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The Butler mss., 1835-1937, include papers, 1877-1937, of Amos William Butler, 1860-1937, zoologist, anthropologist, and sociologist, and a few papers, 1835-1871, of his father, William Wallace Butler, 1810-1903, merchant and farmer.

Career of William Wallace Butler: born, Brookville, Indiana, March 11, 1810, the son of Amos Butler, 1770-1837, and Mary (Wallace) Butler, 1786-1852; moved with parents to Hanover, Indiana, attended Hanover College; returned to Brookville, 1832; started a general mercantile business, 1835; disposed of goods and devoted himself to superintending his farms and other business, 1842; married three times; son, Amos William Butler, child of third marriage; died November 21, 1903.

Career of Amos William Butler: born, Brookville, Indiana, October 1, 1860, the son of William Wallace Butler and Hannah (Wright) Butler; educated in Brookville schools, including a year or more at Brookville College; attended Hanover College; spent winter, 1879-1880, in Mexico, nominally attached to U.S. legation at Mexico City but actually engaged in field work in zoology and archaeology; before completing education spent several years in insurance business in Brookville, Indiana; married Mary I. Reynolds of Brookville, June 2, 1880; a founder of the Brookville Society of Natural History, 1881; a founder of the Indiana Academy of Science, 1885; A.B., Indiana University, 1894; president, Indiana Academy of Science, 1895; ornithologist, Department of Geology and Resources of Indiana, 1896-1897; secretary, Indiana Board of State Charities, 1898-1923; a founder of Indiana Audubon Society, 1898; president of Indiana State Truancy Board, 1898-1912, secretary, 1913-1921; A.M., Indiana University, 1900; a founder of American Anthropological Association, 1902; lecturer on economics, Purdue University, 1905; later lectured on public charities at Purdue, Indiana University, the University of Chicago, the Lane Theological Seminary, and the Chicago School of Philanthropy; president of National Conference of Charities and Corrections, 1906-1907; member of White House children's conference, 1909; president of American Prison Association, 1909-1910; chairman of American Committee on the International Prison Congress, Washington, D.C., 1910; LLD, Hanover College, 1915; Ph.D., Butler University, 1915; president of Indiana Conference of Charities and Corrections, 1915; secretary of Indiana Commission on Mental Defectives, 1915; delegate to 2nd Pan American Scientific Congress, Washington, D.C., 1915-1916; a founder of the Society of Indiana Pioneers, 1916; chairman of executive committee of Indiana Society for Mental Hygiene, 1918-1925; a founder of the American Mammalogists, 1919; LLD, Indiana University, 1922; delegate from the U.S. to the International Prison Congress, London, 1925; president of Indiana Society for Mental Hygiene, 1925-1930; senior sociologist, U.S. Bureau of Efficiency to advise the Congressional committee on Federal Penal and Reformatory Institutions, 1928-1929; member of Advisory Committee to President Hoover's National Committee on Law Observance and Enforcement, 1929-1931; secretary of Indiana Committee on Observance and Enforcement of Law, 1929-1931; a founder of the International Commission on Mental Hygiene, and a member of the 1st International Congress on Mental Hygiene, Washington, D.C., 1930; delegate from the U.S. to the International Prison Congress, Prague, 1930; member of the executive board of the American Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology, 1935; member American Ornithologists' Union; and fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Biographical data from Marcus Ward Lyon, Jr., "Amos William Butler," Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science , XLVII: 21-25, 1937; B.W. Evermann, "Amos William Butler," Audubon Year Book of the Indiana Audubon Society , 1932, pp. 5-19.

Lists of Butler's numerous writings appear in the Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science, XLVII: 25-30, 1937, and in the Audubon Year Book of the Indiana Audubon Society , 1932, pp. 5-19.

The papers of William Wallace Butler in the collection consist of the indentures, tax receipts, a "subscription for the erection of a Presbyterian church in the town of Brookville, Indiana," March 29, 1848; Franklin County, Indiana Bible Society, "Report of a committee appointed to examine the accounts of the society," April 1852; and notes for a "History of Presbyterianism in and about Brookville, Indiana" by Ludlow D. Potter, 1852.

The papers of Amos William Butler from 1877-1888 deal almost entirely with zoological subjects, particularly birds. The later years of the collection also contain material on these subjects, but from 1889 on the bulk of the papers relate to charities and corrections, including material on prisons, reformatories, parole, probation, insanity, feeble-mindedness, mental hygiene, orphanages, child welfare, the blind, etc.; the work of the Indiana Board of state charities; notes on Indiana and other U.S. institutions of charities and corrections; meetings of the International Prison Congress, American Prison Association, the National Conference of Charities and Corrections, and the National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement, and the Indiana Society for Mental Hygiene, the Indiana State Conference of Charities and Corrections, and the Indiana Committee on Observance and Enforcement of Law. The collection also contains papers on: the early history of Brookville, Indiana; Hanover College; and various other societies of which Butler was a member, among them being the Brookville Society of Natural History; the Indiana Academy of Science, 1886-1936; the Indiana Audubon Society, 1907-1930; the Society of Indiana Pioneers; and the World Peace Foundation.

Photographs include pictures of Amos William Butler and members of his family, Florida, particularly New Smyrna and vicinity, and Aztec remains in Mexico. There are also clippings, 1885-1937; printed materials on charities and corrections and related subjects, scientific societies, the Irvington Presbyterian church of Indianapolis, Indiana, and universities; and four scrapbooks, 1907-1908, 1910, and 1923-1927, containing pictures, programs, clippings, pamphlets, and maps.

Included in the collection are letters from the following prominent persons: Edith Abbott, Grace Abbott, Russell Bigelow Abbott, William Louis Abbott, John Alfred McDowell Adair, Alva Adams, John Ottis Adams, Robert Judson Aley, Joel Asaph Allen, William Harvey Allen, Frederic Almy, Martin Frederick Ansel, John J. Appel, Joseph Charles Arthur, Charles Albert Ashburner, Sir Allen Bristol Aylesworth, Albion (Fellows) Bacon, Liberty Hyde Bailey, Joshua L. Baily, Harry Foster Bain, Spencer Fullerton Baird, Albert Baker, Harry Everett Barnard, Charles Reid Barnes, Henry A. Barnhart, Kate (Waller) Barrett, Katharine Isabel (Hayes) Barrows, Samuel June Barrows, William James Beal, Charles Emerson Beecher, Charles August Behrens, Robert Bell, August Belmont, Frank Williamson Benson, Charles Bernstein, Charles Edwin Bessey, Union Noble Bethell, Albert Jeremiah Beveridge, Ernest Percy Bicknell, Theodore Gilmore Bilbo, Frank Billings, Frank Wilson Blackmar, Eliza Ann (Cooper) Blaker, William Martin Blanchard, Willis Stanley Blatchley, Charles Harvey Bollman, Charles Joseph Bonaparte, Charles A. Bookwalter, Maud (Charlesworth) Booth, Eugène Borel, Claude Gernade Bowers, Paul Eugene Bowers, David Ross Boyd, John Joseph Boylan, Jeffrey Richardson Brackett, James Henry Brady, John Casper Branner, William Brewster, Daniel Garrison Brinton, Zebulon Reed Brockway, Bryant Butler Brooks, Demarchus Clariton Brown, Henry Baker Brown, Herbert Daniel Brown, Hilton Ultimus Brown, John A. Brown, Joseph Mackey Brown, Henry Lane Bruner, William Jennings Bryan, William Lowe Bryan, Albert G. Bryant, Henry Augustus Buchtel, James Monroe Buckley, John Burke, Bailey Barton Burritt, Noble Chase Butler, Joseph Perkins Byers, Starr Cadwallader, Charles Macfie Campbell, John TenBrook Campbell, Joseph Maull Carey, Henry Smith Carhart, Charles Arthur Carlisle, Alexander Mitchell Carroll, Christian Carl Carstens, Hamilton Cassels, Demetrio Castillo Duany, Sidney Johnston Catts, John William Cavanaugh, Arthur Billings Chaffee, Montague Chamberlain, Joseph Chartrand, Charles Lionel Chute, George Washington Clarke, Grace Giddings (Julian) Clarke, James Everitt Clarke, Edward Nicholas Clopper, Ewing Cockrell, Charles Fisher Coffin, Lotus Delta Coffman, Wilbur Adelman Cogshall, John Rogers Commons, John Heman Converse, Melville Thurston Cook, Mary Elizabeth Burroughs (Roberts) Coolidge, John Gordon Cooper, Edward Drinker Cope, Owen Copp, John Jacob Cornwell, Elliott Coues, John Merle Coulter, Stanley Coulter, William Chalmers Covert, Edward Travers Cox, James Middleton Cox, Joseph M. Cravens, Edgar Roscoe Cumings, Oscar Kennedy Cushing, James Elbert Cutler, Mabel (Potter) Daggett, Charles Benedict Davenport, Katharine Bement Davis, Albert Eugene Davisson, George Bannerman Dealey, Charles Clemons Deam, Sarah S. (Platt) Decker, Charles A. DeCourcy, Robert Weeks DeForest, Charles Samuel Deneen, David Worth Dennis, William Cullen Dennis, Edward Thomas Devine, John Hibbett DeWitt, Solomon Cravens Dickey, Lincoln Dixon, James Owen Dorsey, Hugh Dougherty, Eben Sumner Draper, William Francis Drewry, Charles Redway Wilmarth Dryer, Knight Dunlap, Jacob Piatt Dunn, Edward Fitzsimons Dunne, Winfield Taylor Durbin, Charles Dury, John Samuel Duss, William Dutcher, Edwin T. Earl, Walter Evans Edge, John Joy Edson, David Morton Edwards, Edward Eggleston, Carl H. Eigenmann, Edward Charles Elliott, Alston Ellis, William John Ellis, Thomas Emmet Ellison, Charles Abram Ellwood, Edson James Emerick, Charles Phillips Emerson, Haven Emerson, Barton Warren Evermann, Charles Warren Fairbanks, Leon Charles Faulkner, Walter Elmore Fernald, Woodbridge Nathan Ferris, Frank Albert Fetter, Morris M. Feuerlicht, Jesse Walter Fewkes, James Louis Fieser, Tom Finty, Daniel Webster Fisher, Duncan Upshaw Fletcher, Bernard Flexner, Arthur Lee Foley, Homer Folks, Stephen Alfred Forbes, John Franklin Fort, William Fortune, Eugene Noble Foss, Warren William Foster, William Dudley Foulke, Lee Kaufer Frankel, Berthold Freudenthal, Ray Clarence Friesner, Simon Henry Gage, Harry Otto Garman, James Wilford Garner, John Hutchison Garnier, Francis Henry Gavisk, Enrico Hillyer Giglioli, Charles Henry Gilbert, Albert Waller Gilchrist, John Lewis Gillin, William Ellsworth Glasscock, Wenzeslaus Karl Maximilian Maria, graf von Gleispach, John Mark Glenn, Mary (Willcox) Glenn, George Brown Goode, James Putnam Goodrich, William Freeman Myrick Goss, William C. Graves, James Leon Greene, John Hubert Greusel, John Hugo Grimm, George Richmond Grose, Julia Henrietta Gulliver, Carl Gunderson, Carl Eugen Guthe, James Edward Hagerty, Matthias Loring Haines, Horatio Hale, Allen Garland Hall, Edward Richardson Hall, Frederic Aldin Hall, Matthew Walton Hall, Charles Wesley Hargitt, Judson Harmon, Abram Winegardner Harris, Hastings Hornell Hart, Henry Drury Hatfield, Marion E. Hay, Oliver Perry Hay, William Harrison Hays, James Alexander Hemenway, Charles Richmond Henderson, Walter Cleaveland Henderson, William Elmer Henry, Henry Wetherbee Henshaw, William Howard Hickman, Linnaeus Neal Hines, Frederick Webb Hodge, Nathaniel Dana Carlile Hodges, Enoch George Hogate, James Irving Holcomb, Louis Edward Holden, John Hampden Holliday, William Steele Holman, Carl Oliver Holmes, Harry Nicholls Holmes, William Henry Holmes, Ben W. Hooper, Herbert Hoover, William Temple Hornaday, Leland Ossian Howard, Thomas Carr Howe, Aleš Hrdlicka, Charles Evans Hughes, Edwin Holt Hughes, William St. Pierre Hughes, George Wylie Paul Hunt, Huber William Hurt, John Newell Hurty, Henry Augustus Huston, Harry Burns Hutchins, John Ireland, William Glanton Irwin, James Frederick Jackson, Edmund Janes James, Joseph Francis James, Joseph Jastrow, Oliver Peebles Jenkins, Jeremiah Whipple Jenks, Richard Henry Jesse, John Price Durbin John, Alexander Johnson, Charles Henry Johnson, John Albert Johnson, James A. Johnston, Lynds Jones, David Starr Jordan, James Yadkin Joyner, Arthur Piper Kellogg, John Harvey Kellogg, Paul Underwood Kellogg, Robert Lincoln Kelly, Carl Kelsey, Calvin Noyes Kendall, William Converse Kendall, Charles Kettleborough, Alfred Vincent Kidder, Edward Martin Kindle, Harry Andrews King, Henry Churchill King, John Sterling Kingsley, La Vega George Kinne, George Hughes Kirby, William Walton Kitchin, Rufus Bernard von Kleinsmid, George Milton Kline, John Koren, William Frederick Kuhn, George Frederick Kunz, James Sansome Lakin, Ricardo R. Lancis, Julia Clifford Lathrop, Harry Hamilton Laughlin, Lewis E. Lawes, George Newbold Lawrence, Porter Raymond Lee, Frederick William Lehmann, Harry Guyer Leslie, Frank Leverett, Orlando Faulkland Lewis, Charles Freeman Libby, Richard Lieber, Harlow Lindley, Samuel McCune Lindsay, Benjamin Barr Lindsey, Burton Edward Livingston, John Uri Lloyd, George Browning Lockwood, William Newton Logan, William Frederick Lorenz, Owen Reed Lovejoy, Frank Orren Lowden, Frederick Elmore Lumley, Charles Jackson Lynn, Frank Emory Lyon, Robert Wesley McBride, Robert Wilson McClaughry, James Gore King McClure, Warren Terry McCray, James Bennett McCreary, George Grant MacCurdy, Daniel Trembly MacDougal, Sir Alexander Burness McHardy, Thomas McIlwraith, Roderick Duncan McKenzie, William McKibben, Paul Vories McNutt, William Henry McReynolds, Frank LeRond McVey, Henry Brown Floyd Macfarland, Julian William Mack, George Lewis Mackintosh, Elliott Woolfolk Major, Sir James Marchant, Thomas Riley Marshall, Otis Tufton Mason, Edwin Doak Mead, Carl Leo Mees, Thomas Corwin Mendenhall, Charles Oliver Merica, Clinton Hart Merriam, James Cushing Merrill, Carl Elias Milliken, William Alfred Millis, Frederick H. Mills, William C. Mills, William Joseph Mills, William DeWitt Mitchell, William J. Moenkhaus, Clarence Bloomfield Moore, David Richard Moore, George Thomas Moore, Henry Frank Moore, John Bassett Moore, Richard Bishop Moore, Charles Washington Moores, Merrill Moores, Ephraim Franklin Morgan, David Myers Mottier, William Henry Moyer, Burton Dorr Myers, Quincy Alden Myers, John Ulric Nef, Edward William Nelson, Nels Christian Nelson, Harry Stewart New, George T. Nicholson, Timothy Nicholson, Edmund Favor Noel, Frank Parson Norbury, Edwin Lee Norris, Cecil Clare North, Cyrus Northrop, Thomas Herbert Norton, William Albert Noyes, Wallace George Nye, Harry Church Oberholser, William Henry O'Connell, Howard Washington Odum, Edward Orton, Henry Leslie Osborn, Herbert Osborn, Edward William Osborne, Winfred Overholser, Richard Owen, Robert Latham Owen, Garfield Bromley Oxnam, Theodore Sherman Palmer, Albert George Parker, Benjamin Strattan Parker, David Maclean Parry, William Wood Parsons, Thomas Gilbert Pearson, Stanton Judkins Peelle, Paul Skeels Peirce, Frederick Peterson, Sir William Peterson, Charles Winfield Pilgrim, Merritt Willis Pinckney, Lemuel Arthur Pittenger, Walter George Hepburne-Scott, 9th baron Polwarth, Aram J. Pothier, George Herbert Prouty, Albert Homer Purdue, Frederic Ward Putnam, Kate (Milner) Rabb, Samuel Moffett Ralston, Frank Lange Randall, Leo M. Rappaport, James Bronson Reynolds, John Merriman Reynolds, Mary Ellen Richmond, Robert Ridgway, Charles Valentine Riley, Thomas James Riley, George Lucas Roberts, James Alexander Robertson, Gifford Simeon Robinson, James Jaquess Robinson, Arthur Curtis Rogers, Theodore Roosevelt, Joseph Nelson Rose, Victor Rosewater, Edward Alsworth Ross, Leonard August Rossing, David Andrew Rothrock, Leo S. Rowe, Sir Evelyn John Ruggles-Brise, Frank Russell, Robert Lemuel Sackett, John Hall Sage, Thomas William Salmon, Franklin Benjamin Sanborn, Jared Young Sanders, Kenosha Sessions, Thomas Roerty Shipp, George H. Simmons, Harold Douglas Singer, Hubert Marshall Skinner, William Frederick Slocum, Alexander Smith, Bolton Smith, Eugene Allen Smith, Hugh McCormick Smith, Samuel Edwin Smith, Jonathan Le Moyne Snyder, John J. Sonsteby, John Wesley Spencer, William Jasper Spillman, Mary Angela Spink, Alfred Springer, Frederick Starr, Theodore Clement Steele, Joseph Beal Steere, Leonard Stejneger, Frank Mann Stewart, William Rhinelander Stewart, John B. Stoll, Winthrop Ellsworth Stone, Witmer Stone, Albert Boynton Storms, Elmer William Stout, Thomas Nelson Strong, Francis Sumichrast, Walter Taylor Sumner, Joseph Swain, Henry Chapman Swearingen, Glen Levin Swiggett, William Howard Taft, Thomas Taggart, Graham Taylor, Mark Thislethwaite, Cyrus Thomas, Mason Blanchard Thomas, Julia Alice (Conner) Thompson, William Oxley Thompson, Craig Sharpe Thoms, Allen Benton Thrasher, Henry Winfred Thurston, Francis J. Torrance, Arthur Whittlesey Towne, William Trelease, Frederick William True, Joseph Patrick Tumulty, David Turpie, Millard Evelyn Tydings, Albert Brennus Ulrey, Henry Elias Van Deman, George Vaux, Monroe Vayhinger, Chester Garfield Vernier, Robert Scadden Vessey, George Edgar Vincent, Oscar McMurtrie Voorhees, Charles Gray Wagner, Charles Doolittle Walcott, Clarence Abiathar Waldo, Henry Baldwin Ward, Eugene Fitch Ware, Fred Maltby Warner, Henry Kimball Warren, Frederic Leonard Washburn, James Eli Watson, Arthur Trezevant Wayne, Ulysses Grant Weatherly, Francis Marion Webster, David Fairchild Weeks, William Henry Welch, James Edward West, F.D. Whipp, Charles Abiathar White, Reuel Clyde White, Thomas Bruce White, Ernest Stagg Whitin, George Woodward Wickersham, Frank Scott Corey Wicks, John Henry Wigmore, Ansley Wilcox, Harvey Washington Wiley, Sidney Dean Wilgus, Mornay Williams, Augustus Everett Willson, George Smith Wilson, Harry Bruce Wilson, Newton Horace Winchell, Frederick Howard Wines, Charles Francis Winter, William Albert Wirt, William Niles Wishard, Clark Wissler, Robert Henry Wolcott, James Albert Woodburn, Robert Archey Woods, Walter Carleton Woodward, William Watson Woollen, Theophilus Adam Wylie, and Elbert Robb Zaring. Consult the Manuscripts Index in the Library for dates of letters of individual correspondents.

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Purchase. Butler family. 1939-1940

Collection size: 10,597 items

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