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The Alexander mss., 1916-1943, are letters and papers of William Albert Alexander, 1875-1943, librarian of the Indiana University Library, 1921-1942.

In addition to letters and papers relating to the history and operation of the Library and to the work of University committees of which Mr. Alexander was a member, the collection includes correspondence with prominent men, most of them Hoosiers and most of them literary and political figures. This correspondence relates chiefly to obtaining autographed books and photographs for the Library.

Correspondents represented in the collection include: George Ade, Raymond Earl Baldwin, Ralph L. Carr, Frank Linden Crone, Hamlin Garland, Charles Abraham Halleck, Don Herold, Edwin Conger Hill, Kin Hubbard, Chic Jackson, David Starr Jordan, Gerald Wayne Landis, Stephen Butler Leacock, Lloyd Lewis, Louis Leon Ludlow, George Barr McCutcheon, John Tinney McCutcheon, Paul Vories McNutt, Sherman Minton, Meredith Nicholson, Drew Pearson, Ernie Pyle, Joseph Swain, Frederick Van Nuys, Raymond Eugene Willis, and Mrs. Alverta (White) Matthew.

Included also in the collection is Charles Abraham Halleck's speech placing the name of Wendell Lewis Willkie in nomination for president of the United States at the 1940 Republican national convention, speeches seconding that nomination, and speeches at the notification of Willkie of his nomination at Elwood, Indiana, August 17, 1940.

The collection is filed alphabetically by the following subjects or correspondents: Ade, George, 1925-1942; American council of learned societies, 1934-1935; American library association, 1933; Association of research libraries, 1934- 1940; Autographs, Miscellaneous, 1927-1938; Frank L. Crone, 1937-1943; Hamlin Garland, n.d.; Don Herold, 1935; Edwin Conger Hill, n.d.; Kin Hubbard, n.d.; Indiana authors- Bibliography, n.d.; Indiana university with the subheads: Committee on university costs, 1939; Donors, 1939-1940; History, n.d.; Memorial fund campaign, n.d.; Personnel division, 1941; Publicity committee, 1933; Radio advisory committee, 1938; Retirement plan, 1937; Self survey committee, 1938-1940; Indiana university. Library with the subheads: Annual report, 1937-1940; Book purchases, 1927- 1928; Classification department. Reclassification, 1918; Gifts, 1935, 1938-1942; History, 1895-1931, 1938; Librarians; National Youth Administration, 1935-1941; Reserve desk, 1936; Retired faculty room, 1939; Sembower shelf, 1928; Special collections, n.d.; Staff applications, 1937, 1939-1941; Student staff, 1926-1941; Student staff applications, 1938- 1941; Vacations, 1934-1938; Charles Bacon Jackson, 1927; David Starr Jordan, 1927-1930; Gerald Wayne Landis, 1940- 1941; Stephen Butler Leacock, 1933; Lloyd Lewis, n.d.; Louis Leon Ludlow, 1933-1942; George Barr McCutcheon, 1926; John Tinney McCutcheon, 1926; John McKinney, 1940; Paul Vories McNutt, 1928-1939; Sherman Minton, 1934-1941; William Thomas Morgan, 1940; David M. Mottier, 1938; Burton D. Myers, 1939- 1941; Meredith Nicholson, 1926-1930; Val Nolan, 1939-1940; Paper, Preservation of, 1937-1939; J.E. Patrick, 1940; Drew Pearson, 1934; Henry E. Pearson, 1940-1941; Charles A. Pettijohn, 1931-1941; Principia press, 1933; Ernie Pyle, 1940-1941; Quotations, 1926-1935; A.J. Rogers, 1941; Frederick M. Smith, 1937-1938; Statistics of university libraries, 1916-1939; Charles G. Strong, 1939-1940; Joseph Swain, 1921-1940; Joseph and Frances Morgan Swain-Bequests, 1939; Lucius B. Swift, 1930; Booth Tarkington, 1927-1941; John T. Thompson, 1941; Frederick Van Nuys, 1932-1941; President Herman B Wells, 1937-1941; Will Rogers Memorial Commission, 1935-1936; Raymond Eugene Willis, 1941; and Wendell Lewis Willkie, 1940.

Collection size: 1,765 items

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