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The Clark mss., 1909-1957, consist of letters to Thomas Curtis Clark, 1877-1953, author, editor, and publisher; poems, hymns, and prose, written by him; autographs collected by him; and poems written by other authors.

Some of the material in this collection is in manuscript boxes, and some is mounted in a scrapbook, and some pieces are mounted in Lilly Library books. See the Manuscripts Catalog for further information on these latter items.

The letters in the collection are in the main answers to requests from Clark for permission to use poems or sermons in anthologies, comments on Clark's poems, or letters thanking Clark for books or poems.

Correspondents represented include Lyman Abbott, Jane Addams, George Ade, Wystan Hugh Auden, Joseph Auslander, Katharine Lee Bates, William Rose Benet, James O'Donnell Bennett, Edward Bowes, William Stanley Beaumont Braithwaite, Witter Bynner, Champ Clark, Charles Badger Clark, Sarah Cleghorn, Arthur Holly Compton, Helen Gray Cone, Countee Cullen, Richard J. Daley, Margaret Wade (Campbell) Deland, William Arthur Dunkerley, Harry Emerson Fosdick, Robert Frost, Zona Gale, Hamlin Garland, Strickland W. Gillilan, Charlotte (Perkins) Gilman, Terrot Reaveley Glover, Charles Buxton Going, John Haynes Holmes, William Henry Hoover, William Ralph Inge, Josephine Johnson, Robert Underwood Johnson, Thomas Lynn Johnson, Edgar DeWitt Jones, Harry Kemp, Hortense (Flexner) King, Alfred Kreymborg, Richard Le Gallienne, Mary Sinton (Lewis) Leitch, James Hamilton Lewis, Elizabeth (Conner) Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel Lindsay, Richard Henry Little, Hermann Frederic Lohr, Frank Orren Lowden, Edwin Markham, Don Marquis, John Masefield, Walt Mason, Thomas Lansing Masson, Edgar Lee Masters, William Pierson Merrill, John W. Metcalf, James Moffatt, Harriett Monroe, Roselle (Mercier) Montgomery, Angela Morgan, David Morton, Meredith Nicholson, Kathleen (Thompson) Norris, Shaemas O'Sheel, Albert Bigelow Paine, Bliss Perry, Gene (Stratton) Porter, Cale Young Rice, Lola Ridge, Corinne (Roosevelt) Robinson, Edwin Arlington Robinson, Alfred George Robyn, Theodore Roosevelt, Carl Sandburg, Lew R. Sarett, Robert Haven Schauffler, Frederick Franklin Shannon, Upton Beall Sinclair, Ralph Washington Sockman, Oley Speaks, Lorado Taft, Sara Teasdale, Norman Mattoon Thomas, Charles Hanson Towne, Hal W. Trovillion, Joseph Patrick Tumulty, John Curtis Underwood, Louis Untermeyer, Henry Van Dyke, George Sylvester Viereck, John Wanamaker, Ethelwyn Wetherald, Margaret Widdemer, Marguerite Ogden (Bigelow) Wilkinson, Wendell Lewis Willkie, and Clement Wood.

Authors of poems included in the collection are Wystan Hugh Auden, Katherine Lee Bates, Charles Granger Blanden, Witter Bynner, Thomas Curtis Clark, Ethel Romig Fuller, Harry Kemp, Nicholas Vachel Lindsay, Edwin Markham, Edgar Lee Masters, William Pierson Merrill, Shaemas O'Sheel, Lizette Woodworth Reese, Carl Sandburg, Sara Teasdale, and Ethelwyn Wetherald. An excerpt from an address, "Life after death," by Arthur Holly Compton, and a prose passage by William Ernest Hocking are also included. Joshua Guthrie for the jacket of Clark's "Lincoln: fifty poems," October, 1943; photographs of Zona Gale and Nicholas Vachel Lindsay, and a number of printed poems by Clark clipped from periodicals and newspapers.

Collection size: 761 items

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