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The Booth mss., 1916-1940, are the correspondence and writings of Alice Bryan Booth,, 1888?-1963, associate editor of Good Housekeeping and short story writer. She was born in Bloomington, Indiana, the daughter of Charles Willard and Mollie Bryan Booth, and the granddaughter of George Washington Bryan, -1893, physician. A graduate of Indiana University in 1908 she also studied at Columbia University and then pursued her working career in New York City by writing for The Conning Tower, when it was conducted by Franklin Pierce Adams, of the New York Tribune and as editor for D. Appleton-Century before moving on to GHK. In 1921 she married Frank Adams Hartwell. She employed several pseudonyms in her writing including Allison Bryan, Allison Calhoun, as well as her married name of Alice Hartwell. One of her stories, "A House Needs a Husband", was reprinted several times.

Some of the correspondents are Rawson Woodman Haddon, Charles Colman Rosewater, and Carolyn Wells. The correspondence includes fan mail on the publication of her story "Dear Mother" in the Good Housekeeping for June, 1935. An undated draft of a letter by Alice Bryan Booth to Seven Arts Magazine recounts her attempts at writing verse.

The Writings are Articles and Stories, Poems by Alice Bryan Booth, Poems addressed To Alice (a mixture of holograph, typescript, and printed), and an Unidentified piece. Some of the material is in an oversized folder. Many of the printed versions of the articles and stories as they appeared in the several magazines and the printed contributions to The Conning Tower are present in the collection.

Photographs of Alice Bryan Booth and Claudia Cranston with whom she collaborated on some of her articles may be found in the Biographical material.

The Articles and Stories are: 1) Crime and Punishment, typescript with corrections, 1 1/2 pp.; 2) Dear Mother, carbon, 18pp., published GHK June 1935; 3) Dining in U.S. Farthest West (with Claudia Cranston), carbon, 2pp., 2 copies; 4) A Fine Day's Work, typescript with corrections and 3 carbons, 5pp. 5) Happiness Street, typescript with corrections, 15pp. and second typescript entitled The Street of Happiness, incomplete, 8pp.; 6) A House Needs a Husband, draft of holograph, typescript, and carbon, 45pp. (folio), holograph in pencil, last 23 pages, carbon, 41pp., typescript, 3pp., published in Smart Set June 1929, GHK Sept. 1930, Christian Herald July 1939; 7) Mr. Gleason Takes a Vacation, carbon 9pp.; 8) Moonlight, typescript, 3pp., signed Alice Booth, Bloomington, Indiana; 9) The Night Before Christmas, typescript with corrections, 12pp.; 10) Oh, Miss Nellie, typescript with corrections, 22pp., typescript and carbon with corrections, 22pp., carbon 22pp. ; 11) Old Has- Been, carbon 14pp., copies 2 and 4 in grey folders, published in Cosmopolitan May 1940; 12) Once in a Hundred Years, typescript with corrections, 14pp., carbon, 15pp., published in Christian Herald July 16, 1927; 13) That Woman, carbon 14pp., published in GHK Feb. 1934; 14) The Vacant Opera Seat, carbon, 16pp. and pages 15-17 in carbon; 15) We Never Forget, carbon No 2, 9pp.; 16) White Satin and Orange Blossoms, 3 carbons, 3pp., 2 carbons, 9pp., another carbon copy in brown folder, published in Christian Herald June 1938.

The Poems are: 1) Chanson, typescript with corrections, typescript, and carbon, published as Heart of Youth in The Conning Tower, April 1, 1917; 2) The Hidden Heart, typescript and carbon; 3) The Liar, typescript and carbon, published in The Conning Tower, November 29, 1916; 4) Love Songs from The Khartoum, typescript and carbon; 5) O God, unique, magnificent [first line] typescript; 6) Pink Roses, typescript, published in The Conning Tower; 7) To Prior Who Died, typescript and carbon; 8) The Weaker Sex, retitled The Procession, typescript with corrections, 8pp., perhaps a draft of the poem published as "Every Man's Hand Against Him" in New York Tribune January 28, 1917; 9) Witness, typescripts and carbon, 3pp.

In response to Booth's contributions to The Conning Tower several Poems were addressed To Alice, two of which are in typescript, one in holograph, others printed. Two letters addressed to F[ranklin] P[ierce] A[dams], September 15 and December 15, 1916, are in fact Poems addressed To Alice.

A bibliography of three pages entitled Articles and Stories by Alice Booth published in Good Housekeeping precedes the Writings.

One unidentified prose item completes the collection.

Collection size: 87 items

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