the Small Schools Movement." In P. Hughes (Ed.), Secondary Education at the Crossroads (pp. 145-148). The Netherlands: Springer. 2006

2 proofs

(2000, Nov. 27). "What's Lost When We Focus on MCAS." Boston Globe (p. A15).

3 printed

"Why a Kindergarten-12th Grade School?" Undated

See: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 draft

"Why Don't They Learn? Reading Problems in our City Elementary Schools." 1960s

2 drafts

(1981, Fall). "Why Reading Tests Don't Test Reading." Dissent (pp. 457-466). 1981

5 advance copies, 6 printed

See also: MacArthur Fellowship; binder of recommendations, resumes, articles, etc. , 1 printed

(1997, Jan. 7). "Why Reading Tests Don't Test Reading (Revised)." 1997

3 drafts

(2002, Sept./Oct.). "Why Save Public Education?" Harvard Education Letter, volume 18, number 5 (pp. 1-3).

3 printed

Box 8 (2006, Apr. 2). "Why We (Progressives) Should Oppose Federal Control of Schools." 2006

3 drafts

(1999, Aug. 2). "You Get What You Pay For." Los Angeles Times (p. A13).

2 printed

See: Oversize 3, folder 11

(1999, June 19). "Your Assignment: Fix New York's Schools." New York Times (p. A15).

3 printed

See also: Oversize 3, folder 11

Subseries: Reviews, 1968-1996, undated

Arranged chronologically

(1968, Feb.). "The Troubled Schools." Midstream (pp. 67-70). 1968

1 draft, 2 printed

Book Reviewed: Kozol, J. (1967). Death at an Early Age: The Destruction of the Hearts and Minds of Negro Children in the Boston Public Schools. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin.

See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed; MacArthur Fellowship; binder of recommendations, resumes, articles, etc. , 1 printed

Comments on 'Equality of Educational Opportunity,' 1968, undated

2 drafts

Book Reviewed: Coleman, J. Equality of Educational Opportunity.

(1981, Apr. 24). "Books: Three Paths to Education." Commonweal (pp. 244, 246-249).

1 printed

Book Reviewed: Benjamin, R. (1981). Making Schools Work: A Reporter's Journey Through Some of America's Most Remarkable Classrooms; and Kozol, J. (1981). On Being a Teacher.

(1982, Summer). Untitled. Social Policy, volume 13, number 1 (pp. 61-62).

3 printed

Book Reviewed: Simon, J. B. (1982). To Become Somebody: Growing Up Against the Grain of Society. Houghton Mifflin.

See also: MacArthur Fellowship; binder of recommendations, resumes, articles, etc. , 1 printed

(1984, Oct. 5). "Feeding Our Myths: 'To Save Our Schools' Flunks." Commonweal, volume 111, number 17 (pp. 536-538).

1 draft, 2 printed

Work Reviewed: To Save Our Schools, To Save Our Children. (1984). ABC.

Includes correspondence

(1984, Winter). "'Getting Tough' in the Schools: A Critique of the Conservative Prescription." Dissent (pp. 61-70).

4 printed.

Book Reviewed: Ravitch, D. (1983). The Troubled Crusade: American Education, 1945-1980. New York: Basic Books.

Includes Diane Ravitch's response and Meier's counter-response

See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 copy of Ravitch's response, 1 printed copy of Meier's counter-response; MacArthur Fellowship; binder of recommendations, resumes, articles, etc. , 1 printed

(1985, May 25). "The Wrong Track." The Nation (pp. 626-628). [incomplete copy]

2 printed

Book Reviewed: Oakes, J. (1985). Keeping Track: How Schools Structure Inequality. Yale University Press.

See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed

(1985, Dec. 28-1986, Jan. 4). "The Moral Bypass." The Nation, volume 241, number 22 (pp. 717-723). 1985-1986

1 draft, 1 proof, 1 printed

Book Reviewed: Bellah, R. N., Madsen, R., Sullivan, W. M., Swidler, A., & Tipton, S. A. (1985). Habits of the Heart: Individualism and Commitment in American Life.

Review for The Harvard Law Review, 1986, undated

11 drafts, several incomplete drafts.

Book Reviewed: Rebell, M. A. & Block, A. R. (1985). Equality and Education: Federal Civil Rights Enforcement in the New York City School System. Princeton University Press.

Includes correspondence with The Harvard Law Review.

With Florence Miller. (1988, Jan. 9). "The Book of Lists." The Nation (pp. 25-27).

3 printed.

Book Reviewed: Ravitch, D. & Finn, ca. E., Jr. (1987). What Do Our 17-Year-Olds Know? Harper & Row.

See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed

(1995, May-June). Untitled. Teacher Magazine (p. 40).

1 printed

Book Reviewed: Wasley, P. A. (1994). Stirring the Chalkdust: Tales of Teachers Changing Classroom Practice.

See: Oversize 3, folder 17

(1996, Oct. 28). "Schools for Citizenship." The Nation, volume 263, number 13 (pp. 32-38).

2 printed

Books Reviewed: Postman, N. (1996). The End of Education: Redefining the Value of School. Knopf.; Duckworth, E. (1996). 'The Having of Wonderful Ideas' and Other Essays on Teaching and Learning. Teachers College Press.; Rose, M. (1996). Possible Lives: The Promise of Public Education in America. Penguin.; Sarason, S. B. (1996). Revisiting 'The Culture of the School and the Problem of Change.' Teachers College Press.

"Michael Harrington--Reflections and Memories." The Yankee Radical (pp. 9-10). Undated

1 printed

Book Reviewed: Isserman, M. (2000). The Other American: The Life of Michael Harrington.

"Some Observations about Recent Books by School Teachers, Especially James Herndon's 'The Way It's Spozed to Be,'" Undated

2 drafts

Book Reviewed: Herndon, J. The Way it's Supposed to Be.

Subseries: Box 8 Letters to the editor and untitled op-ed pieces, 1988-2000, undated

Arranged chronologically

Letter to editor of Mother Jones, 1988, Dec. 20

2 drafts, 1 printed

(1989, Aug. 22). "Obsession with Test Scores Distorts Education." New York Times (p. A22).

1 printed

See: Oversize 3, folder 17

(1994, Summer). "Not Amateur Social Workers." American Educator. (p. 48)

See: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed; Writings removed from binder pockets , 2 printed

Letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal, 1995, Jan. 17

Includes 2 drafts of a proposed op-ed piece by Deborah Meier

(1995, Aug. 22). "Small is Better." New York Times (p. A14)

1 printed

See: Oversize 3, folder 17

"Dear editor, Last weekend's extended coverage comparing New York City with New York State schools was almost useful...," 1997, Jan. 7

1 draft

"Letter-to-editor, Tuesday's editorial headline was a puzzler...," 1997, Jan. 14

1 draft

Letter to the editors of the Christian Science Monitor, 1999, May 20

1 draft

Includes article by Marjorie Coeyman, "Cinderella Education Story Waits for Fairy-Tale Ending," to which the letter responds

Letter to the editor of The Nation, 2000, Jan. 10

1 draft

Letter to the editor of the New York Times, 2000, July 15

1 draft

"Letter to editor, The lively exchange between Allen Graubard and Richard Rothstein on school reform...," undated

1 draft

Letter to the editor of the New York Times, undated

1 draft

"Op Ed-alternate, The crisis in public education is one that the latest wave of test-driven reforms will make worse...," undated

1 draft

"Parochial School Mystique, by Karen W. Arenson, Sun., Sept. 22, p. 14, Reply..." undated

1 draft

Subseries: Box 8 Speeches, 1980-2008, undated

Dated Speeches, 1980-2008

Arranged chronologically

Graduation speech, 1980

Progressive education conference, 1988, Jan. 25

2 transcripts

Includes letter

Thomas-Debs Address, 1988, May 7

Notecards, notes

Includes program

Bank St. College Graduation Speech, 1988, May

2 drafts

Speech notes, 1989, May 9

Turning Points Conference speech, 1989, June 16

2 drafts

Speech notes, ca. 1990, Apr. 25

Michigan speech, 1990, May 20

Becoming a Teacher, 16th annual DeGarmo Lecture, 1991, Apr. 4, undated

3 drafts, 4 programs

See also: Writings by Deborah Meier , 1 printed

NPR, 1991, Dec. 22-24

CPESS speech, 1992, Jan. 12

Marianne Amarel Memorial Lecture Series, 1992, Apr. 3, undated

Transcript, notes

Includes 11 cards with audience comments

Second Biennial Marianne Amarel Memorial Lecture: Changing Our Habits of Schooling, 1993, Jan. 23-30, undated

2 drafts, 2 transcripts

Creating a National Elementary Schools Network, 1993, Apr. 25

Retreat speech, 1993, Apr. 29-30

4 drafts

Includes CPESS Staff Development Day schedule

Why Kids Don't Want to be Well-Educated, 1993-1994

See also: Speech to ASCD in Alexandria

Speech, 1993, Apr.

7 drafts

Requests for copies of the speech, 1993, Jan. 22-Apr. 1994, undated

Small Schools Speech in Philadelphia, 1993, May 6-Aug. 27, undated

6 drafts

Includes a note from Deborah Meier and a request for a copy of the speech

Can We Impose a Democratic Education on Kids? Speech in Israel, 1993, June

2 drafts

See also: International Conference of Education for Democracy in a Multicultural Society in Jerusalem, Israel

Women's American ORT convention speech, 1993, Oct. 15-Nov. 2

1 draft

Includes program, letter from Women's American ORT, and article "Women's ORT Convenes Here" on convention

See also: Women's American ORT / Miami Beach VHS ; Oversize 3, folder 16 (article "Women's ORT Convenes Here" )

Speech to ASCD in Alexandria (Revised from "Why Kids Don't Want to be Well-Educated"), 1993, Oct.

5 drafts

See also: Why Kids Don't Want to be Well-Educated

Speech to CES in SF, 1994, Mar. 24

2 drafts

Why Educate? The 1994 Martin Buskin Memorial Lecture, 1994, Apr. 16

See: Writings removed from binder pocket , 1 printed

Graduation speech, 1994, June

Speech at Ford Foundation on Annenberg Foundation grant, 1994, Sept. 21, undated

2 drafts

See also: City Bar 12/1 speech

Speech on Annenberg grant, 1994, Dec.

4 drafts

Speech, 1995, Jan. 11

Caswell speech: Does It Matter? 1995, Mar.

Speech, 1995, July

Speech, 1995, Sept. 21

Keynote address, New York University Review of Law & Social Change, 1994-1995

1 draft, 2 printed

Israel speech, 1995

2 drafts

Draft outline for remarks, 1996, Jan. 28

Illinois speech, 1996, Mar. 8

If Schools Were Authentic, 1996, Mar.-Apr. 8

3 drafts

Smallness for ASCD, 1996, Apr. 9

Democracy notes, 1996, Apr. 9

Hirsch Colloquium on Jewish Schooling and the Jewish Future, 1996, May 5

3 drafts

Speech notes, 1996, Nov.

Pittsburgh speech, 1996, Dec. 3

2 drafts

The Power of Our Ideas: What Will It Take to Remake Schools. UIC Small School Workshop, 1996, Dec. 13

Includes letter from University of Illinois at Chicago

Why, 1997, Jan. 4

Accountability: The View from the School, Panasonic Foundation Conference, 1997, Mar. 1-3

Schooling and 'The Crisis of Relationships,' CES National Congress, 1997, Nov. 6

2 drafts

Lesley College commencement speech, 1998, May 27

3 drafts

See also: Lesley College commencement programs

Salisbury speech, 1998, Oct.

Box 9 Coalition Fall Forum, 1998, Nov.-1999, Jan. 26

2 drafts

Testimony re: Pilot Schools, 1998, Dec. 9

2 drafts

Our Challenge: To Set the Highest Possible Standards for Human Relationships. Rural Annenberg Challenge, 1998, Sept. 30-1999, Feb. 9

2 drafts

Includes correspondence and symposium brochure

Speech in SF, 1999, Mar. 7

3 drafts

Speech notes, ca. 2001, Nov. 22

3 drafts

Speech notes, 2003, Jan. 29

Democracy/Trust, 2003, Jan. 31

Hudson, 2003, Apr. 5

2 drafts

Brookings Institution speech, 2003, May 2-2004, Aug. 18

5 drafts

Getting the Governance Thing Right, 2003, Nov.

Resistance and Courage, and What it is to be a Teacher These Days, 2004, Apr. 13-July 9, undated

4 drafts

Speech in honor of Ted Sizer, 2005, Nov. 3

NCLB [No Child Left Behind], 2006, Apr. 24

2 drafts

Jewish education, 2006, June 20

Quick Fixes and more, 2006, Dec.

Speech at panel on Shanker, 2007

2 drafts

Release of Democracy at Risk by the Forum for Education and Democracy. National Press Club, Washington D.C., 2008, Apr. 23

With Diane Ravitch. Great Debate: Resolved: A Stronger Federal Role in Education is Needed in the 21st Century. Lessons from NCLB and Beyond, 2008, Sept. 24

Includes correspondence, participant packet

Undated Speeches, undated

Arranged alphabetically by speech title

Achievement Gap, undated

2 drafts

Are Small Schools the Way to Go? undated

ASPEN Speech, undated

CES Speech, undated

2 drafts

City Bar 12/1 speech, undated

2 drafts

See also: Speech at Ford Foundation on Annenberg Foundation grant

Community: Keeping School, 8/19, undated

Compassionate Conservatism, undated

Democracy and Testing, undated

2 drafts

Driving Honesty Out of Education, undated

DSA Our Dreams speech, undated

2 drafts

Love and Hate, undated

Opening Remarks [MCAS], undated

Presentation at Albany Conference, undated

5 drafts

Response to Dr. Honig, undated

5 drafts

Includes 1988 History-Social Science Framework booklet and notecard

Progressivism and Secondary Ed, undated

Notecards, 2 drafts

Standards, undated

2 drafts

Hearings, Testimonies, and Affidavits, 1973-2003, undated

Arranged chronologically

Why Johnny Can't Read: testimony before a hearing at Hunter College, 1973, Apr. 6

2 transcripts

Minimum Competency Testing Clarification Hearing, 1981, July 8

Congressional Hearing on Youth and Violence, 1989

Correspondence and related documents, 1989

8 drafts and 1 transcript of testimony, 1989

Includes correspondence with Ruth Jordan of Hager, Sharp and Abramson

Articles on hearing and Central Park attack, 1989

Statement to Massachusetts State Board of Education, 1997, Feb. 10

Testimony to Mass. School Board Regarding Uses/Misuses of Standardized Testing and the Current MCAS Tests, 1999, Sept. 27

Affidavit, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 2003, Mar. 20

2 transcripts

Testimony for NY State House and Senate Education Committees, 2003, Oct. 22

2 drafts

NY State Hearing, 2008, Sept. 18

Testimony, undated

2 drafts

Testimony of Deborah W. Meier re Testing Practices: Do They Help or Hurt Our Children? Undated

2 drafts

Includes "Reading Tests: Do they help or hurt your child?" booklet

Memorial Remarks, 1989-2007, undated

Arranged alphabetically by the name of the subject

Harrington, Michael, 1989

2 drafts

Includes memorial program and flyer, memorial speech by Roberta Lynch

Mendelson, Saul, 1998

Includes memorial service program and packet of testimonials

Russell, Myra, undated

2 drafts

Shier, Carl Marx, 2007

2 drafts, notes, 3 memorial service programs

Subseries: Box 9 Drafts and notes for articles and speeches, 1955-2008, undated

Folder 1 "As I think back to the early days with Room 104 I realize that my affection for these children was slow in coming...," undated

Includes correspondence and excerpt from Anti-Intellectualism in America by Richard Hoffstadter

Folder 2 Wishful Thinking--Intro, 1st draft for book on playgrounds, "Is the idea of democracy truly just wishful thinking?" undated

Democracy and Schooling Connections, "Assumption re equal worth...," undated

Folder 3 Theobald--essay, 10/29, "When I was born, the majority of Americans didn't start high school, much less drop out of it...," undated

2 drafts

"Let me count the ways: (1) garbage in, garbage out...," undated

"43 years in various roles as a public school parent, teacher and principal has taught me that having the 'power to' coerce is not the answer...," undated

Folder 4 "There's something wrong with the education debate in this nation. It doesn't ring true. It's off key somehow...," 1993, Aug.

3 drafts

Folder 5 Newsday piece, "Never in the history of the world has any nation succeeded in educating all its children well...," 1996, Sept. 2

Folder 6 "For the past year I had dealt in my community with increasingly militant parent organizations and accepted as typical the crescendo of local anti-school...," 1968

"Massive government sponsored statistical studies, such as the Office of Education's Equality of Educational Opportunity, rarely are expected to turn up anything new or suggest startling innovations...," ca. 1966

"The new middle class (professionals, bureaucrats, managers, etc.), notes sociologist ca. Wright Mills in his now famous WHITE COLLAR, are...," ca. 1955

"Re teacher as conservative: Thought. Part of the task of change will involve finding new metaphors...," 1989, Aug. 2

Education/Conversation, "A good intellectual education is an invitation to join a conversation...," undated

Debbie article, "In part it is merely accidental that schools are the target area of the urban crisis today, rather than employment or housing...," undated

"Outline. Introduction. I. The School Vs. Parents Today." "Gone are the old fighting slogans--bussing, neighborhood schools, integration--that only yesterday, it seems, stirred parents...," undated

"If you don't care where you're going then any road will get you there...," undated

Raywid draft, "Small schools were once the norm...," 2004, Nov. 27

2 drafts

Includes correspondence from Mary Anne Raywid

Accountability: what's the 'right' model?/The End Justifies the Means? 4/18, "Thoughts for a piece on accountability/our current society seems to have confused accountability for responsibility...," undated

"The End Justifies the Means? Our current society seems to have confused accountability for responsibility...," 2002, June 4

Includes newspaper clipping

Folder 7 Empathy, "Empathy is a tricky business...," 1994, Dec. 16

Re: Request for Action. From: Deborah Meier, "The idea is right and very necessary. Thank you for trying to do this much needed task...," 1998, June 17

Brown v. Board of Education Anniversary, "It was the beginning of what might have been a critical turning point...," 2004, Apr. 21

Includes correspondence from Lauren Hillman

Tests, "Driver's test analogy... 'Don't tell me, show me' is an idea that's hardly new. And schooling was once all about that spirit...," undated

"There are many different answers, depending on what the question is...," undated

2 drafts

Topic: What does it mean for today's secondary school graduates to be educated? "There are times these days when it's hard to remember that schools actually are intended for a social purpose...,"

780 words on school governance, "The nation's genius has been in its constant struggle to maintain an appropriate balance of power in the interests of justice on one hand and liberty on the other...," undated

650 words on school governance, "When I was born most Americans did not start high school; today we are committed to seeing that every child completes high school with the strengths to use his or her mind well on behalf of his or her own future and the nation's...," undated

2 drafts

"[Thomas Jefferson quote] The question of how best to 'inform their discretion' while retaining control by 'the people' is the task facing democratic-minded school reformers...," undated

Purposes, "The language we commonly use in everyday conversation, newspaper editorials and political speeches to explain the value of a K-12 education (or for that matter a college education) has important repercussions...," undated

"[Lillian Katz quote] Lillian Katz' statement is my mantra as a philosophy of political life: but it's absurd to imagine that schools are able to achieve this...," undated

Public Engagement, "1. Do we mean it when we say it...," undated

Imaginative Play, "Family--adult roles in society...," 2008, Jan. 30

The Cost of a Good Education, "Tuition at NYC's 'better' private schools...," undated

Folder 8 Effective Schools, "I want to explore--map the terrain, the issues that have placed me so squarely 'against' the phenomenon of MES...," undated

Includes article by Eleanor Duckworth "...what teachers know: the best knowledge base..."

Folder 9 More tries, 1/27, "What gaps can we close? What gaps are there by definition?...," undated

"So what are you doing to close the achievement gap, a Foundation officer challenged me after visiting MH...," 2000, Oct.

Folder 10 Choice: Changing Schools, "There are a lot of reasons to be for choice..." 1991, Dec.

Essay on School Reform with Sandra Feldman, "Teacher unionists and school reformers seem unlikely partners...," 1995

Includes correspondence

3rd Nation piece, "The idea that nearly all our fellow citizens have something approximating equal intelligence...," 1996

"At Central Park East Elementary School we accept responsibility--'accountability'--for our student's school programs...," undated

Folder 11 "What the central purpose of the public's incarceration of its youth for 8-10-12-now 14 years...," 2006


Folder 12 Various notes for multiple speeches, 1988, undated

Folder 13 SQR (School Quality Review), "There is no greater danger facing us than surrounding our youth with powerless adults and powerless communities...," undated

"All reform is not an advance. All change is not good...," undated

"On trust, predictability and not knowing...," undated

Thoughts on race and class, "Race and class--without any doubt effect test scores...," undated

Draft ideas, "The Networks for School Renewal grows naturally out of both the national reform agenda and the reform work taking place in New York City over the past decade..."

"Being in Philadelphia: 1960s--More recent experiences...," undated

Folder 14 "Of course, it's very hard to be sure if one's own mood is strictly personal, or corresponds to some larger societal phenomenon...," undated

"Working class doesn't accept its historic mission!...," undated

"Anyone operating in the arena of politics is always making estimates of reality on a scale beyond their own personal, eye-witness perception...," undated

Draft fragment, p.2-8, undated

"Being a radical, liberal, left-winger or socialist doesn't solve all problems of parenthood!...," undated

1 page of notes, undated

Grade 5, Form F, Student Booklet (Test packet), 1983

Folder 15 Effective Schools (notebook), undated

Folder 16 [Speech on Ted Sizer], "I almost missed this evening!...," undated

2 drafts

Folder 17 [Speech on Vito Perrone], "Vito and I taught a course together several times...," undated

3 drafts

Folder 18 "Bio, what's at stake, we're debating what matters...," undated

2 drafts

Folder 19 "I. Introduction. I came prepared for a debate, and so I'm a bit rattled by having Dr. Coffman steal my thunder...," undated

Folder 20 "I think, over the years, I've begun a million speeches with 'it's both the best and worst of all times'...," undated

Folder 21 "The notion, the wildly optimistic idea, that human beings are capable of consciously organizing and influencing...," undated

Time mag, "Neither candidate has yet faced up to the crisis...," 1988, Aug. 17

"The NY City school system's propensity to publish irrelevant data about important educational matters such as students' reading performance...," undated

Folder 22 It's a puzzling moment..., "It's a puzzling moment. At one and the same time we're telling kids that getting a good education...," undated

Box 10
Folder 23
"Buzz words of today are interesting...," undated

Ideas and opinions, "Cross road--exciting and depressing...," undated

Speech outline, "I. CPESS experience--early pioneers in use of standards vs. credit hours...," undated

"We could spend our time trading statistics--and each insisting the other's data is wrong...," undated

Speech, "Alice-in-Wonderland quality of much of the education debate. I wrote In Schools We Trust to try to make a case for a different way of seeing...," undated

"Nervous, stage fright, public speaking, etc. Shoes. My fascination with public schools overlapped with my early years of parenting, my activity in the civil rights movement...," undated

Draft fragment, p. 14-17, "The weekly Newsletters that went home were a part of this effort to make our work transparent...," undated

Draft fragment, p. 3-43, "Friends told me at the time, in defense of their spreading the lies or allowing them to be spread...," undated

Folder 24 FF '02?, "Themes! Hope and optimism--but as you'll see... well it was hard not to get side-tracked...," ca. 2002

"New teacher/old teacher, 40 yrs ago, Thirty years ago...," undated

Draft fragment, p. 3-14, "But why is it so one-sided? E.g. our school ranking looks pretty good! Why isn't this reported?...," undated

"Patriotism issue quotes. Ravitch stuff: But to deprive students of an education that allows them to see themselves as part of this land...," undated

"It ought to be a moment in history to rejoice. A conservative federal government has expressed its certainty that ALL children...," undated

"Is teaching to improve test scores a good educ! Freire and Dewey, similarities and differences...," undated

"Since I was born--nearly 70 years ago--we've proclaimed a startling new idea...," ca. 1999-2001

"Who We Are Now, by Sam Roberts. Not adjusted for inflation--wages have doubled since 1981...," undated

Draft fragment, p. 20-25, "Describe: We decided that a school needed to be small enough so that all the adults who had to be together to make school-wide decisions could fit easily into one room...," undated

Folder 25 Draft 1, Sunday, May 31, "We must keep kids in school for at least 13 long years--at public expense--for some good reason...," undated

CPESS and Democracy, "If the primary public responsibility and justification for tax-supported schooling is raising a generation of fellow citizens...," undated

Folder 26 "Clinchy: Supposing that. In trying to imagine what schools might be like if we weren't thinking about what colleges want...," undated

"We've been claiming for 20-30 years that we need better educ citizenry and workforce...," undated

"I've had a wonderful 30 year adventure...," undated

KGTN Private, "All kids--It's doable, CPE, It's harder than we think...," undated

"Best and worst 25 yrs...," undated

Folder 27 "Buy the book--so I don't have to retell it today!...," undated

"School lasts 6 hours a day--1 out of 4. School operates 180 days--1 out of every 2...," undated

Special education, "My book; vs. the topic of this lecture; trust and company with adults...," undated

"The emperor wears no clothes--NCLB is a sham--It's got the problem wrong as well as the solution...," undated

Folder 28 Minn. standards, All Kids are 'Alternative,' "Fortunately, unfortunately, best and worst of all time?...," undated

Folder 29 Speech notes, "Buy 1000 copies of my book. Study that women self-assess less...," undated

What's it All About, "The reformers--from whom I increasingly distance myself--seem agreed...," undated

"Introduction: Whose my audience? What can I assume? Especially with so many family and old friends...," undated

Folder 30 Articles to be, miscellaneous drafts and related article, 1980, undated

See also: Oversize 3, folder 6

Folder 31 Draft fragment, p. 2, "It might seem reasonable (however misleading) that those who originally sought to design IQ tests...," undated

Draft fragment, p. 2, "...and futility--because that is a message that emboldens out enemies...," undated

"The opening gambit of many social conversations these days begins 'well, what do you think about merit pay?'...," undated

"In addressing this question three quite disparate circumstances come to my mind...," undated

Possible alternative way of starting, "Each step along the way occurred rather by accident, although in retrospect there seeemed to be a plan...," undated

Rewrite!, "It's hard not to be happy at being center-stage again, and finding others interested in what you know most about...," undated

Folder 32 "A. At least 5 characteristics of a good school...," undated

Folder 33 "10 yrs ago--part of never-ending upward spiral...," undated


Folder 34 "Connection between socialism and feminism...," undated


Miscellaneous draft fragments, undated

Folder 35 "p 2, 1) creation springs only from...," undated


Miscellaneous draft fragments, undated

"Only 10 years or so ago we assumed we were a part of a never-ending upward spiral...," 1975-1976

"People ask me... is open ed an experiment? If so--in contrast to what?...," undated

Rdg Tests, "1. History--what are they supposed to measure?...," undated

Miscellaneous draft fragments on reading tests, undated

"I was out on a bike jaunt Sunday afternoon and ran into an old acquaintance--a deputy supt in another NYC school district...," undated

2 drafts

"Symbol/substance...," undated

Folder 36 "Spring 1974--an accident...," undated


"Like children who have invested their faith in the fallible adult...," undated


Folder 37 "A long time since... gave it up... Assessment (sometimes called testing) and its attendant, accountability...," undated

"'What everyone should know' makes for a fun parlor game...," undated

CPESS and District 4, "At the heart of what we mean by a good school is one whose central priority is the development of the intellectual, social, and ethical habits...," undated

"Tchg/Learning requires people to not only learn new ideas/skills/knowledge but unlearn--change--alter--reorganize...," undated

"(1) A punishment, in our vocabulary, we decided was an action we took...," undated

Folder 38 "The question then is...," undated


"Latest Ed Wk pieces on values...," undated


Folder 39 Miscellaneous notes, undated


"I. Contradictions, hope and despair, some facts...," undated


"Or as another example--think of the mild reaction of most of us to the million horrors of our day...," undated


Folder 40 "Are schools worse than ever? Are schools turning out more illiterates than in the past?...," undated

Outline, "Rationale: We're in one of those periods of particularly fierce criticism of public education...," undated

"In the name of a 'return to basics' we are witnessing a massive 'forgetting' of what it was about the 'nostalgized' traditions of the past that might be worth valuing...," undated

2 drafts

"In the name of a 'return to basics' we are witnessing a massive 'forgetfulness'...," undated

2 drafts

"Fortunately, unfortunately, why schools so important?...," undated

"There's an interesting trend afoot in education that corresponds--hardly surprising--with a larger societal one. In the simplest lay language it involves taking away important powers from teachers and local schools...," undated

"Stop, I want to get off! Just let me be! Surely I should be happy that education is news again...," undated

Draft fragment, p. 10, "Alternatives, (3) school of choice...," undated

"I accepted this offer for the oddest reason...," undated

"I. What's the 'idea'--the fairly contemp concept...," undated

Draft fragment, p. 2-8, "1. Public education as we think of it--the idea that everyone should get an equal education at public expense--is a new idea...," undated

Draft fragment, p. 2-16, "Idea of public ed (equal educ at public expense) 100 as idea, 50 as semi practice...," undated

"Public education--the notion that everyone deserves an equal education at public expense--is both a new idea--and a very shakey one...," undated

Folder 41 Speech, 2004, Jan. 8

Pages of various speeches, undated

Folder 42 "I. Conception of child as theorist, 'scientist,' explorer...," undated


"Accepted glibly-- (1) CPE's reputation for parent involvement...," undated


Folder 43 Eval. Educ., "Lay Bane! Educ. is society in...," undated


"Vast subject, microcosm of contradiction...," undated


"We're in a fix today. We're about to embark on an accounting system...," undated


Notes on Willen family finances, undated


Folder 44 Miscellaneous materials with drafts, including business cards, envelope, etc.

Series: Box 10 Writings by others, 1981-2009, undated

Subseries: Box 10 Articles on Meier, 1981-2008, undated

General, 1981-2005, undated

(1 folder)

Arranged chronologically

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Series: Box 10 Professional activities, 1968-2009, undated

Subseries: Box 10 Teachers' strike, school decentralization, and L.I.D, 1967-1969, undated

Includes flyer, proposal, and statements

Subseries: Box 11 Early school experiments, 1968-1972, undated

IS 44 pilot classes parent, 1968-1972, undated

Correspondence regarding Meier's criticism of segregation and tracking, 1968

Summer Tutorial Program reports and supporting documentation, 1968, undated

Sub-school pilot class proposals, 1969-1972, undated

Correspondence regarding IS44 pilot classes, 1969, undated

Ethnic composition and lists of students for pilot classes, 1970, undated

Parents' meeting reports, executive board meeting report, student council report, and miscellaneous other reports on teacher, parent, and student trips and the program, 1969-1971, undated

Student assessments, undated

Schedules for courses and parent volunteers, undated

PS 144 open corridor classes teacher, 1969-1972, undated

Correspondence, 1970-1971, undated

Requests to visit, 1970-1971, undated

Letters of appreciation for visits, 1970-1971, undated

Responses from Meier to requests to visit, 1970, undated

Miscellaneous, 1970-1971, undated

Includes requests for positions, requests for information, letters of encouragement, and letters regarding staff changes

Lists, invoices, and packing slips for school supplies and books, 1971, undated

Funding, 1969-1972, undated

Includes request for funds, bank account contract, and correspondence regarding donations

Miscellaneous, undated

PS 84 open classroom advisor, undated

Includes history of the program, teacher schedules and notes on objectives

Subseries: Box 11 District three school board, 1974-1977

Includes three campaign pamphlets, policy statement, essay "Why I'm Not Running Again for CSB 3"

See also: Writings by Deborah Meier and MacArthur Fellowship; binder of recommendations, resumes, articles, etc. , 1 printed copy in each of "Why I'm Not Running Again for CSB 3" essay

Subseries: Box 11 Central Park East (CPE), 1974-2001, undated

General, 1977-2000, undated

Articles, 1977-2000, undated

On CPE, 1977-2005, undated

(4 folders)

Arranged chronologically

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Untitled, undated newspaper photograph of students with Jesse Jackson.

Wiseman High School II Film, 1994

Arranged chronologically

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See: Oversize 3, folder 10

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See: Oversize 3, folder 10

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See: Oversize 3, folder 10

CPE Music Program and Music of the Heart Film, 1993-2000, undated

Arranged chronologically

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See: Oversize 3, folder 10

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Book chapters and excerpts, 1989-1995

Arranged chronologically

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2 copies

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Bracey, Gerald W. (1995). Final Exam: A Study of the Perpetual Scrutiny of American Education.

David Bensam's "Quality Education in the Inner City: The Story of the Central Park East Schools," 1987

Includes draft of foreword by Ted Sizer

Drafts of writings by Meier on CPE and CPESS, 1987, undated

Curriculum planning and mailings to parents, 1985-1986, undated

Correspondence, 1987-1996, undated

Students and former students, 1987-1996, undated

Visitors and donors, 1989-1993

Photographs, undated

Notes and journals by Meier, 1985-1987, undated

Thirteen Core Beliefs, 1993

CPE I, CPE II, and River East, 1974-2000, undated

Administrative documents, 1978-1999, undated

Organization and scheduling notes, 1988-1989, undated

CPE I and II Directory, 1982-1983

(2 copies)

Meeting notes, memos, and correspondence with staff, 1978-1999, undated

Correspondence with parents, 1976-2006, undated

Mailings and publications, 1974-2000, undated

Booklets and brochures, 1985-2000, undated

Graduation and concert programs, 1984-1985

Mailings to Parents, 1974-2000, undated

General, 1974-2000, undated

On reading, undated

On math, undated

On testing, undated

Newsletters, 1980-2000

"Notes," the CPE I Newsletter

CPE II newsletter, River East newsletter, Kids' News CPE I student newsletter, 1987-1994

1 copy of each

Student work, 1983-2000, undated

Evaluations of students, 1983-1999

Student-made book for Meier, 1984, Nov.

See: Oversize 2

Student "Recollections" books, 1997-2000

Miscellaneous, 1975-2000, undated

10th anniversary conference, 1984

Includes invitations, program, speech by Vito Perrone

Graduation speeches, 1984, undated

Reports and proposals from CPE, 1975-1992

Science class transcripts, undated

Studies of CPE, 1984-2000, undated

Central Park East Secondary School (CPESS), 1984-2001, undated

Administrative documents, 1984-1994, undated

Planning documents, notes, and correspondence, 1984-1985, undated

Policies and handbooks, 1993, undated

Blank applications, undated

CPESS Alumni Fund for the Future donations, 1991

Student and staff lists, 1985-1994, undated

Memos and correspondence with staff, 1985-1996, undated

Mailings and publications, 1986-2001, undated

Box 12 Newsletter, 1986-1994

Mailings to parents, 1988, undated

Pamphlets and brochures for prospective students and families, undated

Reunion program, 2001

Student work, 1986-1991, undated

Collections of student work, 1986-1991, undated

Student magazine, 1990, undated

Miscellaneous, 1985-1996, undated

"Daily Life at CPE High School," undated

(4 copies)

Evaluation of Meier as interim acting principal, 1989

Journal by CPESS teacher, 1985

Studies of CPESS by Naomi Barko, Donna Muncey, and Ann Lieberman, 1989-1996, undated

Includes drafts, a publication, and correspondence

Subseries: Box 12 School reform and restructuring, 1983-2008, undated

Coalition Campus Schools Project (CCSP), 1992-1996, undated

Reports and papers, 1993-1995, undated

Articles, 1992-1995

Arranged chronologically

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3 copies

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2 copies

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5 copies

See also: Writings removed from binder pockets, 1 copy; Oversize 3, folder 15

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See: Oversize 3, folder 15

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Press releases and summaries, 1992-1993, undated

Planning documents, 1992-1995, undated

Correspondence, 1992-1996, undated

General, 1992-1996, undated

With Chancellors Fernandez and Cortines, 1992-1995

On physical space, 1992-1996

On problems with buildings, 1994-1996

On graduation requirements, 1995, undated

Notes by Meier, 1994, undated

Annenberg Grant and New York Networks for School Renewal (NYNSR), 1993-2007, undated

Articles, 1994-2007, undated

Arranged chronologically

Richardson, Lynda. (1994, Sept. 4). "Taking Change from Classroom to Central Office." New York Times.

4 copies

See also: Oversize 3, folder 15

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2 copies

(1994, Sept. 22). "New Schools Foundation Offers $50M to Shake Up System." New York Newsday (p. A3).

Headline only

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See: Oversize 3, folder 15

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2 copies

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See: Oversize 3, folder 15

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See: Oversize 3, folder 15

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See: Oversize 3, folder 15

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See: Oversize 3, folder 15

"Board of Ed Sees No Evil." 1996, Jan. 2

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Siegel, Jessica. (2007, Apr. 10). "Small Order." Village Voice.

Finder, Alan. "60 Schools Will Be Exempt from Range of Regulations." Undated

Proposal to the Annenberg Foundation, undated

Materials on testing, undated

Press releases and statements, 1993-1995, undated

Schedules, meeting notes, and agendas, 1994-1997, undated

Correspondence with Annenberg Institute, 1994-2004

Education Through Music program description and Comeau resume, 1994

Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), 1983-2008

Planning documents and correspondence, 1983-1996

Events and projects, 1999-2008

Memorandum on restructuring the New York City Board of Education, 1994

Subseries: Box 12 Mission Hill School, 1996-2008, undated

Articles, 1996-2003

Arranged chronologically

Avenoso, Karen. (1996, July 4). "Reformer Eyes Boston for a New Pilot School." Boston Globe, volume 250, number 4 (pp. 1, 13).

See: Oversize 3, folder 14

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2 copies

See: Oversize 3, folder 14

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4 copies

See also: Oversize 3, folder 14

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3 copies

See also: Oversize 3, folder 14

Pick, Grant. (2000, Sept.). "Taking the Road Less Traveled: Authentic Assessment in Other Locales." Catalyst.

Winerip, Michael. (2003, June 11). "Going for Depth Instead of Prep." New York Times.

4 copies

Administrative documents, 1996-2007, undated

Planning and History, 1996-1997, undated

Includes notes, correspondence, building information

Governance and Policies, 1998, undated

Gates Foundation funding request, 2002

Staff and student directories, 1998-1999

Staff meeting agendas, 2001-2007, undated

Teacher Peer Review Handbook, 2006

Correspondence, 1998-2008, undated

Correspondence with students and parents, 2000-2008, undated

Memos and correspondence with staff and volunteers, 1998-2004, undated

Mailings and publications, 1997-2008, undated

Brochures, undated

Class newsletters, 2000-2001

Mailings to parents and parent newsletter, 2000-2005

Mission Hill News, 1997-2008

Incomplete run

Volume 1, 1997-1998

Volume 2, 1998-1999

Volume 3, 1999-2000

Volume 4, 2000-2001

Volume 5, 2001-2002

Volume 7-8, 2004-2005

Volume 9, 2005-2006

Volume 10, 2006-2007

Volume 11, 2007-2008

Volume 12, 2008

"Play" sections, undated

Francis W. Parker Friday Announcements and Mission Hill News photocopies from Andy Hrycyna, 1998-2002

Includes a letter from Andy Hrycyna

Box 13 Programs for graduation and anniversary, 2006-2007

Student work, 2001-2007, undated

Blank Assignments, 2001, undated

Student memory books, 2001-2007

Student portfolio work and application essay, undated

Miscellaneous, 2000-2006, undated

Student reading, writing, and exit interview assessments, 2000-2001

Evaluations of the school and its staff, 2001-2005

Cards and notes sent to Meier on her retirement, 2005

Recognitions for Meier's work at Mission Hill, 2005

Speech by Linda Nathan on Boston Pilot Schools, 2000

Miscellaneous, 2006, undated

Subseries: Box 13 Conferences and speaking engagements, 1981-2009, undated

After timeline, arranged chronologically

Timeline, 1981-1985

Head Start Basic Educational Skills National Conference on Curriculum and Parent Involvement in Bathesda, Maryland, 1981, Feb. 9-11

Includes conference folder

Early Childhood Education Council of New York City Annual Conference in New York City, 1982, Mar. 13

Includes program

Truth-and-Testing Conference, 1982, Apr. 24

Includes agenda

Citizen Heritage Center Democracy in America Conference '82, 1982

Includes agenda

Valuing Teaching: A Public Forum, 1986, Feb. 2

Includes program

Solving the Crisis in Education: Everybody's Problem, the Fifth Conference, 1987, Mar. 21

Includes registration form and program

Seattle Schools Administrator's Retreat, 1987, Aug. 25-26

Includes agenda

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund dinner, 1987, Dec. 10

Includes invitation

American Federation of Teachers Convention, 1988, July 1-6

Includes program

Sarah's Daughters book signing sponsored by Women's American ORT, 1988, Nov. 17

Includes invitation

Socialist Scholars Conference, 1980s

Includes registration form

International Conference of Education for Democracy in a Multicultural Society in Jerusalem, Israel, 1993, June

Includes correspondence, list of participants, and notes

See also: Can We Impose a Democratic Education on Kids? Speech in Israel

New Haven School System Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony, 1994

Includes program

AERA event in San Francisco, 1995, Apr. 18-22

Includes two itineraries

The Leadership Forum, 1995, Spring

Includes registration packet

13th Annual International Conference: Magnet Schools, Bridges to the 21st Century in San Jose, California, 1995, May 2-5

Includes registration booklet

Harvard Education Forum, 1995, May 10

Includes poster

See: Oversize 1

Great Neck Public Schools Superintendent's Conference Day: Raising Expectations of Student Achievement, 1995, Nov. 7

Includes program

See also: Great Neck Public Schools Superintendent's Conference Day keynote address by Meier titled Raising Expectations of Student Achievement, VHS

A Vision for Our Children: Transforming Public Education for a Democratic Society in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1995, Dec. 9

Includes program and poster

"Can All Kids Go to Good Schools?" lecture by Meier in Houston, Texas, 1996, Feb. 7

Includes flyer

State Superintendent's Premier Speakers Series, lecture by Meier in Chicago, Illinois, 1996, Mar. 7

Includes flyer and program

From Mann to Meier: 200 Years of Educational Reform at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, 1996

Includes registration form

Wheelock College Convocation, 1996, Sept. 11

Includes agenda

8th national Finding Better Ways conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1997, Mar. 17-20

Includes program

Brodie Family Lecture at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, 1998, Apr. 30

Includes program and poster

See also: Oversize 1, Brodie Family Inaugural Lecture poster

Reach Out to Schools: Social Competency Program, 10th Anniversary Celebration at Wellesley College, 1998, May 12

Includes program

A Celebration of the Life and Work of Theodore R. Sizer at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, 1999, Apr. 29-30

Includes program

Changing Lives: a Conference on Relational Education, 1999, May 8

Includes program

ACA/NES 2000 Spring Conference, 2000, Mar. 24-26

Includes program

Upper Valley Teacher Institute: A Celebration of Teachers in Lebanon, New Hampshire, 2002, Apr. 28

Includes two programs

Annual Conference of Brookings Papers on Education Policy: The Teachers We Need, 2003, May 21-22

Includes agenda

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Business & Professional Breakfast Issue Paper Series in Charleston, South Carolina, 2003, Sept. 30

Includes program

Small Is Not Enough: Creating High Achieving Schools for All Students conference in Portland, Oregon, 2004, Jan. 30-31

Includes conference folder

Carnegie: Teachers for a New Era retreat at the University of Washington, 2004, Jan. 30

Includes retreat folder

The 2nd International Summit for Leadership in Education: Integrity & Interdependence in Boston, Massachusetts, 2004, Nov. 4-6

Includes program

Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum: Equitable Schools for a New Democracy in San Francisco, California, 2004, Nov. 11-13

Includes program

A Conversation with Visionary Educators at Brandeis University, 2004, Nov. 18

Includes program

Building Collaborations to Change Our Organizations and the World: Systems Thinking in Action in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2004, Dec. 1-3

Includes list of keynote speakers

The Master of Arts in Teaching Program Celebration, 2005, June 18

Includes agenda

Eighth Annual National Principals Leadership Institute in New York City, 2005, July 9-16

Includes program

Pi Lambda Theta Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, 2005, July 28-31

Includes program and schedule

International Conference in Jewish Education in Jerusalem; Israel, Turkey, and Greece trip, 2006, June-July

Includes correspondence, flight bookings, tourist information, and conference program

Progressive Education Network Conference, 2006, Oct. 14

Includes program

Algebra Project and Columbia School of Journalism Brainstorm Session Education Conference, 2007, Mar. 29-31

Includes participant biographies

World Conference on Transformation of Classroom Teaching in Shanghai, China, 2007, May-June

Includes correspondence, flight bookings, itineraries, and conference folders

See also: Shanghai Racquet Club CD on an architectural project by Paul Willen

The School on the Side of the Child conference in Moscow, Russia, 2007, Sept.

Includes flight bookings, conference folder, article, and Russian publications

Lecture in Zurich, Switzerland, 2007, Oct. 26

Includes correspondence, flight bookings, and programs

Science Inquiry: Theme and Variations conference at the City College of New York, 2007, Oct. 27

Includes program

In Defense of Childhood meeting, 2007, Oct. 31 and 2007, Dec. 12

Includes meeting minutes

Eastern Michigan University 2007-2008 Speaker Series, 2008, Feb. 7

Includes brochure and folder of materials related to Meier's lecture

Public School Education Reform in an Era of Accountability Politics at Grinnell College, 2008, Feb. 19-21

Includes program

Distinguished Lecturer Series, 2008, Mar. 19

Includes two programs

AERA Annual Meeting, 2008, Mar. 24-28

Includes program supplement, agenda, and other materials

62nd Annual Meeting of Education Reporters, Writers and Editors, 2008, Apr. 30-May 2

Includes meeting program and empty folder

5th Annual AERO Conference, Moving from Ideas to Practices; 2008, June 26-29

Includes program

Education Minnesota Professional Conference, 2008, Oct. 16-17

Includes program

University of Manitoba Faculty of Education Distinguished Lecture Series, 2008, Oct. 23

Includeds two posters

See: Oversize 1, University of Manitoba Faculty of Education Distinguished Lecture posters

The Engaged Learner in Winnipeg, Canada, 2008, Oct. 23-24

Includes program

School of Education Centennial Symposium and Celebration at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, 2008, Nov. 16-17 & 20

Includes two programs

The Niemeyer Series in New York City, 2009, Jan. 21

Includes program

Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University, 2009, Mar. 12-14

Includes agendas

Education Writers Association 62nd National Seminar, 2009, Apr. 30-May 2

Includes participants list

Reshaping of Public Education workshops, undated

Includes two brochures

Subseries: Box 13 Other, 1983-2005, undated

Committee of Correspondence on the Future of Public Education, 1983-1984, undated

Organizing documents, manifesto drafts, and agendas, 1983-1984, undated

Newsletter, 1983-1984, undated

Session summary, contact list, workshop description, and miscellaneous, 1983, undated

Princeton Review Portfolio Scholarship Program Technical Trade, 1993-1994

Includes correspondence and student application

New England Small Schools Network Design Week, 2001, Aug. 12-17, Readings

Box 13 Education course taught by Meier at Stanford University, 2003-2004, undated

Correspondence on planning, syllabus, and student list, 2003-2004, undated

Includes syllabus for previous course taught by Meier

Correspondence with students, 2004

Student assignments, 2004

Forum on Education and Democracy memorandum, statements, and paper by CPESS teacher, 2003-2005, undated

Series: Box 13 Honors and awards, 1980-2009, undated

Subseries: Box 13 MacArthur Fellowship, 1985-1988, undated

Recommendation letters, 1985-1986

Binder of recommendations, resumes, articles, etc., 1985, undated

Award announcement, 1987

Articles on Meier winning the award, 1987-1988, undated

(1 folder)

Arranged chronologically

Crawford, Jan. (1987, Jun. 16). "MacArthur Fellowships to 32: U. of C. Alumnus is 1st Public School Teacher Honored." Chicago Tribune.

3 copies

Moss, Desda. (1987, Jun. 16). "Giving People 'with Promise' Their Big Shot." USA Today.

3 copies

See: Oversize 3, folder 13

Slagle, Alton. (1987, Jun. 16). "Teacher Gets 300G for Big Effort." Daily News.

3 copies

See also: Oversize 3, folder 13

Teltsch, Kathleen. (1987, Jun. 16). "An East Harlem Citadel Where Openness Rules." New York Times.

9 copies

Teltsch, Kathleen. (1987, Jun. 16). "MacArthur Awards of $150,000 to $375,000 Go to 'Outstandingly Talented' 32." New York Times (p. B8).

6 copies

Saari, Jon. (1987, Jun. 17). "Two MacArthur Award Winners Associated with Antioch; Brings Total to Four." Antioch News.

Sleeper, Jim. (1987, Jun. 29). "She Doesn't Like Teaching by the Book." New York Newsday.

2 copies

See also: Oversize 3, folder 13

Scharrer, Gary. (1987, Aug. 6). "Interest in New Fortunes is Academic: Grant Winners Pay Investments No Mind." USA Today.

Foster, Catherine. (1987, Oct. 30.) "Prestige Prize for a Principal: MacArthur Grant Honors Deborah Meier--and her Innovative School." Christian Science Monitor.

3 copies

See also: Oversize 3, folder 13

(1987, Oct.) "MacArthur Award's First School Teacher." The American Teacher.

4 copies

See also: Oversize 3, folder 13

Teltsch, Kathleen. "Howe, 31 Others Get 'Genius Grants.'" New York Times, 1987

Pierson, Ransdell. "Harlem Teacher Receives 300G MacArthur Gift." New York Post, 1987

(1988, Feb. 17). "'Genius' in a Ghetto School." St. Louis Post-Dispatch

2 copies

See: Oversize 3, folder 13

"In Harlem, Education is Praised," undated

Second page only

Box 14 Letters of congratulation, 1987, undated

(4 folders)

Subseries: Box 14 General, 1980-2009

Arranged chronologically

Fund for the City of New York Public Service Award, 1980-2008, undated

(2 folders)

Includes nomination essay (2 copies), plaque, article "Six Civil Service Employees Honored," and program from 2008 listing all the previous winners

(Plaque located at the end of the honors and awards series)

See also: MacArthur Fellowship; binder of recommendations, resumes, articles, etc. , includes 1 copy of article

University of Chicago Alumni Award, 1988

Includes correspondence and program

Building Brick Award, 1988, Jan. 7

Includes letter

Paul DuBrul Award, 1993, June 24

Includes event program, pamphlet, and speech by Ruth Jordan

Windstar Award Nomination, 1993

Includes nomination materials and Windstar pamphlet

John Dewey Society Award, 1994, Dec. 5

Includes presentation speech and note from Nel Noddings and flyer

New York Academy of Public Education Award, 1995, May 9

Includes 3 programs and 2 newsletters

Debs-Thomas-Harrington Award, 1996, May 3

Includes program and photocopy

See also: The Power of Public Education article by Meier

Dinner with Vice President Al Gore and Family Re-Union Conference, 1997

Includes letter from Al Gore, seating cards, conference and dinner program, and autographed photograph of Al Gore and Tipper Gore

Michael Harrington Lifetime Achievement Award, 1998, June 4

(2 folders)

Includes invitation, program, congratulations letters from Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Representative John F. Tierney, article, and plaque

(Plaque located at the end of the honors and awards series)

Horace Mann Award, 2001, July 27

Includes award and programs

John W. Porter Distinguished Chair in Urban Education, 2008, Feb. 7

Includes certificate

See: Oversize 1

Rabbi Marshall T. Meyer Risk-Taker Award, 2008, Nov. 20

Includes invitation, program, and presentation speech

Fairtest Honors Deborah W. Meier, 2009, June 4

Includes 2 programs

Subseries: Box 14 Honorary degrees, 1988-1998

Arranged chronologically

Clark University, 1988, May 15

Includes commencement program

Columbia University, 1988, Nov. 29

Includes convocation program

Brown University, 1989

Includes article and commencement program

See also: Oversize 3, folder 13

Yale University, 1993

Includes commencement program, article, and diploma

See also: Oversize 1, diploma

Harvard University, 1993

Includes invitation, 2 dinner programs, and commencement program

See also: 1993 Harvard Commencement Morning Exercises, VHS

New School for Social Research, 1995, June-July

Includes article

See: Oversize 3, folder 13

Dartmouth College, 1996, June 9

Includes commencement program and article

See also: Oversize 3, folder 13

Bard College, 1997, May 24

Includes program, presentation speech, and diploma

Hebrew Union College, 1997, June 4

Includes correspondence, program pages, and photograph

University at Albany, 1998, May 17

Includes correspondence and 2 commencement programs

State University of New York, 1998, May 17

Includes diploma

Lesley College, 1998, May 26

Includes 2 commencement programs

See also: Diploma in Oversize 1, Lesley College commencement speech

University of Massachusetts, Lowell, 1998, June 7

Includes commencement program, article, and diploma

Subseries: Box 14 Membership and participation acknowledgements, 1990-2005, undated

Arranged chronologically

PDC Principal Partner plaque, 1990-1991

(Plaque located at the end of the honors and awards series)

National Academy of Education membership certificate, 1993, Oct. 28

Syracuse City School District Leadership Institute Keynote Speaker plaque, 1995, July 6

(Plaque located at the end of the honors and awards series)

Acknowledgement from the Boston Public Schools and the Center for Leadership Development for serving as a mentor for the Preparation for Principalship Program, 1999, Feb.-Apr.

Thank-you plaque from the Small School of the Arts at South Shore High School, 2002, Oct. 23

(Located at the end of the honors and awards series)

Pi Lambda Theta membership and conference participation certificates, 2005, July

Welcome certificate from Jerry Brown, mayor of Oakland, California, undated

Series: Box 14 Politics, 1950-1993, undated

Subseries: Box 14 Correspondence, 1950-1993, undated

General, 1950-1981, undated

Arranged chronologically

List of correspondents:

  • Abrams, Sheldon (Shelley), 1955-1956
  • Ahearn, Ray, 1957
  • Arden, Pat, 1957
  • Berry, Jim, 1952
  • Blum, Eugene, 1968
  • Bolitzer, Bernie, 1964
  • Bone, Bob, ca. 1957
  • Bottone, Phyllis, 1962
  • Bottone, Sam, 1957
  • Bram, Harold and Paula, 1957
  • Brockway, Fenner, M.P., House of Commons, 1954
  • Burnett, James, 1957
  • Clark, Jack, 1981
  • Coleman, H. D., 1952
  • Dahlgren, Carl E., 1967
  • Denitch, Bogdan, 1957,1962-1963
  • Dombrow, Max, 1978
  • Draper, Hal, 1956
  • Elkin, Betty, 1963
  • Gallagher, Jim, 1958
  • Gates, Albert, national secretary of the Independent Socialist League, 1951,1956-1957
  • Harrington, Michael (Mike), 1956-1957,1963
  • Haskell, Gordon (Gordo), 1957
  • Horowitz, Rachelle, 1962,1964
  • Howe, Irving, 1969
  • Landy, Sy, 1957-1958
  • Lowe, Arthur, 1957
  • Martin, Max, national secretary of the YSL, 1954-1957,1962
  • MacKenzie, George R., 1957
  • Meier, Deborah, 1953,1956-1958,1969
  • Rawick, George, 1951-1952,1954,1956-1958,1962
  • Sagen, N., 1954
  • Schapiro, Meyer, chairman of the Committee for an Independent Socialist Magazine, 1953
  • Shute, Mike, 1957
  • Stern, Will, 1969
  • Thomas, Don, 1957-1958
  • Tussing, Arlon, YSL member, 1955-1957
  • University of Chicago, 1954
  • Walker, Charles, 1957
  • Waller, Paul, 1957
  • Witthoft, Bill, business manager of "Anvil and Student Partisan," 1950-1951
  • Wohlforth, Tim, 1957-ca. 1958



1955-1956, Apr.

See also: Oversize 3, folder 12

1956, May-Dec.

See also: Oversize 3, folder 12

Box 15 1957, Jan.-Mar.

1957, Apr.-June

1957, July-Dec.

ca. 1957


ca. 1957-1958


ca. 1960s

Irving Howe, 1952-1981

Don Rose, 1993, undated

Subseries: Box 15 Writings by Meier, 1954-1983, undated

Arranged alphabetically

(1978, Oct.). "Looking Backward: DSOC Marks Fifth Year." Newsletter of the Democratic Left, volume 6, number 8 (pp. 1, 6-7), 1978

2 printed

"The Middle East is not the O.K. Corral." In These Times. Undated

1 printed

(1983, March). "Nagging Questions." Democratic Left (pp. 9-11). 1983

4 printed

(1954, May 31). "The New Fellow Travelers: Apologists for Chiang's Concentration Camps." Young Socialist Challenge, volume 6. 1954

1 printed

See: Oversize 3, folder 12

(1983, Jan.). "Report Number 5." In Mike Conroy & Glenn Scott (Eds.), D.S.A. Reports on Nicaragua (pp. 17-21). 1983

1 printed

"re: Metropolitan CORE and the CORE Summer Project." Undated

1 draft, includes letter from Deborah Meir

With Rafael PiRoman. (1983, Apr. 22). "The Revolution and Democracy." Commonweal, (pp. 234-239). 1983

1 printed

(1982, Summer). "Socialism and the Family." Feminist Perspectives on the Family, volume 10 (pp. 21-23). 1982

2 printed

With Michael Harrington. "Socialist Values and Everyday Life." Theory, Life, and Politics. Undated

1 printed

(1954, Oct. 18). "Triumph of 'Crackpot Realism': A Liberal Comes Out for Franco." Young Socialist Challenge (p. 3). 1954

1 printed

See: Oversize 3, folder 12

"Untitled." Undated

1 draft

Subseries: Box 15 Speeches and notes by Meier, 1950s, undated

DSA speech, undated

DSOC and general, 1950s, undated

"'Americanoid' and 'Stalinoid' stand in parallel relationship to each other...," 1950s


"DSOC too - this morning - Trapped. Sense of humor about taking this moment too seriously...," undated

"When DSOC was founded in 1973, we hoped someday to be strong enough to help foster the kind of political gathering which we have with us today...," undated

"Issue: pervasiveness of perceived reality, how we perceive, understand reality (emporer's clothes)...," undated

"Today we've seen and heard and shared a picture of what the corporate powers of America have done to our dreams...," undated

"There are some advantages in having come of age in 1950...," undated

Civil rights, race relations, integration, undated

"What I wish to try to do this afternoon may be impossible. But my hope was that Mr Fiers would be able to outline for you both the futility of 'running'...," undated

"We raised in the last issue two problems which recent evets would indicate are going to cause us increasing trouble: (1) the possible differences between the demands of the Negro middle class leadership...," undated

"Problem of self-understanding...," undated

"What are the social problems this framework poses us with...," undated

"An Historical Perspective on the Black Power Epoch," undated

Notes, undated

"I. Election over: politics. Not just the same, but different: Sixties transforming...," undated

"What must we understand about ourselves, our attitudes, & prejudices in order to adapt to inter-racial experience...," undated


China, undated

"It was hard for me, imbued as I am with somewhat stubbornly entrenched theories about individualism & freedom, to comprehend what is happening in China...," undated


"China imp: obvious, basic alternatives in world: question of pol toward socialist value system...," undated

Subseries: Box 15 Activities, 1953-1968, undated

Chicago Young People's Socialist League (YPSL) and University of Chicago Politics Club Binder, 1959, undated

Includes meeting announcements, circulars, forms, flyers, and articles

Documents related to various socialist groups, 1953-1968, undated

Includes constitution, bulletins, newsletters, reports, and statements

Miscellaneous documents and correspondence related to socialism and the NAACP, 1955-1959, undated

Subseries: Box 15 FBI file, 1955-1988

FBI file request correspondence, 1987-1988

FBI file on Meier, 1955-1963

Series: Box 17 Recordings and multimedia, 1970-2008, undated

Subseries: Meier speeches, interviews, and panel discussions, 1993-2008

Audio, 1993-2004, undated

Arranged chronologically

Fresh Air, WNYC (New York Public Radio), interview with Meier, 1993, Aug. 26

Cassette tape, 30:00 (second side blank)

"Helen, Ted, Ada-, Deb," 1995, Aug. 8,

Cassette tape, 60:00

Recording of a conversation about education; includes Meier

AERA 1996 Annual Meeting, "Enriching Our Understanding of Schools as Democratic Communities;" speech by Meier, 1996, April 8-12

Cassette tape, 85:00

Also includes a speech titled "Reimagining America and the Creation of Democratic Schools"

Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum 1997, "Learning to Exercise Good Judgement vs. Learning to Get One Right Answer," San Francisco, California; speech by Meier followed by a question-and-answer session, 1997, Nov. 5-9

2 cassette tapes, 60:00 and 53:00

Meier included on both tapes

"A Conversation with... Deborah Meier," The Merrow Report, ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development), 1997

Cassette tape, 55:00

Interview with Meier

An interview with Meier on The Connection, 90.9 WBUR (Boston's NPR News station), 1999, Feb. 4

2 cassette tapes (2 copies of the interview); 52:00 and 55:00

"High Stakes Testing: What are the Effects?" conference, Teachers College, Columbia University, 2000, Mar. 31

Opening panel, 2000, Mar. 31

Cassette tape, 90:00

The panelists include Judith Rizzo (deputy chancellor of New York City schools); Richard Rothstein (researcher with the Economic Policy Institute, education columnist with the New York Times); Theresa Fay-Bustillos (attorney with MALDEF (Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund); Vito Perrone (with the Teaching and Learning Program at Harvard); Monty Neill (director of the National Center for Fair and Open Testing); Michelle Fine (researcher with City University of New York); and Olivia Lynch (principal of the School for Academic and Athletic Excellence in New York City). The moderator is Thomas Sobol (Professor at Columbia Teachers College)

Speech by Paul Wellstone, U.S. Senator from Minnesota, 2000, Mar. 31

Cassette tape, 41:00 (side B blank)

Speech by Deborah Meier, 2000, Mar. 31

Cassette tape, 29:00 (side B blank)

"Progressive Ed: Deb, Wolf, etc.," recorded discussion, 2003, Nov. 11

Cassette tape, 60:00 (begins on side B)

Educators at Mission Hill School discussing their definition of progressive education; includes a few comments from Meier

Cambridge Forum Radio, "Many Children Left Behind: Deborah Meier, Monty Neill & Ted Sizer," 2004, Oct. 27

CD, 58:05

Discussion of the book Many Children Left Behind by Meier, Monty Neill and Theodore R. Sizer with host Tony Wagner

"Deborah Meier Interview Edited," recording of Meier speaking, undated

CD, 7:43

Video and digital photographs, 1990-2008, undated

Arranged chronologically

Box 16 "Education for 21st Century Citizenship: A Convergence of Agendas," Cambridge College; panel with Meier and ten other panelists, 1990, Dec. 12

VHS, 45:00

9th annual Socialist Scholars Conference opening session, "THI Plenary: The Crisis in Education," 1991, Apr. 5

VHS, 88:35

Includes speeches by Meier, Cornel West, Stanley Aronowitz, and Joseph Murphy

342nd Harvard Commencement Morning Exercises, including a speech by Meier, 1993, June 10

VHS, 126:00

See also: Harvard University Honorary Degree

Women's American ORT (Organization for Rehabilitation through Training) installation dinner at Miami Beach, presentation of the Beverly Minkoff Education Award to Meier and her acceptance speech, 1993, Oct. 17, 7:30 P.M. - 11:10 P.M.

VHS, 124:47

See also: Women's American ORT convention speech

Syracuse City School District Leadership Institute, keynote speech by Meier, 1995, July 6

VHS, 40:00

"Educational Reform," Women to Women, CUNY-TV (City University of New York TV), 1995, July 18

VHS, 31:30

Discussion between host Frances Degen Horowitz and guests Carol Gresser and Meier

Conversation Pieces: An Afternoon with Ted Sizer, Deborah Meier, and Dennis Littky, 1995

VHS, 81:44

A discussion between the three participants in response to three clips from the documentaries and films High School II, A Private Universe, and A Town Torn Apart

Afternoon Edition Segment with host Denise Richardson, News Talk Television, 1996, Feb. 16

VHS, 177:57

Includes a segment titled "Teachers Disciplining Students" with Meier and Monica Simmons responding to callers. Also includes segments on Bob Dole and Pat Buchanan, gun ads, testing athletes for AIDS, and underage drinking.

"Education Under Fire. #1: Collaborative Schools: Sharing the Power," Phi Delta Kappa, interview with Meier, 1996

VHS, 28:55

Robert Stevenson Lecture by Meier titled "New Approaches that Will Enhance Democracy and Equity in Public Education" at the ATE (Association of Teacher Educators) annual meeting, 1997, Feb.

VHS, 73:00

Includes several other speeches and the presentation of the National Student Teacher/Intern of the Year award

"Accountability in a Restructuring System," the Panasonic Foundation Partnership Conference IX, speech by Meier titled "Accountability: The View from the School," 1997, Mar. 1-3

VHS, 107:30

Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum, opening and closing sessions, 1998, Nov.

VHS, 94:41

Opening session includes speeches by Amy Gerstein and Theodore R. Sizer; closing session includes a speech by Meier

Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum: Essential Teaching and Learning, opening and closing sessions, 2000

VHS, 90:00

Opening session includes speeches by Theodore R. Sizer and Cornel West; closing session includes speech by Meier

"Eye on Education Forum," Greater Boston Forum, WGBH, 2000, Nov. 16

VHS, 92:00

Two panel discussions. The first panel includes panelists Meier, Jane Swift (Massachusetts Lt. Governor), Thomas Payzant (Superintendent Boston Public Schools), Felix Arroyo (co-chairman of POWER), Abigail Thernstrom (member of the Massachusetts Board of Education), and Cecil Hunt (professor Suffolk University Law School) with host Emily Rooney

16th Cynthia Longfellow lecture at the Child Development Institute at Sarah Lawrence College by Meier titled "In Schools We Trust: What Kind of Schooling Nourishes Democracy?," 2002, Nov. 4

VHS, 92:49

Lawrence Public Schools District Instructional Conference, 2003, Jan. 21

Speech by Meier titled "In Schools We Trust," 2003, Jan. 21

VHS, 98:00

Workshop, question and answer session with Meier, and panel discussion, 2003, Jan. 21

VHS, 117:30

Stanford University, 2003, Mar. 7

Speech by Meier, 2003, Mar. 7

VHS, 64:06

Interview with Meier, 2003, Mar. 7

VHS, 52:00

Box 17 "Accountability in Support of Schools, Teachers and Children: A Symposium" at Teachers College, Columbia University, 2005, Apr. 20

DVD, 26:48

Includes presenters Douglas Christensen, Peter McWalters, and James Lytle; respondents Gerry House and Meier; and moderator Charles Fowler

Coalition of Essential Schools convention in Chicago; speeches by Meier and Linda Darling-Hammond, 2006, Nov. 4

DVD, 27:31

Bildungspreis, Padagogische hochschule zurich, 2007

Speech by Meier accepting an award, 2007

CD, Quicktime movie 22:33

Photographs, 2007

DVD, 146 photographs in three folders labeled Bühl, Gründungstag, and Modul BE 340

John W. Porter Distinguished Chair in Urban Education speech by Meier titled "Educating for what? The Struggle for Democracy in Education" at Eastern Michigan University, 2008, Feb. 7

2 DVDs, 52:21 and 35:35

AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organization) Conference, 2008

"Play and Democracy" workshop led by Meier, 2008

DVD, 54:47

Keynote speech by Meier, 2008

DVD, 94:45

National-Louis University Call to Action, The Forum for Education and Democracy, panel discussion with George Wood, Meier, and Bill Ayers followed by a break-out session, undated

2 DVDs, 18:08 and 18:08 (2 copies of the same program labeled "The Forum for Education and Democracy for Deborah Meier" and "No Child Left Behind Conference at National-Louis University")

Box 16 Great Neck Public Schools Superintendent's Conference Day keynote address by Meier titled "Raising Expectations of Student Achievement," undated

VHS, 64:00

See also: Great Neck Public Schools Superintendent's Conference Day: Raising Expectations of Student Achievement; conference program

Subseries: Programs on education, 1990-2005, undated

Arranged chronologically

"Why Do These Kids Love School?" 1990

VHS, 60:00

Documentary produced by Dorothy Fadiman and KTEH-TV San Jose featuring nine successful schools, including CPE II,

"Common Miracles: The New American Revolution in Learning," ABC News Special, 1993, Jan. 23

VHS, 50:00

"Effective School Restructuring: Putting Together the Pieces," second videoconference for the National Forum for Effective School Restructuring, New York State Education Department Public Broadcasting Program; panel discussion with Dr. Linda Darling Hammond, Doris Culver, and Dr. Adam Urbanski, 1993, Feb. 22

VHS, 96:12

See also: Inserts and booklets; note from Peter Hart to Meier

"School Design," rough cut, 1995, Dec. 22

VHS, 62:00

Documentary on Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School; Meier assists in giving a tour of the school and participates in a group discussion

"Cambridge College: From the Inside Out," 1995

VHS, 10:14

Program on teaching and learning at Cambridge College

High School that Makes Sense, Annenberg Institute for School Reform and the Coalition of Essential Schools, 1996, Sept. 4

VHS, 33:35

Documentary on three high schools: Chicago Vocational High School (Chicago, IL), Souhegan High School (Amherst, NH), and University Heights High School (Bronx, NY)

"The Merrow Report: In Schools We Trust," 1997, Jan. 15

VHS, 57:00

Program on the history of American schools, includes segments with Meier

See also: Inserts and booklets; The Merrow Report: In Schools We Trust booklet (contains an interview with Meier)

"Education's Big Gamble: Charter Schools," The Merrow Report, 1997, Sept.

VHS, 57:00

"Settings for Change," 1997

VHS, 32:10

Program on testing and how Felton Elementary Schools in Lennox School District, Lennox, CA raised their test scores

An interview on CUNY-TV with three organizers of "The Fight for America's Future: A Teach-In with the Labor Movement," a conference at Columbia University; an episode of CUNY-TV's "The Urban Agenda"; A Firing Line Debate on school vouchers with William F. Buckley, Jr. [recording ends before the program concludes]; "The Urban Agenda" episode repeats; an episode of CUNY-TV's "Metroview" on the 9th annual CUNY Big Apple job fair; CUNY-TV "Jerusalem On Line" program; CUNY-TV's The City Club of New York Friday Forum on June 13, 1997 on recycling; and Mystery! episode titled "Maigret on the Defensive," 1997

VHS, 360:00

Conference organizers interviewed: Carrie Kim (UNITE), Jonathan Cutler (CUNY Graduate Center), and Joshua Freeman

Person interviewed on "The Urban Agenda": David Butler, assistant director of MDRC (Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation)

The "Firing Line Debate" resolution: Government Should Not Discriminate Against Private Schools; for the resolution: William F. Buckley, Jr., Pete du Pont, Jimmy Mansour, and Brother Bob Smith; against the resolution: William E. Curry, Jr., Ira Glasser, Christopher Edley, Jr., and Bob Chase

"Episode 4: The Bottom Line (1980-Present)," from School: The Story of American Public Education, 2001, Sept. 3-4

VHS, 57:21

Includes a segment on Central Park East Secondary School and segments with Meier

Making the Grade, rough cut, ca. 2001

VHS, 62:00

Program on testing and Central Park East I

Box 17 "Making the Grade," Part 2, from New York Voices, Thirteen WNET New York, 2005

DVD, 35:20

Program on small schools with host Rafael Pi Roman; includes a segment with Meier and a panel discussion with education reporters Joe Williams, David Herszenhorn, and Clara Hemphill

No Child Left Behind Report: Public Education in the Crosshairs, 2005

DVD, 76:36

Includes segments titled McGuffey, Key Provisions, Rally, and Hamilton High School

DVD labeled "Keynote" with a Quicktime file containing segments of interviews with educators (including Meier) about the No Child Left Behind act, undated

DVD, Quicktime file 36:55

Subseries: Box 16 Student performances, 1970-2001, undated

Central Park East School I SING: Selections from the "All-School Sing," Parents Association of the Central Park East School I School Music Program, 2001, Jan.-Feb.

CD, 58:37

Video, 1997-2001, undated

CPE Opera: "H.M.S. Pinafore" by Gilbert and Sullivan, 1997, May 7-9

VHS, 38:34

See also Inserts and booklets; H.M.S. Pinafore cast booklet

CPE Opera: "No Laughing Matter" by Seymour Barab, 1998, Mar. 30-Apr. 3

VHS, 33:40

See also: Inserts and booklets; No Laughing Matter cast booklet

Box 17 CPE Opera: "A Very Special Gift" by Seymour Barab, 2000, June 6-9

VHS, 41:08

See also: Inserts and booklets; A Very Special Gift cast booklet

Central Park East I: Spring Concert, 2001, May 24

VHS, 128:27

CPE Opera: "The Dreameater" by Gregg Smith and Kim Rich, 2001, May

VHS, 53:00

Little Red Riding Hood--CPE I "Opera", undated

VHS, 45:30

Subseries: Other, 1970-2007, undated

Arranged chronologically

Tape labeled "PS 144 school trip and ROG/Nick et al animations!," 1970s

VHS, 63:00

Includes silent footage of children and adults (including Meier) on trips and in the classroom; silent, stop-action animations possibly by Meier's sons, Nick and Roger; silent home movies; and video of a woman singing

Memorial Service for Michael Harrington in Riverside Church, New York City, 1989, Sept. 15

VHS, 113:00

Includes speeches by Dr. James A Forbes, Jr.; Stanley Sheinebaum; Luis Ayala; David Dinkins; Ruth Messinger; Jack Clark; Deborah Meier; Bogdan Denitch; Joseph Murphy; and Irving Howe, as well as a musical performance by Steve Chapin

Box 16 Shanghai Racquet Club, Asia Pacific Real Estate, 2007, May 7 and 13

CD, 94 photographs

See also: World Conference on Transformation of Classroom Teaching in Shanghai, China

Subseries: Inserts and booklets, 1993-2000

Note from Peter Hart to Meier with "Effective School Restructuring: Putting Together the Pieces," 1993, Feb. 22

"The Merrow Report: In Schools We Trust" booklet, 1997, Jan. 15

(3 copies)

"H.M.S. Pinafore" cast booklet, 1997, May 7-9

"No Laughing Matter" cast booklet, 1998, Mar. 30-Apr. 3

"A Very Special Gift" cast booklet, 2000, June 6-9

Series: Box 18 Additions, 1945-2010, undated

Arranged chronologically.

Subseries: Box 18 Correspondence, 1955-2006, undated

Divided into personal and professional correspondence, with letters from Meier, to Meier, and between other parties.

Personal correspondence

Letters from Meier












Letters to Meier









(3 folders)

Professional correspondence

Letters from Meier






Letters to Meier











Letters between others






Subseries: Box 19 Articles, 1968-2006, undated

Related to education, 1968-2006

Related to education, by Michael W. Apple, 1981-1982

By Deborah Meier, 1985-2004, undated

"An Indian Education," by Lucianne Carmichael, 2000

"Racing Through Childhood," Mission High School News, 1998-2000

Subseries: Box 19 Speeches, 1950-2010

Speeches, with letters and papers, by Deborah Meier, ca. 1950-1970, undated

Drafts and notes of speeches by Deborah Meier, 2010, undated

(2 folders)

Political speeches including notes, by Deborah Meier, undated

"Keeping Track, How Schools Structure Inequality," by Jeanne Oakes, 1985

"Women Progressive Leaders in the Twentieth Century," by Susan Semel, 2004

Subseries: Box 19 Educational materials, 1970-2009

Floor plans and notes of visits to London schools, 1970

Educational articles relating to school testing, 1973-1987, undated

Awards information, 1977-1988

Annual conference schedules, 1984-2006

Socialist forums, 1986, undated

Commencement and convocation information, 1987-2009

School planning and programs, 1999-2007

Lecture announcements, 2005-2009

Subseries: Box 19 Publications, 1945-2006

New Party News, 1945-1946

Educational publications, 1978-2006

Subseries: Box 19 Newspaper clippings, 1983-2006, undated

1983-2006, undated

Subseries: Box 19 Audio/Visual materials, 2009

Photographs, Deborah Meier, York convocation, 2009

DVD, York convocation, DVD, 2009

Subseries: Box 19 Ephemera, 1988-1998, undated

1988-1998, undated

Series: Box 20 Additions, 2014

Box 20
Correspondence (re: MacArthur Fellowship and others), Other School literature conference notes, DSOC newsletter

Correspondence, 1951-1985

Correspondence: letters to the West Sider

Lit on Other Schools, Awards, Correspondence re: book edits, presentation notes, education organization literature

Awards, newsclippings, email, conference programs

Presentation programs, article review, personal correspondence

Newsclipping, speaking programs and correspondence lectures

Newsclipping, book review, correspondence, notes

Notes on notecards

Advisory program


Critique and response to article by Diane Ravitch

Miscellaneous Meier drafts (2 folders)

Miscellaneous (2 folders)

Box 21
Diane Ravitch article review and response

Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee essay

Correspondence and DSOC essay

CPE I and II staff and student directories

Yearbook, research, articles

Yearbook, conference programs, school literature, correspondence, newsclippings

Yearbook, DVD, articles, school literature, conference programs, eulogy - Ted Sizer, meeting notes

Photos, yearbooks, articles, conference programs, correspondence

Correspondence, newsclippings, conference programs, articles

CPE newsletters Part 1

Article, correspondence, conference programs, speech notes

Meier's education records

Correspondence, book edits, principal evaluation

Article and book reviews

Anneberg Grant information

Correspondence, articles, newsclippings, book drafts

CPE Secondary School articles

Box 22

Education (Schooling) Data

Literary magazine, conference program, Socialist review

Employment data

Calendar, newsclipping


Magazine articles, conference program

Vito Perrone speech

CPE newsletters - includes original mailing envelope

Correspondence, newsclippings, magazine articles

Substitute teacher pay stub, CPE II history, article, correspondence

Correspondence, conference info, magazine articles

Eulogy for Simone Plastrik


Correspondence - conference info (2 folders)

Correspondence - Pearl Larner Willen

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