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The Cladel mss., 1869-1967, are the literary papers and correspondence of Judith Jeanne Cladel, 1873-1958, French writer. Career: Born March 25, 1873 in Paris, daughter of Léon-Alpinien Cladel, 1834-1892, French novelist, and Julia Mullen Cladel, musician and composer; studied at l'école Sévigné at Sèvres; an early admirer of Auguste Rodin, 1840-1917, sculptor, she encouraged him to present his works at several exhibitions especially in Belgium and Holland; 1907, organized a petition favoring the creation of the musée Rodin in Paris, and remained a leading figure in the drive to establish a national museum for Rodin's work; 1908 published Auguste Rodin, l'homme et l'oeuvre ; 1936 published Rodin, sa vie glorieuse, sa vie inconnue , for which she was awarded a prize by the Académie française that year; a member of the Prix Fémina committee, which selects recipients of the Femina Literary award, and of the Légion d'honneur; frequent contributor to such leading French journals as Le Matin, Le Figaro, La Plume, and L'Art Moderne; other major works include: Le Volant, 1895; Confessions d'une amante, 1904; La vie de Léon Cladel ; Mademoiselle de la Vallière, 1912; Le général Gallieni, 1916; Aristide Maillol, sa vie, son oeuvre , 1937; translation of Louis Bromfield's A Modern Hero into French ( Un héros moderne ), 1948; Maître et disciple: Charles Baudelaire et Léon Cladel, 1951 ; died in Paris on January 29, 1958.

The Cladel collection consists primarily of the manuscripts of her writings, correspondence, and other papers. Included also are some letters of her father Léon Alpinien Cladel, and copies of letters and documents of Auguste Rodin.

The collection is organized into the following series:

I. Writings of Judith Jeanne Cladel. Consult the Manuscripts Catalog in the Library for further information on these writings.

II. Correspondence of Judith Jeanne Cladel, Léon Alpinien Cladel, and copies of the correspondence of Auguste Rodin. The bulk of the correspondence to Judith Jeanne Cladel before 1921 concerns the work of Auguste Rodin and the formation of the Musée Rodin, Paris; after 1921 it concerns her research for her books and her work on the Prix Fémina committee. Most of the correspondents are novelists, dramatists, writers, sculptors, painters, statesmen, government officials, art historians, and museum curators.

Among the correspondents in the collection are Luce Amy, Andre Antoine, Maurice Barres, Paul Albert Bartholome, Germaine Beaumont, Richard Perry Bedford, Leonce Benedite, Pierre Benoit, Paul Albert Besnard, Joseph Henri Boex, Seraphin Justin Francois Boex, Leon Joseph Florentin Bonnat, Emile Bourdelle, Leon Victor Auguste Bourgeois, Eugene Brieux, Marie de Rohan-Chabot, comtesse de Chambrun, Stephen Chauvet, Henry Lucien Cheffer, Monsieur Cladel (father of Léon Cladel), Léon-Alpinien Cladel, Marius Cladel, Jules Claretie, Sidonie Gabrielle Colette, Francois Edouard Joachim Coppee, Gustave Coquiot, Francois de Curel, Albert Francois Marie Dalimier, Jules Dalou, Mme. Alphonse Daudet, Lucien Alphonse Daudet, Albert Dauzat, Jules Desbois, Charles Despiau, Charles Maurice Donnay, Paul Doumer, Georges Duhamel, Carolus Duran, Ernest Durig, Sir Lionel Earle, Jean Ernest-Charles, Raymond Escholier, Henri Focillon, André Fontaines, Arthur Hugh Frazier, Abel Gance, Firmin Gemier, Georges Pierre Francois Grappe, Jean Albert Gregoire, Yvette Guilbert, Edmond Guiraud, Daniel Halevy, Gabriel Hanotaux, Myriam Harry, Philippe Heriat, Louise Hervieu, Clovis Hugues, Antoinette (de Bergevin) Huzard, Julia Day Ingersoll, Madeleine (Clemenceau) Jacquemaire, Rene Jeanne, Frantz Jourdain, Jacques de Lacretelle, Wanda Landowska, Jeanne Landre, Edmee (de Fels) Duchesse de La Rochefoucauld, Ary Leblond, Marius Leblond, Gustave Le Bon, Georges Charles Lecomte, Charles Leger, Maximilien Luce, Henri Marceau, Roland de Mares, Camille Mauclair, Marguerite (Yerta) Melera, Emile Mesnoyer, Arthur Meyer, Mathias Morhardt, Anne Elisabeth (de Branco van) Comtesse de Noailles, Leon de Paeuw, Edmond Picard, Henry Poulaille, Émile Pouvillon, Elisee Reclus, Marie Louise Antoinette (de Heredia) de Regnier, Jean Richepin, Odilon Roche, Samuel Rocheblave, Auguste Rodin, Claude Roger-Marx, Albert Rosenthal, Hon. Victoria Mary Sackville-West, Gabriel Randon de Saint-Amand, Madeleine Marie Louise (Chevrillon) Saint-Rene Taillandier, Claire Sainte-Soline, Adolphe Tabarant, Laurent Tailhade, Mme. Marcelle Tinayre, Marcel Tirel, Marcelle Tirel, Paul Valery, Marguerite (Eymery) Vallette, Henri Verne, Gabriel Volland, Joan Baptiste Xuriguera, Charles Louis Philippe Zilcken.

III. Miscellaneous papers of Judith Cladel including writings of other authors. Consult the Manuscripts catalog in the Library for further information on the writings of Jean Blaize, 1860-1943, novelist; Charles Auguste Émile Durand, 1837-1917, painter; Catulle Mendes, 1841-1909, writer; Edmond Picard, 1836-1924, jurist, writer; and Victor Henry, Marquis de Rochefort-Lucay, 1830-1913, journalist, politician, playwright. Other miscellaneous papers of Judith Cladel include sheets, notebooks for writings, memorandum books, juvenile writings, school exercises, Prix Fémina committee material, and writings concerning the Salvation Army. Also included are official copies of the birth and marriage certificates and the will of Auguste Rodin.

IV. Photographs, principally of Auguste Rodin, and his studio.

V. Printed matter includes the corrected proofs of Judith Cladel's Rodin...; a few of her short articles; and newspaper clippings.

Gift. 1967

Collection size: 1,589 items

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