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I. Correspondence

Box 1
  • folder 1: 1958-1993. An index is available.
  • folder 2: Harvey Ginsberg, 1962-1974
  • folder 3: Lisabeth Scott, 1972-1988 (all photocopies). Includes one photograph of Scott.

II. Photographs and Video Tape

Box 1
  • folder 4: Photographs: Baker with Robert Frost, Nov. 1958; Baker with Sean Connery and Joanne Woodward during filming of A Fine Madness, New York City, Oct. 1965; Baker alone with cityscape in background, undated.
  • folder 5: Video tape: Skip Lowe looks at Hollywood, guest Elliott Baker

III. Printed

Box 1
  • folder 6: By or about Elliott Baker, 1967-1985. Includes copy of BBC interview, 1964; off-print of EB entry in First Printings of American Authors, 1977; etc.
  • folder 7: A Fine Madness. jacket copy, ads, reviews, etc.
  • folder 8: A Fine Madness. movie reviews

IV. Writings by E. Baker

Box 1
  • folders 9-13: Short works
  • folder 9: "And the Winner is..." T.D. (2 copies) 24p. Published in Blue Satellite, vol. 6, no. 2, Feb. 2000.
  • folder 10: "The Man Who Would Be Tampax" T.D. 6p.
  • folder 11: "More Home Thoughts from Abroad..." T.D. 9p. Apr. 7, 1997
  • folder 12: "The Movies, the Monks, and Colonel Mix" T.D. 54p. in gray covers. Part published in The Saturday Evening Post, Sept. 14, 1964.
  • folder 13: "The Unpopular Novel and the Popular Film" T.D. 15p. Talk give at the Fifteenth Annual Writers' Week at Pasadena City College, May 6, 1969.
Box 2
  • folders 1-15: full-length novels, etc.
  • folder 1: And We Were Young. T.D. 272p. in black covers. (London: Michael Joseph, 1980)
  • folder 2: And We Were Young. Ads, reviews, etc., 1979-1980.
  • folder 3: Klynt's Law. T.D. 311p. Original title: "The Death of Probability" (London: Michael Joseph, 1976)
  • folder 4: Klynt's Law. Reviews, etc., 1976
  • folder 5: Klynt's Law. Screenplay, adapted by EB from his novel. 110p. in plastic binder (includes 1p. of photocopied reviews, 1976)
  • folder 6: The Penny Wars: A nostalgic novel. T.D. 344p. in blue binder (London: Michael Joseph, 1968)
  • folder 7: The Penny Wars. Ads, reviews, etc., 1968-1969
  • folder 8: The Penny Wars, stage adaptation. T.D. 135p. in plastic binder (Produced by David Merrick; premiere performance, New York, Royale Theatre, Oct. 15, 1969)
  • folders 9-14: Pocock and Pitt. 2 drafts; printer's copy, 2 sets of galleys (London: Michael Joseph, 1974).
  • folder 15: Pocock and Pitt. Ads, reviews, etc., 1971-1974
Box 3:
  • folders 1-19: full-length novels, etc.
  • folders 1-3: Unhealthful Air. T.D. 287p. (New York: Viking, 1988)
  • folders 4-5: Unrequited Loves. T.D. with many revisions, 243p. (London: Michael Joseph, 1974)
  • folder 6: Unrequited Loves. Galleys
  • folder 7: Unrequited Loves. Ads, reviews, etc., 1973-1974
  • folder 8: Portraits. Adapted from his autobiography, Unrequited Loves (screenplay) T.D. 110p. 1998, in yellow covers
  • folders 9-10: Clark and Myrna. T.D. 96p. Play in two acts, premiered July 1972. 2 copies - one in plastic binder; one in yellow covers
  • folders 11-12: Delia: A Novel. T.D. 235p. in gray covers; T.D. 237p. in plastic binder
  • folder 13: "In Defense of Delia" T.D. with penciled revisions, 22p. London, Sept. 1989. Published in EB's Bardolatry (London: Holofernes, 1992)
  • folder 14: The Philosophy of the Plays of Shakspere Unfolded, by Delia Bacon; abridged by Elliott Baker. T.D. (photocopy), 280p. Foreword by Elliott Baker, London, 1993, in plastic binder. Published as Shakespeare's Philosophy Unfolded (Phila., PA: Xlibris Corp., 2000)
  • folder 15: Doctor Lopez: A Novel. T.D. 227p. in plastic binder (London: Holofernes, 1995)
  • folder 16: Doctor Lopez. Screenplay by Elliott Baker (adapted from his novel) 2002. T.D.(photocopy) 120p. in lavender covers.
  • folder 17: Percy, Bob and Assenpoop: Memories of Wyndham Lewis, Robert Frost and Ezra Pound. T.D. 125p. (London: 1994)
  • folder 18: When the Flowers Died: a potboiler novel. c.1997 T.D. 222p.
  • folder 19: Ebenezer. "Novel in progress - as of May 2000" T.D.(photocopy) 56p.
Box 4
  • folders 1-3: full-length novels, etc.
  • folder 1: Ebenezer. T.D.(copy) 177p.
  • folder 2: Confectionaries. T.D. Contents: Percy, Bob and Assenpoop "And the Winner is...," Bardolatry, and Variations on the Theme of the Kreutzer Sonata. Includes copy of letter from EB to "Lillian" (typist?) dated Nov. 21, 2002.
  • folder 3: Confectionaries (photocopy/proofs?)

V. Writings by others

Box 4
  • folder 4: Hope, Warren. "Saplings for the Sahara: Some novels by Elliott Baker" T.D.(copy) 8p.

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