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Mostly typescripts or copies of typescripts. Arranged alphabetically by title of writings, followed by an alphabetical list of translations, adaptations, etc.

  • "Die Angst der Deutschen und die Angst vor den Deutschen." Numerous corrections and revisions by the author in ink. First published in German in the Frankfurter Rundschau, 7 August 1976, under the title: "Die Angst der Deutschen und die Angst vor ihnen" 9 p.
  • "Einmischung erwünscht." Original sub-title "Ein Lamento für Schrifteller in Schwierigkeiten" inked out; numerous corrections and revisions by the author in ink. First published in German in Dokumente, March 1973. 4 p.
  • "Erinnerung an 1945." Numerous corrections and revisions. Böll's report on and thoughts about the end of WWII and the months immediately following. Apparently unpublished. Oct. 1964. 9 p.
  • "Hausfriedensbruch" (radio play). 8-line note in ink on the title page from Böll to Joan Daves suggesting the play might be something for America, and leaving all foreign rights up to her except for the Italian, where he has a friend who is both his agent there and his translator; also mentions completing a new play. Produced on NDR (North German Radio). May 15, 1969. 75 p.
Translations, adaptations, etc.:
  • "After the Deluge." A review of Absent Without Leave, by Heinrich Böll, published by McGraw-Hill. 2 p.
  • "Aus unseren Tagen Introduction." English translation, presumably by Gisela Stein for the English edition Aus unseren Tagen, a German-language reader edited by Gisela Stein. The introduction is about Böll and his writings. The reader was published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston in 1960. 4 p.
  • "The Clown" (play script). Translated by Leila Vennewitz; adapted for the stage by Paul Weisser. In red paper covers. Some typed revisions pasted over script. Apparently unpublished as a play. c. 1965. 205 p.
  • "In the Valley of the Thundering Hooves" (film script). Translated and adapted from the novella. Final Draft May 1, 1981. 41 p.

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