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The Byrnes mss., 1856-1904, are papers collected by Robert Francis Byrnes, 1917- historian, for his book Pobedonostsev, Bloomington, London, Indiana University Press, 1968, consisting of correspondence of Konstantin Petrovich Pobedonostsev, 1827-1907, statesman, who was born May 21, 1827, in Moscow, son of Peter V. Pobedonostsev, 1771-1843, professor; educated by father until he attended School of Jurisprudence in 1841 to study Russian law; taught sons of Alexander II Russian civil law at Moscow University from 1860-1865; senator, 1868, a member of the council of the empire, 1872, and chief procurator of Holy Synod in 1880; conservatism proved in his Reflections of a Russian Statesman (London 1898); numerous publications in Russian; fought to preserve autocratic power and unquestioning devotion to the rituals of the national church; used influence with Alexander III, 1845-1894, to strengthen the Russification policy; attempted same with Alexander's son Nicholas II, but met with much opposition; retired from public life and soon thereafter died March 23, 1907.

This collection contains xerox copies in eight volumes, positive microfilm, and typescripts of letters in Russian and French to Pobedonostsev from Nikolai Baranov, Anna Grigorevna (Snitkina) Dostoevskaia (Fedor Mikhauilovich Dostoevskaia), Sergei Rachinskii, Sofia Rachinskii, and Catherine Tiutchev; from Pobedonostsev to Anna (Tiutchev) Aksakov, Mikhail Nikiforovich Katkov, Ol'ga Aleksieevna Novikova, Sergiei Aleksandrovich Petrovskii, and Catherine Tiutchev. There are also letters from Anna (Tiutchev) Aksakov to an unknown correspondent. These materials deal with the history of Russia in the last half of the nineteenth century. Among the correspondence are two printed articles in English--one about Ol'ga Aleksieevna Novikova entitled Men and women of the day. 1900., and another entitled "I am once more on top" by Ernest Terah Hooley, agent of the czar, concerning the Russian gold fields in Siberia. The original manuscripts are in the Manuscripts Division of the Lenin Library in Moscow. The negatives of the microfilm are in the East European Division of the Library of Congress, Washington D.C. Accompany this collection is a copy of R.F. Byrnes' book Pobedonostsev, (Lilly DK236 .P6 B9).

Collection size: 1,255 items

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