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This series includes correspondence and other materials pertaining to Sonneborn's work with professional organizations, conferences and journals, as either a member, committee member, consultant, grant recipient, conference participant, contributor and/or editor. It is arranged alphabetically by name of organization, conference or journal. Some journals and conferences appear under the organization with which they are associated. See also: VII. Speeches and Lectures
Box 33 (cont'd.)
  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1949-1981. Includes: general correspondence, printed bulletins and records, correspondence concerning AAAS journal Daedalus, Indiana meeting of AAAS in 1976; Symposium on cytoplasmic units of inheritance, Montreal, Dec. 1964 (6 folders)
  • American Association of University Professors, 1934, 1950-1953, 1975
Box 34
  • American Cancer Society, 1947-1966. Includes: materials as member of Committee on Growth, grant for research (11 folders)
  • American Committee for Cultural Freedom, 1950-1956
  • American Eugenics Society Inc., 1957-1959
  • American Institute of Biological Sciences, 1956-1960. Includes: audit, 1957; business correspondence; crisis, 1962-1963; curriculum study; directory; governing board (6 folders)
  • American Institute of Biological Sciences, 1956-1960 (cont.). Includes: governing board (cont.); meeting in Bloomington, IN, 1958; past presidents meeting, 1968; secondary schools film series (cont.) (7 folders)
Box 35
  • American Philosophical Society, 1937-1939, 1952-1981. Includes: correspondence; annual meetings, 1938-1939, 1952-1980; calendars, 1952-1981; Committee on Library; Committee on Publications; Committee on Research; council; Executive Committee; grant application, 1944; membership; Mendel newsletter (12 folders)
  • American Society For Cell Biology, 1960-1973 (2 folders)
  • American Society of Human Genetics, 1947-1970 (2 folders)
  • American Society of Naturalists, 1946-1957 (3 folders)
  • American Society of Zoologists, 1936, 1944-1960 (3 folders)
  • Annual Review of Microbiology, 1949-1958 (2 folders)
  • Argonne National Laboratory, 1955-1962, 1966-1967. Includes materials on: consultant work, Review Committee, symposia (3 folders)
Box 36
  • Argonne National Laboratory, 1955-1962, 1966-1967. Includes materials on: consultant work, Review Committee, symposia (3 folders)
  • Atomic Energy Commission, 1951-1970. Includes: applications for renewals of grants; contracts; grant budget; progress reports; proposed technical program (20 folders)
Box 37
  • Atomic Energy Commission, 1951-1970 (cont.). Includes: proposed technical program (cont.); Radiation: Doses, Effects, Protection; research proposal; three-year report; printed (7 folders)
  • Atypical Growth Committee, 1950
  • British Biophysical Society, symposium, Jan. 8-9, 1965
  • Carnegie-Mellon University (formerly: Carnegie Institute of Technology, Visit by Advisor (Sonneborn) on Biological Science Development, Pittsburgh, Nov. 6, 1967
  • Ciliate Genetics Meeting, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Aug. 5-8, 1974
  • Cold Spring Harbor Symposia: 1947; XVIth Symposium on Genes and Mutations, June 8-15, 1951
  • Committee of Concerned Scientists, 1981
  • Committee on Inter-American Scientific Publication, 1947-1948
  • Committee of One Thousand, 1948
  • Conference on Genetic Disease Control, Washington, D.C., Dec. 2-5, 1970 (5 folders)
  • Conference on Genetics, Proceedings, Chicago, IL, Feb. 5-6, 1956 (3 folders)
  • Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, 1948
  • European Conference on Ciliates: Camerino, Sept. 9-14, 1973 and Pisa, Sept. 15-16, 1973; Landheim Rothenbergae, Germany, Sept. 21-25, 1975
  • Experimental Cell Research, 1949-1955
  • Genetical Society (Great Britain), 1949
  • Genetics, Inc., 1943-1968 (2 folders)
Box 38
  • Genetics Society of America, 1945-1977. Includes: biochemistry survey; correspondence; Genetics, Race and Intelligence Committee; Golden Jubilee Program; Historical Materials Committee; Maintenance of Genetic Stocks Committee; notes on Aug. 1974 meeting at Bloomington (15 folders)
  • Holcomb Research Institute, meeting at Butler University, Feb. 12, 1965
  • Indiana Academy of Sciences, 1942-1963, 1975
  • International Congress of Protozoology, VI, Warsaw, Poland, July 5-11, 1981 (see: VIII. Personal--Memorials)
  • International Society for Cell Biology, 1950-1968 (5 folders)
  • International Symposium on the Molecular Basis of Cell-Cell Interaction, San Diego, California, Feb. 14-17, 1977
  • Journal of Experimental Zoology, 1947-1961
  • Journal of Morphology, 1946-1953
  • Marine Biological Laboratory, 1950-1953
  • Midwest Protozoology Conference, Hope College, Holland, Michigan, Apr. 12, 1980
  • National Academy of Sciences, 1943-1980. Includes: correspondence; annual and Autumn meetings
Box 39
  • National Academy of Sciences, 1943-1980 (cont.). Includes: annual and Autumn meetings (cont.); awards; Botany Section; Committee on Biological Research, Social Behavior and Social Policy; Committee on Human Rights; Committee on Loyalty in Relation to Government Support of Unclassified Research; Committee on Natural Resources; Committee on Nomination Procedures; Committee on Scholarly Communication with the People's Republic of China; Committee on Science and Public Policy; Committee on SST Sonic Boom; constitution and bylaws; Division of Medical Sciences; election to the Academy, 1946; Genetics Panel; ; Genetics Section; Hungarian refugees; Interacademy Exchange Program; Kimber Genetics Committee; Life Sciences Panel; nominations and elections; officers; Panel on Genetic Effects of Irradiation, Princeton meeting, Nov. 1955 (32 folders)
Box 40
  • National Academy of Sciences, 1943-1980 (cont.). Includes: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; proposed Indiana meeting, 1971; Report Review Committee; Revson Conference on Frontiers in the Health Sciences: Implications of Environmental-Genetic Interactions, July 10-11, 1980; Section of Cellular and Developmental Biology; Section of Zoology and Anatomy; Symposium on Basic Research, New York, May 14-16, 1959, sponsored by NAS, American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation; travel; miscellaneous (10 folders)
  • National Council on Radiation Protection. Includes: Working Group on Acceptable Risk (14 folders)
  • National Research Council. Includes: Correspondence; Committee on Developmental Biology; Fellowship, 1928-1930; NRC-NAE proposal; reports (5 folders)
Box 41
  • National Science Foundation. Includes: Correspondence; Advisory Committee; annual reports; grant application and reports; Jordan Hall remodeling grant; press releases; Undergraduate Research Participation; miscellaneous (18 folders)
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Ciliate Genetics Conference, Oak Ridge, TN, June 24-26, 1968; Symposium on Molecular Basis of Human Genetic Disease, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Apr. 4-7, 1972
  • Phi Beta Kappa, 1970-1979
  • Physiological Zoology, 1948-1958
  • Population Council, Conference on Immuno-Reproduction, La Jolla, California, Sept. 9-11, 1962
  • Princeton Bicentennial, Jan. 2-4, 1947
Box 42
  • Public Health Service, 1947-1981. Includes: general correspondence; genetics training grant; research grant; site visit, Dennis Buetow, University of Illinois, 1967, 1971 (20 folders)
  • Rockefeller Foundation, 1939-1972. Includes: general correspondence; Cleland grant; research grant (6 folders)
  • The Royal Society, 1961-1980 (2 folders)
  • Science Council of Japan. U.S.-Japan Cooperative Science Program, under National Academy of Sciences, Nov. 7-14, 1964 (3 folders)
Box 43
  • Science Council of Japan (cont.). Visit to United States and Indiana University, May 19-22, 1966
  • Scientist's Committee on Loyalty Problems, Federation of American Scientists, 1949-1950
  • Society for the Study of Development and Growth
  • Society for the Study of Evolution
  • Society of Protozoologists
  • Society of Sigma XI, Indiana University Chapter
  • Symposium on Genetics in Medical Research, University of Wisconsin, Apr. 7-10, 1958
Box 11
  • Tobacco Industry Research Committee (2 folders)
  • University of Pennsylvania Bicentennial Conference, Sept. 16-21, 1940
  • Volunteer Leadership Committee, New York Meetings, Mar. 9-10, 1971
  • Western Reserve University Assembly on National Goals, Cleveland, OH, May 11-14, 1961
  • Western U.S. Regional Meeting on Ciliate Molecular Biology, 1st, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, Aug. 17-20, 1981
  • White House Conference on Aging, Report before Senate, Oct. 18, 1967
  • World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, 1st, Madrid, Spain, Oct. 7-11, 1974
  • Notes taken on speeches at various meetings, undated

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