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The Barnhart mss., 1813-1962, are the papers of John Donald Barnhart, 1895-1967, professor of history at Indiana University. Born September 22, 1895, in Decatur, Illinois; son of John D. and Effie Frances (Clothier) Barnhart; A.B. degree, 1916, Illinois Wesleyan University; A.M., 1919, Northwestern University; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1930, under the direction of Arthur Meier Schlesinger and disciple of Frederick Jackson Turner; appointed as teaching assistant at University of Minnesota, 1920-1921 and Harvard 1924-1925; head of department of history at Nebraska Wesleyan University 1921-1923; associate professor of history at Indiana University 1925-1926; associate professor of history at West Virginia University 1926-1933; head of social science department at West Liberty State Teachers College, 1934-1936; associate professor of history at Louisiana State University 1936-1941; associate professor of history at Indiana University in 1941, appointed professor in 1946; chairman 1948-1953; professor emeritus, 1965-1967; editor Indiana Magazine of History, 1941-1955; historical contributions include numerous articles, book reviews, and four books, Henry Hamilton and George Rogers Clark in the American Revolution in the West (1951), Valley of Democracy: the Frontier Versus the Plantation in the Ohio Valley (1953), Indiana: From Frontier to Industrial Commonwealth (4 vols., 1954), co-authored with Donald F. Carmony, and Indiana: the Hoosier State (1959, rev. 1963), co- authored with Donald F. Carmony, et al.; chairman of Indiana Territorial Sesquicentennial Commission, 1950; member of American, Southern, and Mississippi Valley Historical Associations; member of the executive committee of the MVHA 1942-1946; member of its Board of Editors 1954-1956; president of Indiana History Teachers' Association 1947-1948; president of Indiana Historical Society 1957-1959; member of its executive committee 1949-1967; during World War II chairman of Indiana War History Commission; in 1950's and 1960's served as a member of Advisory Committee on History to the Secretary of the Navy; member of the Bloomington, Indiana, Rotary; married Zella Marie Petty, January 3, 1917; children, John Dale (deceased), Frank Alvin, Frances Mary (Zorn); died December 25, 1967, Bloomington Hospital, Bloomington, Indiana, and buried in Decatur, Illinois.

The Barnhart mss., consist of letters from and to eminent American historians, professors, educators, politicians, publishers, archivists, and friends, and material for his publications which includes letters from Ninian Edwards to Isaac Shelby, 1813-1814; notes and copy of 1860 census of Salt Creek township, Jackson County, Indiana; letters from steamboat captain, James A. Payne, to his step-daughter, Mrs. Katherine F. Sterrett, 1864-1878, on the unsettled conditions which prevailed in Louisiana after the Civil War. They were printed in an article entitled "Reconstruction on the Lower Mississippi" in the Mississippi Valley Historical Review, XXI, no. 3 (December, 1934), pp. 387-396.

There is also a World War I diary by Georgia Elizabeth Finley 1873-1943, a dietitian and former Indiana University faculty member in the Home Economics Department, who served with the American Red Cross in France in the Vosges Mountains from December, 1917 to February 1919; financial reports, notes, and minutes of Indiana War History Commission 1943-1951; and microfilms of material relating to the Old Northwest in other repositories as follows: (1) Godlove Stein Orth letters, Library of Congress and Indiana State Library. (2) Thomas Worthington papers, 1801-1827, Library of Congress. (3) "Slavery, inconsistent with justice and good policy" by D[avid] Rice, published Lexington, Kentucky, 1792 (4) Kentucky Gazette, 1791 Oct.-Nov. and 1792, Jan.-April, Library of Congress. (5) George Rogers Clark papers, 1766-1782, Jan. 12 and 1782, Jan. 17-1810, Dec. 9, Missouri Historical Society. (6) Centinel of the North- Western Territory, 1793-1796, Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, and Philosophical Society of Ohio, Cincinnati. (7) Haldemand papers and documents of early and mid-eighteenth century (in French), Canadian Public Archives. (8) Jonathan Jennings letters, Indiana State Library. (9) Scioto Gazette, 1800, July 11-1802, Oct. 2, Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio.

Among the correspondents are Randolph Greenfield Adams, Edward Porter Alexander, Charles Henry Ambler, John C Andressohn, Paul McClelland Angle, Robert Allen Armstrong, Frederick Binkerd Artz, Hugh Mason Ayer, John Edwin Bakeless, Richard Elwell Banta, Elmore Barce, Hugh Arthur Barnhart, James Phinney Baxter III, Mrs. Mary (Ritter) Beard, A. Dale Beeler, Samuel Flagg Bemis, Nels August Bengston, Frank Lee Benns, Dale P. Bessire, Rudolf Leopold Biesele, Ray Allen Billington, William Campbell Binkley, Glenn Albert Black, Israel George Blake, Theodore Christian Blegen, Arthur Edward Romilly Boak, Herbert Eugene Bolton, Beverly Waugh Bond, Arthur Elmore Bostwick, Frank Llewellyn Bowman, Claude Gernade Bowers, Albert Perry Brigham, Clarence Saunders Brigham, Harold Frederick Brigham, Crane Brinton, Weldon Amzy Brown, William Lowe Bryan, Paul Herman Buck, Solon Justus Buck, Roscoe Carlyle Buley, Frederic Lauriston Bullard, James Morton Callahan, Wilfrid Hardy Callcott, Homer Earl Capehart, William Graves Carleton, Donald Francis Carmony, Clarence Edwin Carter, Edward Channing, Oliver Perry Chitwood, Thomas Dionysius Clark, Arthur Charles Cole, Christopher Bush Coleman, John Leonard Conger, John Bowden Connally, Robert Diggs Wemberly Connor, Roy Bird Cook, Leroy David Corbitt, Ellis Merton Coulter, Isaac Joslyn Cox, Avery Odelle Craven, John William Cravens, Charles Christopher Crittenden, Arthur Lyon Cross, Merle Eugene Curti, Edward Everett Dale, Francis Garvin Davenport, Edwin Adams Davis, David Howard Dickason, Oliver Morton Dickerson, Gilbert Harry Doane, Joseph David Doty, Paul Howard Douglas, Caroline Dunn, John Samuel Duss, William Clement Eaton, Carl Conrad Eckhardt, Max Ehrmann, Otto Eisenschiml, Paul Nowell Elbin, Elmer Ellis, Thomas Edson Ennis, Luther Harris Evans, Louis Blasdel Ewbank, Hallie Farmer, James Sharbrough Ferguson, Oliver Peter Field, John Clement Fitzpatrick, Walter Lynwood Fleming, Robert Samuel Fletcher, R. H. Folger, Stanley John Folmsbee, Gerald Charles Forbes, Guy Stanton Ford, Nat Terry Frame, Joseph Amos Franklin, Carl Maynard Frasure, Douglas Southall Freeman, James Rudolph Garfield, Thomas Sovereign Gates, Edwin Francis Gay, Alberto Maria Ghisalaberti, Wayne Fulton Gibbs, Milton Riewtow Gutsch, Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor, LeRoy Reuben Hafen, Will Taliaferro Hale, Holman Hamilton, William Baskerville Hamilton, Fred Harvey Harrington, William Harris, Fairfax Harrison, Charles Homer Haskins, William Bass Hatcher, Henry Drury Hatfield, Paul Macarius Hebert, James Blaine Hedges, Rudolf Heberle, Amos Shartle Hershey, Charlie Brown Hershey, John Donald Hicks, Sanford Wilson Higginbotham, Gilbert Monell Hitchcock, Homer Carey Hockett, Kremer Jacob Hoke, Arthur Norman Holcombe, Bennett Moorhead Hollowell, Jesse Theodore Hoover, Halford Lancaster Hoskins, George Frederick Howe, Earl Hudelson, Gary Harris Hudson, James Alton James, John Franklin Jameson, Pete Jarman, William Ezra Jenner, Theodore Francis Jones, Elmer Louis Kayser, Helen Adams Keller, Louise Phelps Kellogg, Benjamin Burks Kendrick, Robert Lee Kincaid, Chester Kirby, Albert Ludwig Kohlmeier, Louis Knott Koontz, August Charles Krey, Oscar Doane Lambert, Gerald Wayne Landis, Laurence Marcellus Larson, Eli Lilly, Harlow Lindley, Ross Franklin Lockridge, Savoie Lottinville, Scott Wike Lucas, William Orlando Lynch, Thomas Timothy McAvoy, Henry Read McIlwaine, Carroll Brown Malone, Dumas Malone, Alan Krebs Manchester, Lawrence Shaw Mayo, Frederick Merk, Roger Bigelow Merriman, Richard Lee Metcalfe, Clarence Lee Miller, George J. Miller, George Fort Milton, Samuel Alfred Mitchell, Vernie Alton Moody, Virginia Green Moody, Thomas Parker Moon, Mrs. Mary Brown (Daniel) Moore, Samuel Eliot Morison, Ralph Ernest Morrow, Rising Lake Morrow, Richard Lee Morton, Clifford R. Myers, Curtis Putnam Nettels, Allan Nevins, Albert Ray Newsome, James Ellsworth Noland, Margaret Cross Norton, Howard Washington Odum, Frederic Austin Ogg, Charles Henry Oldfather, John William Oliver, James Clifton Olson, George Coleman Osborn, William Daniel Overman, Garfield Bromley Oxnam, Mrs. Marie Bankhead Owen, Mrs. Clara Audrea (Sibley) Paine, Stanley Pargellis, E. Taylor Parks, James Welch Patton, Fernandus Payne, Theodore Calvin Pease, Howard Henry Peckham, Louis Pelzer, Bessie Louise Pierce, Gifford Pinchot, Charles Wooten Pipkin, Gerald Webber Prescott, Walter Prichard, John Perry Pritchett, Herbert Putnam, Milo Milton Quaife, Carroll Hunter Quenzel, Joseph Lowell Ragatz, Charles William Ramsdell, James Garfield Randall, Fenwick Thomas Reed, Cornelius C. Regier, John Andrew Rice, Robert Edgar Riegel, Carl Coke Rister, Ray Marvin Robbins, William Spence Robertson, Howard Robinson, Edward G. Rohrbough, Charles Roll, Winfred Trexler Root, Eugene Halloway Roseboom, Josiah Cox Russel, Walter Noble Sage, J. Herman Schauinger, Arthur Schlesinger, Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Louis Bernard Schmidt, Henry Frederick Schricker, James Lee Sellers, Boyd Carlisle Shafer, Henry Thomas Shanks, George Winters Sharp, Walter Rice Sharp, Albert Shaw, Benjamin Chandler Shaw, William Edward Shaw, Morris Purdy Shawkey, Addison Erwin Sheldon, Lester Burrell Shippee, Wilson Porter Shortridge, John Clyde Shreve, Richard Harrison Shryock, Roger Wallace Shugg, St. George Leakin Sioussat, Joseph Carlyle Sitterson, Otis Clark Skipper, John Fairfield Sly, Charles Edward Smith, Dwight La Vern Smith, James Monroe Smith, William Ernest Smith, Frank Hugh Sparks, William Gear Spencer, Earl Evelyn Sperry, Kenneth Milton Stampp, Frank Fletcher Stephens, George Malcolm Stephenson, Wendell Holmes Stephenson, Geroge Hammond Sullivan, Festus Paul Summers, Charles Sackett Sydnor, Booth Tarkington, Frank William Taussig, Alfred Barnaby Thomas, Charles Marion Thomas, Sir Henry Thomas, Prescott Winson Townsend, William Woodson Trent, Kathryn Marie Troxel, Frederick Jackson Turner, John Roscoe Turner, Lynn Warren Turner, Harry Walter Tyler, Fred Wilbert Upson, Chester Stanley Urban, Eugene Morrow Violette, Stephen Sargent Visher, Albert Tangeman Volwiler, Harris Gaylord Warren, Dudley Crafts Watson, Francis Phelps Weisenburger, Herman B Wells, Frederick King Weyerhaeuser, Arthur Preston Whitaker, Thomas Harry Williams, Marcus Manley Wilkerson, Raymond Eugene Willis, Samuel Mackay Wilson, Charles Conrad Wise, Carl Frederick Wittke, James Albert Woodburn, Wendell William Wright, Robert H. Wyatt, Harold Zink, and Arthur Franklin Zimmerman.

The collection also contains a few printed items.

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Acquired: 1968

Collection size: 706 items

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