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I. Georges Perec

Georges Perec: A Life in Words
Box 1
  • folders 1–6: Correspondence with Harvill Press and various French publishers, 1989–1998
  • folders 7–147: Correspondence and interview notes. Arranged alphabetically. A complete list of names is available.
Box 2
  • folders 1–24: Notes and reports on research trips for Georges Perec: A Life in Words. Arranged by location or topic, dating from January 1988–March 1990.
  • folders 25–34: Notes on specific elements of Perec's life. Includes: Baptism of Georges Perec; Belleville between 1920 and 1925; French history of and information on Peretz/Bienenfeld families; La ligne géneralé; Geographie de la France; Dossier scolaire/School dossier of Georges Perec; Lycée Henry IV; and Military service of Georges Perec.
  • folders 35–40: General/miscellaneous notes for the Perec biography.
  • folder 41: Audiotape cassettes of research on Georges Perec recorded during visits in Tunisia, Yugoslavia and France (5 items).
  • folders 42–45: Notes relating to the composition of the biography, January, March and May 1990.
  • folder 46: Notebooks on Perec.
Box 3
  • folders 1–6: Notes and notebooks for Georges Perec: A Life in Words
  • folder 7: Correspondence, 1989, about Georges Perec's lecture given at the University of Warwick, UK; photocopy of the lecture, May 1967.
  • folders 8–12: Correspondence with publishers, etc., 1988–1993, about Georges Perec: A Life in Words.
  • folder 13: Calendrier de la vie de Perec (original basic plan for Bellos's biography)
  • folder 14: Georges Perec: A Life in Words. Early draft
  • folders 15–17: Georges Perec: A Life in Words. Corrected proofs
Box 4
  • folders 1–2: Georges Perec: A Life in Words. Corrected proofs, cont.
  • folder 3–4: Ela Bienenfeld's notes on earliest version (early 1990).
  • folder 5: Bianca Lamblin's corrections to part I of 1990 version
  • folders 6–8: Bellos's notes on version I, 1990–1991
  • folder 9: Problems and references
  • folders 10–11: Bienenfeld, Ela. Correspondence, interview notes, photocopies of her correspondence, etc. in the University of Pennsylvania.
  • folder 12: Binet, Catherine. Correspondence with Georges Perec, 1977—1981 (photocopies)
  • folder 13: Binet, Catherine. Correspondence with Harry Mathews (photocopies of originals in the University of Pennsylvania)
  • folder 14: Binet, Catherine. "La commande: ou project d'un voyage à W" (photocopy)
  • folder 15: Binet, Catherine. "Vous sovenez–vous de Gaspard Winckler?" Film script about Georges Perec. Photocopy with autograph corrections and changes.
  • folder 16: Binet, Catherine. Correspondence and interview notes with Bellos; "Film sur Georges Perec: Part I: Te souviens–tu de Gaspard Winckler? Part II: Vous sovenez–vous de Gaspard Winckler?"
  • folder 17: Binet, Catherine. Audio cassettes of Catherine Binet talking about Georges Perec, and the errors in David Bellos's biography of Perec (7 items).
  • folder 18: Binet, Catherine. Documents provided by Catherine Binet: Les jeux de la comtesse Dolingen de Gratz; Binet's c.v.; notes; correspondence with Bellos
  • folders 19–24: Correspondence with publishers, etc. about Perec translations, ca. 1985–1996
  • folder 25: Marie Chaix/Jacques Lederer/Laurant de Brunhoff correspondence, 1991, with Bellos
  • folder 26: Mathews, Harry. Correspondence: Oct. 1988—June 1995; interview notes; parts of Harry Mathews's diary.
Box 5
  • folders 1–2: Georges Perec: A Life in Words. Reviews
Writings, etc. by and about Georges Perec
Box 5
  • folders 3–10: Photocopies of Georges Perec correspondence, 1957–1981.
  • folder 11: Correspondence: Perec to Philippe Guerinat, 1956—1959, photocopies
  • folder 12: Correspondence: Perec to Eugan Hemle, transcriptions
  • folder 13: Correspondence: Perec with Johann M. Kamps, transcriptions
  • folder 14: Notes and transcriptions of Georges Perec's letters to Jacques Lederer, 1954–1961 (edited versions of the letters have been published)
  • folder 15: Martens, Michel. Card annotated by Georges Perec in black ink
  • folders 16–24: "53 Jours." Photocopies of the manuscript and typescript drafts from Harry Mathews's copy of Perec's unfinished novel; Bellos's transcriptions and editing in preparation for the translation published as 53 Days (UK 1992, US 2002).
  • folders 25–36: Copies of various writings by and about Perec:
  • "L'Abominable Pardessus." Film by Georges Franju, adaptation and dialogues by G Perec
  • "Alfred et Marie" Un film de Gérard Zingg, scénario et dialogues de Georges Perec
  • "L'Attentat de Sarajevo." Incomplete
  • "La bande magnétique." Film treatment
  • "Le Bonheur" Unpublished article by Perec on the film by A. Varda
  • Les choses
  • "Les choses." Script for the movie adaptation of Perec's book and Les choses, screenplay, adaptation and dialogues by Raymond Bellour, Jean Maillaud, and Georges Perec
  • Le condottiÃre
  • "Ellis Island Revisted: Chronicles of vagrancy and hope," translated by Harry Mathews
  • "Les Extraordinaires aventures de Monsieur Eveready." Unpublished script for radio serial (3 folders)
Box 6
  • folders 1–33: Copies of various writings... (cont.)
  • "Les Extraordinaires aventures de Monsieur Eveready," cont.
  • "Le fou"
  • "Georges Perec L'amateur d'art"
  • Georges Perec — Australian Radio Programme (interview)
  • Un homme qui dort — film script
  • Der Kartoffelkessel, radio–adaptation
  • KonzertstÃck (2 folders)
  • Lieux d'une fugue (2 folders)
  • "Les Lieux d'une ruse/About my analysis"
  • Life: A User's manual, correspondence, 1985–1987
  • Die Maschine (2 folders)
  • Malédiction! Screenplay by Perec and Jean–Pierre Prévost
  • Manderre
  • Notes for films: "Le club," "Le prince Michel," "La couronne de Saint Mathias," "La coronne de fer"
  • L'Oeil de l'Autre
  • Plays, Pieces and Puzzles, photocopy
  • Poetry by Georges Perec
  • Quel petit vélo
  • Radioscopie — Georges Perec (interview by Jacques Chancel)
  • Signe particuler: NEANT (projet de long–métrage de fiction)
  • "The Story of a Painting," translated by Bellos
  • A tire d'aile, script for the film by Pascal Aubier, adaptation and dialogues by Georges Perec
  • La vie privée, corrected proofs, incomplete
  • Voyage d'hiver/The Winter Journey (2 folders)
  • W ou le souvenir d'enfance (4 folders)
  • "Wucherungen" German radio script, photocopy
Box 7
  • folder 1: Miscellaneous short pieces by Perec
  • folders 2–23: Miscellaneous Perec memorabilia, magazines, articles, art publications, etc. Included is a photocopy of Perec's elementary school notebook; book blurbs by Perec; two cigarillo boxes left by Georges Perec in photo session which resulted in a famous Perec and cat photograph; medical pamphlets of the sort Georges Perec dealt with as bibliographer of the CNRS LA 38; obituaries of Perec
  • folders 24–30: Seven scrapbooks of Perec Press files
Box 8:
  • folder 1: Perec Press (cont.). Inventory listings: 1) by date; 2) by scrapbook number; 3) by newspaper/magazine, and; 4) alphabetically by author
  • folder 2: Copies of dust jackets for various Perec publications
  • folders 3–26: Miscellaneous. Includes clippings, photocopies of articles, lecture notes, etc. Some relate to Perec, some do not. Arranged alphabetically by author or subject of the file.
  • Includes:
  • Abraham/Torok
  • Appel du Silence
  • Atelier de création radiophonique
  • Ave de Segur
  • Simone de Beauvoir. Reading notes
  • Maurice Blanchot
  • Georges Burnacks
  • Les Doigts dan la Cassure
  • Philippe Drogoz — L'enlevement, opera en cinq actes
  • Sergei M. Eisenstein
  • John Forbes
  • Lucien Goldman, notes
  • Alain Guerin "Le bon depart" Notes
  • Hamon/Rotman "Génération, les anées de Rêve"
  • E.A.J. Honigmann article on autobiography, New York Review, Dec. 7, 1989
  • Jean–Noel Jeanneney
  • Franz Kafka: translation history, notes
  • Milan Kundera. TLS review, June 24, 1988
  • Helen Lane. Notes
  • Henri Lefebvre. Notes
  • Christine Lipinska. Clipping
  • G. Lukács translations. Notes
  • Clara Malraux, Atlan
  • Patricia Molteni
  • folder 27: Bellos correspondence with Random House publishers, 2002–2003. Email printouts
II. Translations of other authors
Box 8
  • Kadare, Ismail
  • folder 28: The Great Wall. First draft of translation; printout; copy–edited galleys (two sets)
  • folder 29: The Successor. First draft of translation
  • folder 30: The Successor. Late draft with some corrections by Bellos in pencil
  • folder 31: The Successor. Bellos's responses to copy–editor; corrected galleys
  • folder 32: Clippings about Kadare and reviews of his works.
  • Vargas, Fred
  • folder 33: Seeking Whom He May Devour. Bellos's notes.
  • folder 34–35: Seeking Whom He May Devour. First version of translation, heavily corrected
III. Miscellaneous
Box 8
  • folder 36: Miscellaneous articles, etc. written by Bellos for The New York Review of Books
  • folder 37: Clippings of reviews of various books written by Bellos

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