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I. Correspondence

Arranged chronologically. Consult Manuscripts Index for dates of letters of individual correspondents.

Box 1
  • 1962-1979 (2 folders)
  • Explanation of correspondence with Secker & Warburg, Feb. 1979

II. Major Works

Arranged in alphabetical order by title. One title per folder, unless otherwise indicated.

Box 1
  • The Adventures of God... 4 holographs, 3 carbon typescripts, 2 printer's typescripts (9 folders)
  • Beardsley and His World. 2 holographs, carbon typescript, proofs (3 folders)
  • Black and White. Holograph, carbon typescript, printer's copy
  • Black Ship to Hell. 2 holographs (2 folders)
Box 2
  • Black Ship to Hell (cont'd). 2 typescripts, reader's report (3 folders)
  • The Burglar. Holograph and typescript of early drafts, carbon typescript, proofs (3 folders)
  • Don't Never Forget. 5 carbon typescripts (5 folders)
  • "Essay on the Morning of Christ's Nativity." Holograph, carbon typescript
  • Ex Libris. Holograph
  • Fifty Works of English* Literature We Could Do Without (*and American), by BB, Michael Levey, and Charles Osborne. Typescript, photocopy (2 folders)
  • Finishing Touch. Holograph, typescript, proofs
Box 3
  • Flesh. 2 carbon typescripts, typescript, proof (4 folders)
  • Hackenfeller's Ape. Holograph, carbon typescript, proofs (2 folders)
  • A Hero to His Valet. Typescript
  • In Transit. 3 holographs, carbon typescript, 2 typescripts, 2 printer's typescripts, photocopy of proof (9 folders)
Box 4
  • Jane Austen essay. Holograph (published in Critical Essay on JA?, 1968)
  • "Jane Austin Unlimited." Carbon typescript (introduction and notes to Pride & Prejudice, 1967)
  • King of a Rainy Country. Proofs
  • Let Me Go. Holograph fragment
  • Libretto. Holograph, typescript, 2 carbons (2 folders)
  • Love Now, Die Later. Holograph
  • Mozart the Dramatist. Holograph, 4 typescripts, 2 carbon typescript, 2 proofs (9 folders)
  • "Nardalark's Wedding" and "Nocturne" (poems). Typescript and carbon typescript of each
Box 5
  • Palace Without Chairs. 3 holographs, 3 carbon typescripts (6 folders)
  • Prancing Novelist. 9 holographs (9 folders)
Box 6
  • Prancing Novelist (cont'd). Notebooks, notes, drafts (16 folders)
Box 7
  • Prancing Novelist (cont'd). Notes and drafts, proofs (4 folders)
  • Pussy Owl (children's book). Holograph and photocopy
  • Religious Education in State Schools. Lecture notes, 1966, to Fabian Society; carbon typescript and galleys for "Religion by Act of Parliament"; holograph and typescript of related lecture given on 19 June 1970
  • "Saint Colette." Holograph
  • The Snow Ball. 2 holographs, typescript, 2 carbon typescripts, proof (6 folders)
  • Vivisection. Holograph and carbon typescript for lecture to National Anti-Vivisection Society on 30 May 1970, printed in Animals' Defender 14:4, July/August 1970; typescript on cut sheets for lecture to Scottish Anti-Vivisection Society on 5 May 1973; holograph and 2 pp. of carbon typescript of contribution to Animals, Men and Morals, published 1971; typescript and printed of "Brigid Brophy on Vivisection" (pamphlet) 1970
  • The Waste Disposal Unit. Holograph, typescript

III. Notebooks

Box 7
  • 1. Arts Theatre Club Speech; misc. false starts, letter drafts
  • 2. "China Eggs" (poem); false starts re: 1755 Lisbon earthquake; letter drafts
  • 3. Notes on Mozart; notes on Katherine Mansfield; "Eliot's lines oblige the ear" [1st line of poem]; "Country, that disdains to be called a republic [1st line of poem]; "Garrison Town" (poem)
  • 4. Notes on Françoise Sagan; reviews: The New Rhythm and Other Pieces by Ronald Firbank and The Divine Propagandist by Lord Beaverbrook (London Magazine)
Box 8
  • 5. Review of The Perfumed Garden of the Shaylah Nefzawi(for New Statesman); notes on British humor for Sunday Times article; misc. false starts, letter drafts
  • 6. Review of The Blue Lantern, by Colette and other novels; letter to Mr. Cogdon re: Profumo scandal
  • 7. Notes on Profumo-Ward scandal; Reviews of The Girls of Slender Means by Muriel Spark, the film "Assassino", The President by M.A. Asturias, and other books
  • 8. Notes on My Mother for Sunday Telegraph article; programme notes for La Serva Padrona by Pergolesi
  • 9. Article on Mersey Sound 1750 for New Statesman; reviews of The Lonely Life by Bette Davis and Mrs. Grundy by Peter Fryer
  • 10. Reviews of Our Lady of the Flowers by Jean Genet (for London Magazine), television program "Hugh and I," The Train by Simenon, You Are Not The Target by Laura A. Huxley for New Statesman; letter drafts; review of The somnambulists by Janice Elliot; Open letter to Director of Public Prosecutions
  • 11. Notes on Katherine Mansfield; "Funeral Oration" (poem); "Recruits" (poem); "Officer's Wife (poem); "The Officer" poem)
  • 12. Reassessment of Aldous Huxley (radio); reviews of The Brickfield by L.P. Hartley, Love In Our Time by Vincent Brome, Under the Skin by Nina Bawden, The Lord of Burleigh by Elizabeth Inglis-Jones
  • 13. Review of Henry James and His Cult, by Maxwell Geismar; "I asked to share your bed..." [1st line of poem]; "Monument" (poem); letter drafts; review of The Two Faces of January by Patricia Highsmith for New Statesman
  • 14. Review? of The Gallery by Horne Burns for Sunday Times; talk, Oxford Union
  • 15. Article on Henry Miller; talk at Slade School of Art, University College, London; letter drafts; draft for BB vita; Mozart notes; reviews of Medusa by EH Visiak, The Purple Cloud by MP Shiel and A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay; review of Face of a Stranger by Diana Marr-Johnson
  • 16. Notes on Lisbon--notes and draft
  • 17. "A Modern Myth of Violence?" (article on crime novels); letter drafts; review of Textures of Life, by Hortense Calisher and other books; review of The Serpent by Jane Gaskell
  • 18. Notes for speech at Trinity College, Dublin
  • 19. Talk on art; talk on Simenon; Talk on novels; reviews of Tale for the Mirror by Hortense Calisher and The Collector by John Fowles

IV. Essays

Box 8
  • 1. "Citizens, beware." Daily Mail, May 7, 1971. Holograph, typescript
  • 2. "Dear Dutch Friend" undated. Typescript
  • 3. "I often wonder..." TV Times, Jan. 17, 1973. Holograph, typescript
  • 4. "I would say at a guess..." undated. National Secular Society brochure. Typescript
  • 5. "It was on a February night in 1874..." Times, 1976. Holograph
  • 6. "Lucio Silla..." Listener, Mar. 29, 1973. Holograph
  • 7. "My personality..." Contribution to Bookmarks, edited by F. Raphael, 1974. Holograph, typescript
  • 8. "One of the most imperative reasons..." undated. Carbon typescript
  • 9. Essay on Clodius & Clodia. Sunday Times, Mar. 9 [no year]. Galley

V. Reviews

Box 8
  • 1. The George Bernard Shaw Vegetarian Cookbook, ed. by R.J. Minney. Listener Sept. 1972. Holograph, typescript
  • 2. Summer Overtures, by Clive Murphy. Spectator, Mar. 26, 1976. Holograph
  • 3. "Records" [on Weber]. Listener, Aug. 31, 1972. Holograph, galley
  • 4. "A Roman PR Machine." Review of Cicero by D.R. Shackleton Bailey. Listener, Dec. 9, 1971. Holograph, galley

VI. Speeches

Box 8
  • 1. "It is commonly believed..." NCCL Children's Rights Conference, Mar. 11, 1972. Carbon typescript
  • 2. "I do not believe that the authors..." National Secular Society, Oct. 3, 1972. Carbon typescript with corrections. Copy of The Freethinker, Vol.92, No. 42, Oct. 14, 1972 with article about the meeting
  • 3. "...I am delighted to be opening a fashion show..." 23 Sept. [no year] Holograph. Flyer for fashion show
  • 4. "I don't know if many..." undated. Holograph.
  • 5. "If a researcher..." UFAW symposium, undated. Holograph
  • 6. "Last July..." [on her Black Ship to Hell] undated. Holograph
  • 7. "...Woman myself" (To Authors Club?) undated. Holograph

VII. Reprints

Box 8
  • 1. Our Impermissive Society. Reprint from Mosaic, Jan. 1968 1:2
  • 2. "My relations with Horace..." Reprint from Arion, Summer/Autumn 1970 9:2&3

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