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The Broad Ripple High School mss., 1937-1961, are those letters from Indiana authors collected by Broad Ripple High School, Indianapolis, Indiana, for its Indiana Nook. The Nook was founded in 1937 by Ethel (Symons) Stuart, Broad Ripple High School teacher and wife of Arsenal Technical High School principal, Milo H. Stuart. School staff or other individuals to whom some of the letters were written include K.V. Ammerman, Ruth B. Carter, Mary L. Dawson, Mrs. Clarence Elbert, Mrs. Shockley Lockridge, Mrs. Charles A. Lotze, Mrs. McMillan, James Fred Murphy, Pauline R. Spier, Sophia K. Westervelt.

The responses of the authors vary from simple statements of contribution to reminiscences of Broad Ripple High, autobiographical content, in one instance some poems, and two photographs.

The correspondents are George Ade, Edmund Ferdinand Ball, Elmore Barce, John Finch Barnhill, Marry (Ritter) Beard, Daisy (Woodward) Beck, Clarence Edward Benadum, Kenneth Walter Berger, Gertrude Blumenthal, Claude Gernade Bowers, Michael Andrew Bowles, Heath Frederick Bowman, Wilfred Bradshaw, Paul G. Brewster, William Lowe Bryan, Lee Burns, Blanche (Hammond) Camp, Donald Guy Campbell, Hoaglund Howard Carmichael, Donald Francis Carmony, Willard Nelson Clute, Alice Marie (Wooling) Coble, Tristram Coffin, Kent Cooper, Geroge Streiby Cottman, George North Craig, Richard Henry Crowder, Rose Marie (Brickler) Cruzan, Mary Nantes (McCrae) Culter, Carrie L. Thompson-Davis, Charles Clemons Deam, Theodore Dreiser, Kate (Gambold) Dyer, Bess Virginia (Hicks) Ehrmann, Louise Embree, E. Eloise Ferrier, Jane (Watts) Fisher, Elisabeth (Hamilton) Friermood, Joseph Chamberlain Furnas, Peggy Goodin, Rosamond (Zuck) Peters Goodman, Shirley Lola Graham, Edward Howard Griggs, Carrie (Abbott) Guio, Alfred Bertram Guthrie, Mary Louise Guthrie, Jack Ellison de Harding, Joseph Arnold Hayes, Andrew H. Hepburn, Helen (Boyd) Higgins, Mabel Leigh Hunt, Harold Edgar Johnson, Howard Johnson, Clara (Ingram) Judson, Millard Fillmore Kennedy, Grace Kerr, Emily Kimbrough, Bernhard Knollenberg, Julia Le Clerc Knox, Marjorie (Kahl) Lawrence, Ulysses Samuel Lesh, Ross Franklin Lockridge (1877-1952), Louis Leon Ludlow, Kenneth P. McCutchan, Ruth McKenney, Floyd Ivan McMurray, Amanta (Siegert) Maier, Miriam Evangeline Mason, Cynthia Pearl Maus, John Calvin Mellett, Raymond Albert Millholland, Werner H. Monninger, James Fred Murphy, Meredith Nicholson, John Frederick Nims, Jeanette (Covert) Nolan, Robert L. Oberreich, Barton Rees Pogue, Cole Porter, Robert Rossow, George Adam Schumacker, Harry Allen Smith, Caroline Dale (Parke) Snedeker, Dorothea (Johnston) Snow, Robin Edgerton Spencer, Pauline R. Spier, Blanche Stillson, John Strietelmeier, Edwin Way Teale, Ethel (Arnold) Tilden, David P. Torbet, Glenn Irving Tucker, Edith Ann Ulmer, Guernsey Van Riper, Jr., Lillian (Nickel) Vetter, Jessamyn West, Katherine (Gibson) Wicks, Albert Edward Wiggan, Kenneth Powers Williams, Ellen Janet (Cameron) Wilson, Louise (Allender) Stinedorf Wilson, William Edward Wilson, Gertrude (Hecker) Winders, Oscar Osburn Winther, Marjorie (Binford) Woods, Marguerite Young.

Collection size: 114 items

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