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Writings are arranged in two sections. The first section contains writings by Sonneborn and is arranged in alphabetical order by title. The second section contains writings by others and is arranged alphabetically by author. See also: I. Correspondence and IX. Printed Materials
Box 16
  • Amic X Diploid Crosses in the N-D Analysis
  • Analysis by Injection of the Difference in Stock 113...
  • The Basis of Life
  • Bibliography on Doubles and Cortical Genetics
  • Bibliography on Protozoology
  • Bibliography on the Ciliate Macronuclear Composition
  • Biological Aspects of Aging, 1960
  • Breeding Systems, Reproductive Methods and Species Problems in Protozoa (2 folders)
  • Cellular Heredity in Relation to Extranuclear DNA and Other Bases
  • Chlamydomonas - Theories of Sex Genetics
  • Ciliate Morphogenesis
  • Concepts of Heredity and variation, their bases and mechanisms. Apr. 3, 1958
  • Conjugation
  • Control of Human Heredity and Evolution (New York: MacMillan, 1965) (6 folders)
Box 17
  • Control of Human Heredity and Evolution (New York: MacMillan, 1965) (3 folders)
  • Cortical Genetics and Morphogen
  • Cortical Pattern (2 folders)
  • Critique of Nanney's Hypothesis of Determination of M Type in Group B
  • Cytogamy vs. Conjugation
  • The Cytoplasm in Hereditary and Development (2 folders)
  • Cytoplasmic Exchange Without Cross-Fertilization During the Mating of Paramecium aurelia
  • Cytoplasmic Control of Nuclei in Paramecium
  • Cytoplasmic Inheritance, 1950. Unpublished - Used as a Basis for Partner of the Genes, Scientific American, 1950
  • Cytoplasmic Inheritance of the Organization of the Cell Cortex in Paramecium aurelia, P.N.A.S., vol. 53, 1965
  • Degeneracy of the Genetic Code : Extent, Nature and Genetic Implications, in Bryson, Vernon and Vogel, Henry. Evolving Genes and Proteins, Academic Press, 1965 (2 folders)
  • Determination, Development and Inheritance, Symposium of the International Society for Cell Biology, vol. 9 (2 folders)
  • Developmental Genetics of Ciliates
  • Differentiation
  • Differentiation of Cells, P.N.A.S., 1964 (2 folders)
  • Discussion Remark to the Paper by Beale
  • Does Pre-formed Cell Structure..., in Allen (ed.) Nature of Biological Diversity, New York, McGraw-Hill, 1963.
  • Effective Site of Lesion Resulting From A Trichocyst
  • Non-Discharge Stable Differentiation of Somatic Nuclei in Paramecium Tetraurelia
  • Endomixes in P. candatum. Galadjieff's Paper translated from Russian, 1932. TMS report
  • The Enigmatic Macronucleus
  • Environmental Action on Germ Plasm (2 folders)
  • Ethical Issues Arising From the Possible Uses of Genetic Knowledge
  • Evolution Towards a Cell, 1980.
  • The Evolutionary Integration of the Genetic Material of
  • Genetic Systems
  • Exotoxins, Conjugation and Mating Types
  • Extrachromosonal Hereditary
Box 18
  • Gene Action in Development, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, 1970 (4 folders)
  • Gene and Cell Differentiation, P.N.A.S., vol. 46 (2), pp. 149-165, February 1960 (2 folders)
  • Gene and Cytoplasm III
  • Genetic Analysis of Mating Type Differentiation (3 folders)
  • Genetic Studies of the Effects of Lead Acetate, PhD Thesis, 1928 and photocopy
  • A Genetic System for Alternative Stable Characteristics in Genomically Identical Homozygous Clones, Developmental Genetics, vol. 1 (1) (9 folders)
  • Genetic Evidence of Autogamy in Paramecium aurelia, 1939.
  • A Genetical Test Distinguishing Between Conjugation and Cytogamy Applied to Paramecium aurelia, Variety 1
  • Genetics and Man's Vision
  • Genetics of Cell-Cell Interactions in Ciliates, Based on a Lecture Given at Cell Surface Interaction Conference, San Diego, February, 1977 (2 folders)
  • Genetics of Cellular Differentiation : Stable Nuclear Differentiation in Eukaryotic Unicells (1 folders)
Box 19
  • Genetics of Cellular Differentiation : Stable Nuclear Differentiation in Eukaryotic Unicells (2 folders)
  • The Genetics of Eukaryotic Unicellular Organisms (2 folders)
  • Genetics of Microorganisms (2 folders)
  • Genetics of Mitochondria, Chloroplasts, and Non-Mendelian Traits
  • Genetics of Paramecium aurelia, notes and analyses of various papers on, "used for my review of 1947"
  • Genetics of Tetrahymena Pyriformis
  • Genetics of the Protozoa and its Relation to General
  • Genetics
  • Group B Mating Types
  • Herbert Spencer Jennings : April 8, 1868 - April 14, 1947 (Washington, D.C.: NAS, 1975) (15 folders)
Box 20
  • Herbert Spencer Jennings : April 8, 1868 - April 14, 1947(Washington, D.C.: NAS, 1975) (15 folders + 1 folder with microfilm)
  • Herbert Spencer Jennings : April 8, 1868 - April 14, 1947 (Washington, D.C.: NAS, 1975) (7 folders)
Box 21
  • Hereditary Macronuclear Differentiations Affecting Trichocyst Discharge in Paramecium Tetraurelia (3 folders)
  • Hybridization: "Cytopl. Lag" - Inheritance of Body Length. Results of TMS and De Garis Compared
  • Immunogenetics and Evolution in Paramecium
  • Independence of 2 Cytoplasmic Factors in P. aurelia, Variety 4
  • Inheritance of an Environmental Temperature Effect in Paramecium aurelia, Variety 1, and its Significance, 1941.
  • Inheritance of Mating Types in Intervarietal Hybrids
  • Intercellular Differentiation, 1955 (3 folders)
  • Intraclonal Heredity Diversities in Paramecium aurelia: Their Nature and Significance, 1946
  • Is Cytoplasm Exchanged in the Conjugation of Paramecium?
  • Is the Metagon an m-RNA in Paramecium and a Virus in Didinium? P.N.A.S. October, 1964.
  • Kappa and Related Particles in Paramecium (4 folders)
  • Kappa Particles and Their Bearing on Host-Parasite Relationships, Based on a Paper Given at The Gustav Stern Symposium, Perspectives in Virology, New York, January 25, 1960
  • Killer particles and metagons of Paramecium Grown in Didinium, with Ian Gibson (abstract)
  • Linked Loci of Paramecium Tetraurelia, 1980.
  • Local Differentiation of the Cell Surface Ciliates: Their Determination, Effects, and Genetics (3 folders)
  • Macronuclear Regeneration During Conjugation in Race 51 of Paramecium aurelia
  • Macronuclear Regeneration in Paramecium aurelia in Relation to Aging and Variation, with Myrtle V. Schneller
  • Mating Types and the Biology of Ciliated Protozoa, 1946.
  • The Metagon: RNA and Cytoplasmic Inheritance
  • Methods in Paramecium Research (in Prescott's Methods of Cell Physiology, Academic Press, vol. 4, 1964, pp.241-239) (2 folders)
Box 22
  • Methods in Paramecium Research (in Prescott's Methods of Cell Physiology, Academic Press, vol. 4, 1964, pp.241-239) (3 folders)
  • Morphogenesis (2 folders)
  • The New Genetics and its Implications
  • The Origin, Evolution, Nature and Causes of Aging
  • Paramecium aurelia (for King, Robert. Handbook of Genetics, Plenum Press, vol. 2, 1974)
  • The Paramecium aurelia Complex of 14 Sibling Species, Transaction of the American Microscopical Society, vol. 94, (2), 1975.
  • The P. aurelia Multimicronucleatum Complex
  • Paramecium aurelia, Variety 4: The Failure of Conjugants of Race 51 to Separate and the Consequent Production of Clones of Double Animals
  • Paramecium aurelia, Variety 4: The Inheritance of Mating Types VII and VIII, 1943.
  • P. Bursaria and P. aurelia: A Study in Evolution
  • Paramecium in Modern Biology, 1955
  • Phenotype Drift in Heterozygotes of Tetrahymena
  • Philosophy of Biology
  • Plasmagenes (for Rheinhold's Encyclopedia of the Biological Sciences)
  • Positional Information and Nearest Neighbor Interactions, 1975 (2 folders)
  • Previously Unexplained Deviations from Normal Cytogenetic in Paramecium tetraurelia: Contact induced selfing
  • Ralph E. Cleland, American Philosophical Society Yearbook, 1971
  • The Role of Cortical Orientation on the Locomotor Behavior of Paramecium
  • Role of Cytoplasm in Heredity, Centennial Issue of The Scientific Monthly, 1948
  • The Role of the Genes in Cytoplasmic Inheritance
  • Secondary School Preparation for Making Important Biological Decisions (2 folders)
  • Self-assembly and the Origin of Life (2 folders)
  • Sex Hormones in Unicellular Organisms
  • Sexual Isolation in Relation to the Differentiation of Species
  • Species Problem in Protozoa
  • Summary of Genetics of Paramecium, 1949
  • A System of Separable Genetic Determination in the Cytoplasm of Paramecium aurelia Variety 4, 1946
  • Temporary Inheritance of an Acquired, Adaptive, Immunological Character in a Microorganism (Paramecium aurelia)
Box 23
  • Tetrahymena Pyriformis (for King, Robert. Handbook of Genetics, Plenum Press, 1974) (2 folders)
  • Ultraviolet "Mutant" IIB2G, 1952.
  • Untitled papers on: Maupas, Hertwig, Jennings; notes on papers of Paramecium, 1948; Raffel's Paper on Reduction Division; notes on Russian Genetics Science in progress Spp paper, 1975; data for Stocks; unidentified paper on Watson's "Molecular Biology of the Gene ...", Science.
  • Outlines for future writings
Writings by Others Box 23 (cont.)
  • Austin, Mary. Specific Induction of the B-Serotype from a Variety of Others in Paramecium aurelia by Exposure to Patulin or Zinc Chloride, 1962
  • Bleyman, Lea Kanner. Determination and inheritance of mating type in Paramecium aurelia, syngen 5; Selfing in Paramecium aurelia, syngen 5: Persistent instability of mating type expression
  • Brygoo, Yves. Analyse genetique de la differenciation du type sexuel de Paramecium Tetraurelia, thesis, 1980. Translation by TMS
  • Curtius. Theory of Twinning, translated by TMS
  • Miyake, Akio. Induction of Conjugation by Chemical Agents in Paramecium, 3 copies (3 folders)
  • Nyberg, Dennis. Alternative Phenotype States in Genomically Identical Cells: Interstock genetics of a trichocyst phenotype in Paramecium tetraurelia; Genetic Analysis of Trichocyst Discharge of the Wild Stocks of Paramecium Tetraurelia, 1979 (3 folders)
  • Maniloff, Jack, H.J. Morowitz, R.J. Barnett. Discussion
  • Pasternak, Jack J. Differential genic activity in Paramecium aurelia
  • Slater, Donald W. Fractionation of Biologically Active
  • Desoxyribonucleic Acids Obtained from Paramecium aurelia. July 1959
  • Sonneborn, David R. The Trichocysts of Paramecium, 1953.
  • __________________. Immunological analyses of the development of the cellular slim mold, Dictyostelium Discoideum, Ph.D. dissertation, Brandeis University, June 1962.
  • Strandskov, Herluf H. Syllabus on Human Genetics, 1949
  • Tallan, Irving. Role of Nuclei in Mating Type Determination in Variety 4 - Group B. (2 folders)
  • Abstracts by various authors

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