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The Champney sketches are drawings of the post Civil War South by James Wells Champney, 1843-1903, painter and illustrator, who accompanied Edward Smith King on a trip of more than 25,000 miles through the South in 1873-1874 to make drawings for a series of articles for which King was collecting material.

The articles appeared in Scribner's monthly, V: 137-160, 273-293, December 1872-January 1873; VI: 257-288, July 1873; VII: 1-32, 129-160, 302-330, 401-431, 513-544, 645-674, November 1873-April 1874; VIII: 5-33, 129-160, 257-284, 385-412, 513-535, 641-669, May-October, 1874; and IX: 1-31, 129-157, 681-695, November-December 1874 and April 1875. In 1875 these articles, revised, rearranged and with additions, were published in book form as The great South: a record of journeys in Louisiana, Texas, the Indian Territory, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. By Edward King. Profusely illustrated from original sketches, by J. Wells Champney. Hartford, Conn., American publishing company, 1875.

Of the more than 500 sketches which Champney made on his journey with King, 239 are included in the present collection. Not all of the sketches in the collection are included in the book or the magazine, and a few, included in the magazine, are omitted from the book. In some cases the engravings appearing in the magazine and the book differ in detail from the sketches by the addition of figures or by other changes.

Two typewritten lists relating to this collection are filed in the Public Services Department's Vertical File. One gives the pages for the appearance of specific sections of the work in the magazine and in the book. The other is a listing by number of the mats in which the sketches are contained, the numbers of the sketches contained in each mat, and the page in the book on which each sketch appears. Sketches omitted from the book are so indicated on this list. Present also is a title inventory.

This collection is filed in folio cases.

Collection size: 239 items

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